(1876-05-09) All Prepped, No Battle
All Prepped, No Battle
Summary: Elian's army is prepped for battle. Iminguak and the healers are ready for incoming wounded. And… it's all called off?
Date: May 9, 2020
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Aequor - Northern Road
The great Northern Road! Left by the mighty Vir Sidius Empire, it cuts through the land of Aequor, trod by armies and merchant caravans and simple travelers all the same, bordered by trees, sweeping through planes and leaping by bridges over deep valleys and canals and raging rivers. It touches the greatest cities and towns, sprouting villages and way-stations where roadside Inns offer shelter and food and couriers may take their rest or change horses. If one were to travel the whole length of the road, the changes of their surroundings as they moved north are breathtaking; moving from the dappled shade of beech, acacia and umbrella pines that punctuate rolling hills of grass and vineyards, then north to darker vistas of hemlocks, sugar maple and white ash in its damp, lush forests. Smaller roads branch off of it to the west and east at various intervals; most anywhere in Aequor worth traveling to is accessible if one has the time and provisions. That doesn't make it safe, however, for highwaymen and every manner of danger both of nature and man plague the unwatched miles, and its the foolish traveler who goes without armed escort.
Saturday the 09th of Mai, 1876 IE.

Off to war they go! Or at least, that was the impression most people might have gotten. The army made temporary camp to await their next move. Iminguak and the other healers within the army set up a tent, and prepped their things to tend to the future wounded that they would be tending.

And then the waiting began. Ducking under the tent flap, Iminguak takes a break, walking out and pausing to look at the creek they managed to set their tent up next to, listening to it pass over stones, burbling so happily. Crouching down, the blond reaches out to trail fingers in the water, alone with her thoughts for the moment.

All that anticipation and then nothing. The next thing the healers hear is the barked order from a nearby Centurion calling for the whole force to stand down and prepare to move out. Luckily, other than the specifically medical things, the healers get soldiers to do the rest of the work, and so Iminguak and the others are soon sent away with little to nothing to do as the army continues its preparations. Whilst all this is going on Elian weaves his way through the various units, occasionally pausing to speak to an officer (and on one or two occasions the non commissioned), until he ends up close enough to Iminguak that he decides to speak with her. "Not too dissapointed I hope Iminguak?"

That barked order is what draws Iminguak from whatever thoughts that had her distracted. Slowly does she rise, turning about to listen as the soldiers begin to move about, preparing the camp for packing. Confusion is surely shown on her face, and perhaps a few others, though for the most part, it would seem most are happy to be packing and moving the camp. It doesn't take her long to pack what things she would be carrying or taking care of, and so she's back outside, waiting with the other healers who might be overseeing the careful packing of their tent's supplies in a wagon when his voice is heard. Turning, she tilts her head, "Why would I be disappointed to be leaving instead of fighting?" Life over death, always good.

"I can think of many reasons." Elian replies. "Most aren't even down to you being a White Haller." His eyes trace over the cart. "You seem to have everything well in order."

"I'm a healer, sir." Iminguak answers him quietly, soon to glance back at the wagon as it's loaded. "We had not completely unpacked. It's easier to pack when nothing has been used. It's all a matter of just putting it back." A step or two are taken closer to him, her voice softer yet, "You are well, yes?" A check up on her patient?

"Yes thank you." Elian tells her. "Your healing made a world of difference. Who knows, perhaps you made this truce possible. There is nothing worse for truce making than a surly negotiator."

"Then I am glad to hear that." Iminguak murmurs, a smile to play about her lips, "you are never surly… much." A tease given, before she might stop herself from doing so, "I am sorry.." Sometimes she forgets her manners. Or the way things are done here versus back home.

Elian luckily seems amused by the teasing. He even smiles. Not that such an expression is particularly rare for him. "Why are you sorry Iminguak? That is a compliment wrapped up in an insult wrapped up in a compliment. I'm somewhat impressed."

That he seems amused by her comment, draws a smile back to her lips, his comment to earn a soft laugh, "There are those… nobles.. that would not like such things to be said." She's run into a few of those types here and there. "But I am learning slowly you are nto quite like other nobles."

"Fools clinging to authority because they have no charisma." Elian tells her with a twinkle in his eyes that suggests he's restraining another smile. "I, on the other hand, have charisma aplenty."

"Hmm…" Iminguak considers, her expression thoughtful, "And so very humble about it as well, I see." The words are drawn out slowly in a voice that warms with laughter soon enough.

Elian chuckles. "Humility is for people without charisma too. You have a horse?"

Again, there is the laugh, but soon Iminguak is nodding her blonde head, "I do. Her name is Lovely." Or at least, that's about what the name translate to! "I brought her with me.." A piece of home, that is.

"Then I'd like you to ride with me on the march." Elian says "There is a great deal I would like to learn about you."

"Oh.." Iminguak considers, then smiles again, "If that is what you wish.." There comes another laugh, "Not so much to learn about me, sir. I am a simple girl from White Hall." Her gaze sweeps over him before adding, "Likely far more interesting to learn of you."

"That sounds like a fair trade." Elian gestures for her to walk with him and then starts a walk towards the horse pickets. He's not particularly talkative on that part of the walk, clearly more interested in the events going on around them than he is about Iminguak even though he doesn't fail to respond to anything she asks. "Where to start." he says as they reach the pickets and the grooms take over. "My horse is called Diva. Have you ever been to the theater?"

Quiet is good. There isn't any extra talking from Iminguak as they head towards the picket. One of the grooms recognizes her, and moves off to fetch her horse from those that might belong to the other healers. "Diva?" An interesting name, though with his question, she chuckles, "I have not, no. I heard a few within Four Corners speak of it." Perhaps a little too rich for her to consider.

