Sir Ludovic d'Korbina, Lord of Hellsmouth
Cengiz Coskun
Cengiz Coskun as Ludovic d'Korbina
Full Name: Ludovic d'Korbina
Byname: Storm Bull
Age: 33 (4 Apr 1843)
Kingdom: Aequor
House: d'Korbina
Title/Profession: Senator
Position: Paras Senator, Hellsmouth Governor, Horned Knight
Place of Birth: Hellsmouth
Sheet Information: Ludovic-Sheet.
Father: Rousseau d'Korbina (b.1810, d.oct 73)
Mother: Hilda d'Korbina (b.1812)
Siblings: Augustin (b.39, d.72), Remy (b.41,d.72)
Spouse: Luixa d'Bartone (m.8/1875. Previously: Saralyn al'Mordran (m.1862,d.1863), Elsa d'Cordova (m. 1865, d.1866), Kayla d'Mollari (m.1871, d.1872) Imogen Anders (Consort from 5/1874, wife from 7/1874. Divorced 8/1874, d.04/1875)
Children: Saryn (b/d.1863). Georges (b 09.1872). Sorrel Anders (b 12.1874). Adopted neices/nephews: Louis (b1860), Eleanor (b1862), Katherine (b1864).


Ludovic is the youngest son of viscount Rosseau d'Korbina, the great d'Korbina Lord that saw the house raised to a viscounty. He was raised to be a knight, serving first as a squire under an al'Mordran knight serving in the lightning brigade and later as a full member of that famous group. He was knighted as a horned knight at 19 served in the lightning brigade for six years before returning in '67 to take control of the counties famed horned knights. The survivor of multiple marriages he interited control of Hellsmouth County after his father died on spirit day 1873, almost a year to the day after the qatunax invasion took both of his brothers (and half the county). A stone sorcerer originally sheltered from detection from his father, he attended the academy in the year of 1871, and revealed his gift/curse to the world in jan 1875 when he rebelled against the Country of Aequors strict anti-sorcery laws. That same rebellion saw him stripped of title, land and spurs.

On the Grid

I'll be damned if I apologize for the choices I've made. They were hard decisions, but I had good reasons for making them.

Spirit Day Prophecy (1874)
"Stone. Stone and Fire. Before you all you see is Stone and Fire. Women who seek you bring fire and draw your ire, while your eye, made of stone, seeks to see for the enemy."
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