To create a new RP log page:

  • Decide whether your log is a social log or a event log.
  • Fill out the title as shown below.
  • The new page will automatically be linked below and will have a social/event tag.
  • Add tags for the players involved.

Logging Activity

Players are encouraged to post logs of their roleplay to the wiki. This is to help keep staff and players informed as to what's going on in the game world, to show off how awesome this place is with all this good RP going on, to entertain the staff and fellow players, and to show that players are being active with their characters.

Logs should contain warnings if they include graphic violence, foul language, or sexual themes (no explicit sexual content!).

If your character is involved in plotting, or military maneuvering, or many and various other things that people get up to that requires long-term planning, Post! Staff will reserve the right to have all your efforts come to naught if the first time they hear of it is when you try to unleash it all in a battle or TP scene to crush your enemies.

New Logs

Log titles should start with the IC date, in the form: (1867-01-30) Log Title

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