(1876-05-08) Forever's a Long Time
Forever's a Long Time
Summary: Ludovic gives Luixa a memory crystal - and more.
Date: 8th May 2020
Related: A mothers gift
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Ludovic has been in a funny mood ever since the battle of rykers was won, teleko was killed, and he came back to Daemon's Hall to rest up his broken arm. The arm is still in a sling, although Ludovic has a terribly annoying habit of taking it out of said sling, but its the only injury from that day that still remains as more than a few minor scars, which will be completely gone in a year or so. Right now he's pacing around the great hall, managing to make that massive space, look small in comparison to the restless energy he's exuding, and driving the household members who would typically be sat in the window alcoves sewing and chatting into finding better places to be.

Some little birdie likely sought out Luixa while training to let her know her husband's mood. Surely that is the reason she's found striding back inside the hall instead of continuing with the training she left in her second's hands to continue? Pausing there at the entrance, she takes a moment to watch him pace before finally stepping further inside, angling herself to be there before him when he might turn and pace the other way again, "Dear husband… " Quirked upwards is a brow as she tilts her head, peering at him, "What… is the matter?"

A sharp turn, a step, and then Ludovic realises that he's going to run over Luixa if he continues on the present course. For a moment he actually looks a little annoyed but then it all gets wiped away with a wide grin as he takes the two or so steps left and wraps her up in one of those huge hugs of his. "When did you get back?"

If Luixa looked worried that her rather large husband of hers might run her over, it never shows. Nope, she merely laughs as he wraps her up in that hug of his, her own to circling his neck and hug him back, "Earlier this morning." The answer is given as she pulls he rhead back to look over his face, "Something bothering you?" She asks again, curiously.

"No. Yes. I dunno. Maybe?" is Ludovic's blunt and useless answer. "The wars basically over. I should be happy."

There's a slow nod from Luixa at his last comment, "Yes, you should…" But then a note of worry might appear, "Is your arm healing okay?" Nevermind the way he's got her wrapped in a hug, thus the arm should be okay, right? "What's bothering you?"

Ludovic isnt really using that arm. Not anymore. He's even loosened his hug to the point where she can easily breathe again. The arm is dismissed with a simple "Its healing." although everyone knows the inactivity is probably half the problem. His brow finishes and he tries to fish out an answer. "Its just. Its over." he says. "Its over and it cost so much and we didn't even gain anything for it. Hell, I reckon we lost. And I dunno whats next? Are we just gonna sit here?" He grimaces. "I hate waiting. And theres this dream I, we, had, about the end of the world. The mother, Creation, she said I have to go help get the eye."

"It's never easy to find yourself at loose ends." Even Luixa knows the truth of that. "As to what we lost or gained, that's still hard to figure out but…" A wry smile touches her lips, "at least we both made it through, hmm? And perhaps we may have time to do a little celebrating… something… in the weeks ahead?" surely their people have reason to have a party if only for the season changing, or the new foals and such being born? "Dream?"

Ludovic exhales and finally relaxes enough to tip her face up and give her a kiss. "Yeah. Theres the foals. And my kids. And you too now. Those are all real good things." He tightens his hug into a squeeze and then releases her so he can stride over to the alcohol and pour out a couple of mugs of the table beer set there. "It was an odd dream. I might've thought it wasn't real if not for Alia having one much the same. She said she'd got gifts for me and that Myrana and Ramius would need me when they found the eye." One of the mugs is offered over to her. "Probably because she made it so my eye sees magic." holding his own mug in the hand on his bad arm he taps the orbit of his missing eye with one finger. "The other. The other is that apparantly I get to remember." He grumbles. "And I get to make other people remember." The grumble instantly turns to a cheery grin. "Myrana said I was the one-eyed-keeper-of-memory." Because of course Ludovic would like that.

The is is received with a smile, her head nodding a couple of times before it happens. Yep, there it is. The tight squeeze that borders on rib-cracking. There's a soft squeak from Luixa, the same sound she likely makes every time he does this to her. It's sorta cute, really. As she's released, she takes in a deep breath, soon to follow after him, accepting the cup given to her once he finishes pouring the beer. Listening, she tilts her head, "Keeper of memory?" Oh, the questions!

Its part of Ludovic's charm. The rib creaking hugs and the friendly shoulder thumps that threaten to send grown men sprawling. "Yeah. She said if we fail, and the world ends, then i'll remember everything, and that anyone I give a crystal to will remember too."

Luixa sips the beer, but then lowers her cup to peer at him, "A crystal? " Okay, she needs to back things up and figure some things out or something, "So Alia had a dream and… " She ponders the names, "Did Myrana and Ramius have dreams as well?" It's been a while, so still putting names together at times on things! "Or am I getting people mixed up again?" Lots of new names, crazy war, only reasonable that she might get things mixed up!

"No. Myrana didnt say nothing about a dream when she was here." Ludovic starts moving about again but its just the restless movement of someone who prefers to do rather than think now. "I told her she could have a crystal if she wanted one but I wasnt sure it was a good idea." He taps the side of his skull with a fingerip. "'Cos she's got other people in her head see?"

Shifting her stance a little, Luixa leans against the table, ankles soon to cross as she watches him move about the area. His energy just seems to make her smile. "Maybe not…" She begins, only to blink a few times at the last bit of information shared with her, "Other people in her head?" Wow. Okay, she's a little surprised by that bit of information!

"Yeah." Ludovic answers "Sometimes she's other people. That little old witch is a real sweetheart actually but I don't think she actually knows she's dead." He lifts his mug to drink and then adds. "Is she really dead if she's in Myrana's head? Huh?" He shakes his head a touch before drinking deep. Then he adds. "She calls me Grail. Thats who I was when she was alive apparantly" another drink. "If the world ends. Its who i'll be next time."