"The word talks about the woman actor, singer really, who is the star of the show. She's known to be highly strung, irritable, and hard to please." Elian gives her a little smile. "It is a perfect fit. One minute she will be stood there, swishing her tail, and flirting with all the boys and the next she will be a kicking terrorising madame who cant be settled. It is lucky that she likes me."

With his explanation of the name of his horse, Iminguak ahs softly, glancing towards the horses to get her first look at his whenever she's brought forwards, "I see. Sounds like you are lucky indeed then. Otherwise, I'm sure she would find a most interesting way to make you pay for displeasing her."

"What woman doesn't do that?" Elian asks Iminguak with amusement. Diva is a jet black and heavy boned warhorse of al'callenta blood in a fairly plain leather harness. Elian simply steps up, speaks to the mare, and then mounts before nodding to his groom. "Is there a story behind calling your own Lovely?"

"Me?" Iminguak answers easily enough with a shrug of one shoulder. Her tone suggests that she speaks the truth on the matter. As the ebon horse is brought forwards, she sighs softly, "But she certainly worth the trouble.." Her own horse is not far behind, the groom leading a pure white horse. Or likely more a pony when compared to his own mare. "Simple. Because she is lovely, is she not?" Hearing her voice, the white mare neighs softly, glad to see her mistress who walks forwards, thanking the groom, and soon mounts the mare to follow after him.

"If I called a horse Lovely." Elian says "I think that she would be the most hideous creature ever. Theres joy in contrasts like that." He pats Diva's shoulder when she curves her neck in a way that almost feels like she's responding to the compliment. "She is worth it." he agrees. "Although I came close to having to kill her not so long ago." He pats her shoulder again. "I'm glad I didn't. She was a gift from my father to celebrate gaining my knighthood." He purses his lips a little. "I don't expect he will be pleased when we set up camp near Coalscore."

"There is some enjoyment in contrasts, but sometimes, you must call one by their right name." Iminguak murmurs, her own horse taking to the walk with a certain eagerness after spending the afternoon lazing about eating. "Why would you have killed her?" The question comes as she glances to him, only to ask but yet another question, "Why would he be displeased?" She hasn't paid much attention to the various wars going on until becoming part of his army.

"A sorcerer I know was possessed by something." Elian shortens his mares stride to match Lovely's, moving them towards the front of the column. Tribunes priviledge that. To ride without the dust kicked up by seven hundred men in your face. "They called it a demon and I think that is a fair enough description. It was going for the horses, and Ivo's was closest, so when Ivo said to run, and the opportunity presented itself, I hamstrung the horse and we fled on Diva." He almost looks broody for a moment there before looking up with that same old socialites smile. "So you see. If I had placed her to the left instead of the right that day. She'd be dead now and it would be Ivo's horse that lived."

Such information that comes then in answer to her question. Possession is not anything to laugh at! "Then it's pure luck then that you left ehr where you did." A glance down at the white mare, her hand petting the thick mane before she murmurs, "I would be heart sore to loose Lovely.."

"Better to lose Diva than me" Elian points out. "Or Ivo. I've no regrets for my decision that day. If the creature had been mounted. I don't know that we would have escaped. It was a. hmm. strong introduction to the supernatural and not one that makes me trust it."

"There is that." So yes, even she can see the value in losing a horse over her own life, but still she would mourn poor Lovely! "What sort of creature was it?" He's got her curiosity now. "Do you trust those like me?" Sorcerers, that is. Some would call them supernatural, right?

"I was told it was a demon." Elian tells her. "It summoned some kind of darkness and creatures I can only describe as ghosts poured out of it. Thats when we ran. Perhaps, if you see Ivo, he can tell you more. I was not there when they finally defeated it and restored Myrana. He was." The next question raises a thoughtful pause. "Not really." he confesses. "But I have no way to fight magic without you."

"Such things are dangerous, even for the Tuskanuld to handle. It was smart of you to run when you did. Live to fight another day." Iminguak murmurs, though she glances towards him, "Perhaps I will speak to Ivo then about this." It is certainly something that will make her think! "Unlike some, I am not the best to battle magic." Even she knows this.

"It was Ivo's call. Running." Elian says "I don't know what call I would have made. When the call came. I was gearing up to fight, not run." He nods to her "I think you should talk as well." He looks her way when she says she is weak at battle magic "Can you fake it Iminguak?"

"Smart man then. Sticking around and fighting does not seem like it would have resulted in your longevity." Iminguak says before glancing aside to him, "Fake being a battle sorcerer? I could if need be, I think?"

"Magics scary." Elian points out. "Really, really, scary. But if you think that you've a sorcerer on your side who's going to help stop it. Why then. Its not half as frightening anymore is it?"

"I guess it can be, but.. " Iminguak smiles a little, daring to laugh a touch, "I'm a healer. It is all that I and my family have always been. We are not warriors, or negotiators, or anything of that notion." Again, she turns to look to him as their horses continue on along the way, "But I guess it's more about looking more scarier than the other army?"

"Scarier?" Elian asks. "No. Thats not really how I think this can work. Be human, let them know you as flesh and blood instead of some far-off figure of doom, and if its not to much for you I would appreciate if you let them think you can actually shield them - and if not that, let them see you put them back together again when they should have died. Do that and they will love you."

"Oh, you mean…" There comes a quick glance over ehr shoulder to the army that follows after them, spread over the length of the road back there. "Them?" Such consideration is given before she is murmurs, "I would not lie to them and make them think I could protect them. It is far worse for them to think that and be disappointed in the end when things happen that I cannot protect them from…." A pause, and she adds, "All the more reasno for them to then kill me, hmm?"

"They will protect themselves." Elian replies. "They just need enough heart to make it across the field."

Scene Fades

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