Viscount Ludovic d'Korbina
Cengiz Coskun
Cengiz Coskun as Ludovic d'Korbina
Full Name: Ludovic d'Korbina
Byname: Storm Bull
Age: 31 (born 1843)
Kingdom: Aequor
House: d'Korbina
Title/Profession: Viscount (Sir)
Position: Viscount, Horned Knight
Place of Birth: Hellsmouth
Sheet Information: Ludovic-Sheet.
Father: Rousseau d'Korbina (b.1810, d.oct 73)
Mother: Hilda d'Korbina (b.1812
Siblings: Augustin b.39, d.72, Remy b.41,d.70
Spouse: Currently Unmarried. Previously: Saralyn al'Mordran (m.1862,d.1863), Elsa d'Cordova (m. 1865, d.1866), Kayla d'Mollari (m.1871, d.1872) Imogen Anders (Consort from 5/1874, wife from 7/1874. Divorced 8/1874.)
Children: Saryn (b/d.1863). Georges (b 09.1872)


Ludovic is the youngest son of viscount Rosseau d'Korbina. He was raised to be a knight, serving first as a squire under an al'Mordran knight serving in the lightning brigade and later as a full member of that famous group. He was knighted at 19 during a tourney and served in the lightning brigade for six years before returning to take a position of responsibility in the counties famed horned knights. He's been married three times, all deceased, and in the last few years his elder siblings and father have died as well, leaving him in a rather unexpected position of power.

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Myrana Duchess Myrana d'Armaz : Feisty little lightning wielder. Challenged me to a duel over some triffling thing or another. Can't even remember what it was we were arguing about. Enjoyed learning something more about living with our gifts. Rather like her. Won't stop me beating her though.
Havelock Havelock : One of the only healers I know of that is known to be safe for us sorcerers. He's supposed to be exceptional at his job as well. I've always favored the reliants and tried to be good to them but it caught me utterly by surprise when he declared he was going to leave me his sword. His sidhe sword. If that comes to pass. Wow.
Mercy Countess Mercedes d'Juliano : Her father is his uncle, so that makes them family. Ludovic doesnt really know the woman though. He agreed to take her son on as a squire since she asked and she's offered help for his military efforts. Seems like they're even.
Altair Altair d'Armaz : The first dragoon was an inspiration to me. It's his performance in the same battle that saw my brother Remy die that made me decide to embrace my sorcery instead of trying to do everything I could to hide and suppress it. Met him briefly at the Mathis assault during the west war.
Zahara Zahara d'Armaz : She's an alchemist and a student of that sort of thing. She might be interested in looking into what happened when the Qatunax attacked.
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