This is quite a bit to consider. Does Luixa believe what he's telling her? It's hard to say. Certainly gives her something to think on. AS he contines, she slowly sips on her own beer, "Grail… do you know… who that was?" Before,w hen the little old witch knew him?

"Not really." Ludovic admits. "Can't really ask her to tell me because she doesn't know she's Myrana now. He was a stone sorcerer though. I think. She's taught me stuff you see. It was her who taught me how to do the Earthsense spell." That spell probably makes him a touch creepy seeing as how he always seems to know the moment anyone gets within ten foot of him.

Creepy, perhaps, but in Luixa's eyes, it means another layer of protection for her husband. And in her book, that's a good thing! If only she could have some sort of sixth sense! Ahem. "Hmm… interesting though.." And then she wonders aloud, "Can non-sorcerers have one of those memory stones? Or do they only work for sorcerers?"

"Yeah. Sorcery ain't what makes it work. Its something Creation called being "Heroic of heart."" Ludovic looks at her. "I already tried giving one to Georges. Didn't work. Pretty sure it'd work for you but - are you sure you'd want to remember all this Luixa? You know." He moves again, this time to one of the windows. "Alia said Creation tied her soul and Darius' together." he looks back. "We don't have that. Do we."

"Remember what? Being with you? Here.. with our family? The ups and downs, the good and bad?" Luixa questions, setting her cup on the table before pushing off of it to cross to where he's standing at the table, "Ludovic… I love you." Considering his words, she questions, "Are you asking if I would not want to be tied to you forever? Because I would do it in a heartbeat, but…" She leans against the windowsill, gaze turned briefly to the scenery beyond before she turns back to him gaain, "I understand if such an idea is not something you would wish." Knowing his past history with women, that is.

Ludovic puts his arm around her when she asks that, tugging her back in close. "When you put it like that it seems silly." he gives her a sheepish smile. "Its just that I dont think. Well we wont be the same people will we? We might hate each other, or love each other, or never ever cross paths ever again." He drops his head enough to rest his forehead against hers and gives an almost playful grin. "How can you ever settle for anyone else after me?"

Easily drawn in against him is Luixa, head tilted upwards as he speaks, his sheepish smile drawing forth her own. "We could be any of those things, but who knows, hmm?" the question is asked, only to end up laughing softly, "Indeed, you have ruined me for anyone else. It's why I try and keep my eye out on you out on the battlefield.." Didn't he know that?

"Ask." Ludovic says "Ask when you want it." he cups her cheek. "Oh. That reminds me." All energy again he steps back from her and retrieves a silk pouch from inside his zupan. Its offered straight across. His expression all eager expectation. Inside the pouch is what is fundamentally just the sort of necklace a countess might possess for special occasions and pass down the ages but, this is Ludovic, so gems couldnt just be gems. Nope. This necklace has a chain of citrine elementi connected by perfectly circular black casserite beads supporting an improbably large amethyst. Stone sorcerers. Such cheats.

"I'm ready whenever you are?" Luixa would answer before he pulls away and wakls off to retrieve the pouch. As it's offered back to her, she takes it in hand, soon to loosen the strings and dip a hand within to pull… a necklace from within. She doesn't squeal like most ladies might when presented with the necklace of gems, but instead, she seems far more fascinated by the Elementi that chase around the string. "Ludovic… " Aww, he knows her weakness are her Elementi, right?

"Before you call me names." Ludovic tells her. "I didn't buy those. We found them in a ruin in Ryalta. Alia got the scrolls. I got the gems." he gives the necklace a light poke to make it shimmer. "I might have made some of them into stupid cat statues." an almost boyish grin is hers. "But the rest I got made fancy for you. See. Yellow for us, Purple for d'Barone and black for us both. This one though." He holds up a hand that was empty a moment ago to show her a black crystal. "This is what makes you remember."

"And why would I do that?" Luixa begins to question drawing her gaze from the Elementi that decorates the necklace in her hands. There's a silent 'ah' as he speaks of where the stones came from, but then drops her attention as he points out the various colors, and the meanings he associates with them. "It's beautiful, Ludovic. Truely…" and it likely means more to her than just a sparkly necklace because of the meanings. "This one…" She starts to ask, though her words will fade as she's presented with the black crystal, "First you were my liege, but now you are my husband.. where you go, I would follow. And remember."

"Just take it already." Ludovic says with an amused grin. "And remember I dunno when or how we're gonna remember. Its not my fault if you suddenly remember and you're all married and bitter. No husbandicide in my name." He taps her nose. "Deal?"

"Oh… okay.." Luixa murmurs, hand reaching out to take up the crystal, wrapping fingers around it and holding it as he cautions her. The tap to her nose makes ehr wrinkle it a little before chuckling, "Deal." Leaning in, she seals such with a kiss as well, drawing back to ask, "Should I keep it with me all the time?" If so, he may find her wearing a small pouch on a necklace in the next day or so or something.

The question is moot. The crystal dissolving into her hand soon after she's picked it up. "Pretty hard to lose that." Ludovic jokes, winking at her, before returning that kiss with one of his owns. "What do you say we should go spend a couple of days at Chervaise? Can't promise you'll sleep." He grins again. "Hell. I promise you wont."

Oh, yes, her mouth will drop open the moment that crystal dissolves in her hand, fingers spreading, hand turning over back and forth as if it might have appeared on the other side, "What… I…. no… I guess I won't lose it." She finally says as she shakes her head a little. The kiss returned, she smiles, only to grin a little more at the suggestion, "Neither will you." She can make the same promise! Even if he still has more stamina than she. Sneak attacks, that's where it's at!

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