Lord Mario al'Mordran
Gabriel Byrne
Gabriel Byrne as Mario al'Mordran
Full Name: Mario al'Mordran
Byname: {$byname}
Age: 61
Kingdom: Aequor
House: al'Mordran
Title/Profession: Lord
Position: Steward of Rhone
Place of Birth: Rhone
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Father: {$father}
Mother: {$mother}
Siblings: Raphael al'Mordran (d.), two others
Spouse: Evelina al'Mordran
Children: Alaric al'Mordran, two other legitimate children


Lord Mario al'Mordran is an uncle (and heir apparent) to the Archduchess of Aequor and the current elder statesman of House al'Mordran. While somewhat known for his service as a Knight during the Thirty Years' War, today he is renowned as one of the most talented stewards in the entire West.

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