(1876-05-08) After Heroes Scale
After Heroes Scale
Summary: After the group returns to town once finished with the bandit run, Iminguak and Elian converse at the inn.
Date: 05-09-2020
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An Inn in Some Town
An inn's common room, late night, not many around.
IC date of RP

Ah, the fun of clearing a dungeon, picking up loot, and finally returning to town. By the time they do so, it's late, so it's a ngiht in an inn for the small party with a note sent on to the noble requesting that armor. Delivery of the prize to be done the next day. Surely there's been time for the party to clean up, and now sit down to a rather late evening meal.

Seated at a small table near the common room's hearth, Iminguak is looking far better than she did when they first arrived. No longer blood splattered, she's taken a bath, and sits with her golden hair braided, and a fresh blue dress on. Before her is a thick stew, rich in flavor, with large chunks of vegetables and meat. A small loaf of bread with a bowl of fresh butter sits there as well, along with a cup of mulled wine.

Elian has set his armor aside for a while and is sat in nothing but a blouse and jerkin at the table rubbing at his shoulder. "I dont know why I keep doing these." he gripes. "I swear I get hurt more this way than I ever did in war."
-----< End of Elian's pose >-----

The healer isn't too happy with being hurt herself, but at least it's just a shoulder, right? Pulling her gaze frmo the flickering flames, she glances to him, "They bring fame and fortune?" Surely she jests.

Elian gives a little snort at her suggestion of fame and fortune. "The only thing that will ever get me the sort of fame and fortune I deserve is conquering the entirety of White Hall and somehow, I reckon, some king will just claim that."

Hearing his words actually draws her attention more. "Why would you wish to conquer White Hall?" She's got reason to wonder that, right? And yet she doesn't seem too upset, but more curious than anything else.

"Why wouldn't I?" Elian asks plainly in turn.

"We are quite happy being who we are, as I assume you are in being Aequorian?" Iminguak states,s oon to lean forwards, bracing her arm on the tabletop, relieving some of the ache. "I have often wondered why there could not be a peace between our countries, our people… "

"Because." Elian looks at Iminguak. "Your people love the idea of conquering each other just as much as I do. I don't look that way just because they were heathens. I look that way because it would be a glorious challenge."

"You realize that our Kings are not born into it? Not like your nobles?" Iminguak wonders of him, a brow arched upwards, "A king can pass his title to his son or daughter, but if another thinks they would do better, there is a challenge. The winner gets the title." Leaning forwards a touch, she murmurs, "There is /always/ the chance that you would be conquered in turn some day."

"I do." Elian says "Dont you see that you're explaining the exact same reason its good back to me? Your kings arent born, they earn it, through victory and conquest. So if I do there, and I conquer, why should I not be King?" His teeth flash momentarily in a hard edged smile. "Iminguak. Every battle I go into I could be defeated by a weaker man who happens to be having a lucky day. I'm not afraid of losing."

"But you speak of conquering us as if you wish to take over completely. Change us. Do you believe in the Tuskanuld? Do you know who they are? Do you understand what makes one a White Haller? Or is it all you see is people to be conquered and taken over?" There is a difference, is there not?

"When did I do that Iminguak?" Elian asks her seriously. "When did I say I wanted to make them Aequorian? I want to lead a glorious crusade. I dont really care about the details."

"When one speaks of conquering a people, one tends to suggest changing them to fit what you want." Iminguak answers him, soon to tear off a bit of bread, dunking it into her stew to nibble on.

"Do you?" Elian asks. "Personally I see glorious battles, riches, acclaim, and victories. Don't get me wrong. It will probably be Aequor or the Church who funds such a thing. In which case reducing the Tuskaneld to rubble will be rather important. But my own motives dont run that deep."

"Then why destroy a people in such a way? Why would you reduce our beliefs like that?" Iminguak continues to questoin, blue eyes to linger on him as they talk in quiet tones.

Elian says "Because its the only way I can achieve my dreams."

"And what would those be, exactly?" Iminguak wonders, watching him, trying to see if he might be honest with her in telling her what he dreams of precisely.

"I already told you Iminguak." Elian meets her eyes as he says this "I want to be the most glorious conquerer and military leader that ever lived."

"They why turn such dreams on a small population?" Iminguak asks, "Such gloriness would only come from taking over a larger one. Perhaps your own? Or your neighbor's?"

"It could be. Yes." Elian says honestly. "I did only use White Hall as an example."

"Hmm." Iminguak sounds quietly, nibbling on the rest of the gravy soaked bread before stating, "The question would be, how exactly you would manage that dream. There is a long path between where you are now, and in finalizing that dream."

"So true." Elian reaches for one of those bowls of gravy and bread for himself. "One war - one crisis - at a time. First we deal with the cardinal and the old thing. After that we will see."

"This cardinal sounds more like the sort of trouble that needs to be taken care of, if you ask me." Iminguak states quietly, "He doesn't like those who are like me, after all."

Elian looks at her. "Yet. He's more like you than I am. Ironic that isnt it?"

"Some are scared of what the Gods might give them. Those are the ones you truly have to be worried about." Iminguak says, but then looks to him, "I told you truth before. I am a healer. I… I have never done that before. Not to…not to a person. I have dried herbs and flowers for quick storage here and there.." A handy gift for a healer to have, or so she thought. One might see that what she did to those men has bothered her on some level.

"They would have hurt you Iminguak." Elian says to her. "You never really forget the first ones you kill and that was.. a particularly awful way to kill.. but it gets easier."

"That I know. It was them or me, and I would prefer to remain within the land of the living." The blonde answers, tilting her head slightly, "I follow Helka, the Healer." Her cup is lifted, the mulled wine within swirled in the cup a time or two, "But she is known to join in the battle when needed, though she did not do it often. I.. I never learned to fight. The wounded were always brought to us to heal and tend. " She's never been even remotely close to the front lines as she's been with his army.

Elian has never asked it of her. "Then learn. You must have a dozen offers to help you by now. You're quite lovely afterall."

And his words draw a laugh from the blonde who leans back in her chair then, her cup held and lifted towards him, "But, perhaps I would wish the best teacher? It wouldn't do to have someone who isn't exactly the most knowledgeable, would it be?"

Elian arches an eyebrow. Mildly amused now. "And that would be me would it?"

"Unless you would suggest another?" Iminguak states before taking a sip from her cup and setting it back on the table.

Elian purses his lips before admitting. "No. I suppose I am likely to be one of the better teachers. Very well. I can give you an hour a week. For the rest you will just have to make do with the normal drillmasters"

"Three hours a week." Iminguak counters, blue eyes once more settling on his face, meeting his gaze. "While we're in camp, that is."

Elian gives a low laugh. "What do I get in exchange for these extra hours?"

"My expertise at healing." Iminguak answers without hesitation. And surely he understands just what sort of healing she's speaking about.

"I already have that." Elian points out. "And I'm rather fond of those hours."

"Ah, but you see.. I could just heal you the normal way, and be perfectly fine under contract." Iminguak points out.

The corners of Elian's eyes crinkle just a bit. "And I could go to the priest without a stain on my soul." He picks up a bit of bread, glances to her, chuckles and then says "Fine. Two hours."

Iminguak seems to consider his final offer, and soon smiles as she reaches across, "Deal. Two hours a week."

"And." Elian continues. "If I ever decide its time to pursue the crown of White Hall. You will come with me. /And/ help."

"As long as you're willing to learn about those you would seek to lead?" Iminguak adds before agreeing to that term just yet.

"Thats exactly the sort of help I'll need." Is Elian's reply. His tone mild again. "How can I negotiate with, and win the hearts, of a people I dont understand?"

"then perhaps we might have a deal. As long as you are willing to learn and understand us." Iminguak answers with a slow nod of her head. "Perhaps you will find something you like."

"Perhaps." Elian's mouth curls up. "You aren't going to try and convert me I hope."

"No, I won't convert you. But having someone understand us? Who might actually like what they learn?" Always a move in the right direction!

Elian gives a little smile and then stands up. "Excuse me Iminguak. I need to catch up on some sleep. We will be back in the field tomorrow and it will be a hard day."

There's a quick dip of her head given as he rises from his seat and makes his excuses, "Then may you sleep well, sir, and dream most pleasantly." She'll stick around and finish her food before seeking her own bed.

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