(1876-05-08) A Heroes Scale DCS
A heroes scale dcs
Summary: The party delve into a ryaltan dungeon in search of an ancient set of scalemail
Date: 8th may 2020
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NPCs: None
Sylvain  Valentina  Iminguak  Elian  

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A flight to Ryalta is followed up by a meeting in the adventurers guild and then another journey, this time mostly on foot, off into the jungle in pursuit of the ruin marked x on the provided map. "The contract is for an old set of armor thats supposed to be here." Elian says when they reach the first of the scattered building remains. It's really hard to imagine there was ever a building here anymore. Even the rubble is covered in plants. "and there should be a way down somewhere." He's in his typical gear; a heavy lorrica armor set, without helm, and that lightsilver polearm.
================< Iminguak Posed on May 09 08:12PM 2020 GMT >=================
You are lucky that Iminguak is wearing armor. Or that she owns such. But she's in some leathers, keeping slightly to the back of the group as they make their way through the jungle. "A way down, hmm?" Well, she'll keep her eyes out for a sign that points downwards! Using a walking stick, she will move an occasional plant aside to peer under at the pile of rumble it might cover here and there.
================< Valentina Posed on May 09 08:13PM 2020 GMT >================
"I sometimes wonder about my own sanity in coming out on these adventures with you Elian," The Warrior-Countess says with wink of one of her light eyes. She is dressed in darkened hard leather armor and her long hair is pulled back into a thick braid. Slug around her side is a thick leather satchel and strapped to her back a lightsilver greatsword. "Your Highness?" she begins cutting her eyes toward Sylvain, "Have you ever been adventuring with Elian before? Or you Iminguak?" she asks with a polite chuckle.
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Dressed in brigandine for this, and having his hunting bow and a broadsword with him, Sylvain shakes his head, "Sanity is just a state of mind, anyway," he remarks a bit lately as he overhears the countess speak. He then shakes at her question. "Not really." Looking between them all, he offers a brief smile. "First time for everything?"
==================< Elian Posed on May 09 08:24PM 2020 GMT >==================
"You're worried about your sanity my lady?" Elian asks Valentina with visible amusement. "It was me who ended up bleeding out on the floor." The entrance is finally tracked down and he furrows his brows at the way the rubble has been cleared away from the staircase that leads down into the darkness. "Well. It doesn't smell of goblin." He spends a moment to light a small lantern and then starts making his way cautiously down the stairs. "So thats something."

The first chamber is an odd mixture of untouched, decaying, grandeur and ransacked cabinets. Broken shards of what is probably porcelain scatter around one ancient cabinet where its toppled over and theres a small copper casket, long turned green, which has been tipped over, spreading ancient documents out across the floor. A couple of them even have boot marks on them. "Anyone read old tongue?"
================< Iminguak Posed on May 09 08:27PM 2020 GMT >=================
Quiet is the blonde as the others speak, but she glances towards Sylvain at the question when he speaks her name, "I have not, no." But then the entrance has been found, and she follows after Elian, walking stick still in hand. As they reach the room below, she curiously goes through the scattered scrolls, and should no one else be able to read them, she may make note to pick some up on their way out. "I do not speak myself it but certainly could learn."
=================< Sylvain Posed on May 09 08:31PM 2020 GMT >=================
Sylvain lets out a bit of a breath. "Good, Goblin smells like…" Thereæs a brief pause as he tries to think of what the goblins smell like. "Nevermind." Holding his bow ready, he lets out a breath as he looks around the room. "I never got around to learning that, I fear," he replies.
================< Valentina Posed on May 09 08:33PM 2020 GMT >================
"I can certainly say trips with him are never boring," Valentina says in reply to the Prince with a grin before she moves to hip bump Elian. "And I was not worried so much about my sanity as the others. I know my fate," she muses as she moves to unsheathe her weapon and follow them all inside. "Afraid I do not read it either, though some of these should definitely be taken with us," Valentina agrees while glancing down at the scrolls.
==================< Elian Posed on May 09 08:34PM 2020 GMT >==================
"Go ahead and stick it in a bag or something then Iminguak." Elian is already making his way to the door that leads further into the ruins but stops at the door, listening. "We'll deal with it later." He's quiet for a moment. "Sounds quiet." He gestures with his polearm for Iminguak to move ahead. "Lead the way Iminguak. Be mindful for traps."
================< Iminguak Posed on May 09 08:39PM 2020 GMT >=================
Nodding as the others answer, Iminguak slips the scroll carefully into the pack that's soon replaced on her back before she steps forwards. "Me?" She questions Elian when he gestures for her to go first, laughing a little, though she too, takes a moment to listen at the door. Reaching out, she will carefully open the door, likely holding her breath as she does so.

The next room is much like the first, though it seems the 'library' was only starting to encroach upon this space with a few scroll shelves against the wall to either side of the door that they enter through. Tables and chairs are dusty, and scattered, most broken, a few slit as if someone thought something might be hidden within the decaying stuffing.
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Letting out a breath as the door opens, Sylvain looks around a bit carefully. "Don't think this looks like the most visited place, right?" he remarks a bit quietly, looking around for a few moments.
================< Valentina Posed on May 09 08:50PM 2020 GMT >================
Valentina slings her sword up onto her shoulder where it comes to rest against her armor and neck guard as she follows the group, "I hesitate to say it out of fear to jinx us," a quick glance toward Elian, "But you know what I'm thinking." Valentina's eyes pay careful attention to everything and her mind is in a constant state of envisioning the different scenarios they might encounter in her opinion.
==================< Elian Posed on May 09 08:51PM 2020 GMT >==================
"Thats the point." Elian says to Sylvain with a smile. "All this long lost treasure." he scuffs the remains of a worm eaten tome with the tip of his boot, finishing off its destruction in a moment. "Nothing would push me to voluntarily step foot in these death traps without that lure. Its not like this life is short on adventure." Again he goes to the next door and seems to be listening. After a bit he nods to Sylvain "Mind taking point on this one Your Highness? It sounds quiet." After inviting Sylvain to venture further into said death trap he looks back to Valentina curiously. "Whats that Valentina?"
================< Iminguak Posed on May 09 08:53PM 2020 GMT >=================
Iminguak sighs as she reaches for one of the books, only to have the tome start to fall apart on her. "There's nothing here to try and save, it appears." A disappointment, to say the least! She does glance to Valentina and Elian both, curious about their conversation, and this time, staying back from the door as Sylvain approaches it. Better him than her!
=================< Sylvain Posed on May 09 09:05PM 2020 GMT >=================
Letting out a breath as he hears Elian's suggestion, Sylvain nods a little, lowering his bow as he moves to open the next door. He hesitates not too long after he's started opening it, hurriedly taking a few steps back to avoid getting hit by the pieces of furniture that was placed there to crush whoever it was that was unlucky enough to open the door. After the crash of those fallen pieces of furniture, he grimaces. "Think whoever might be here know we're here now…"
================< Valentina Posed on May 09 09:11PM 2020 GMT >================
Valentina starts to quip back to Elian however her eyes cut toward the Prince as he moves forward and at the coming onslaught of exploding furniture she is immediately rushing forward to try and aid the Prince in anyway she can, should that be lifting something off of him or cutting something to pieces. â??You alright?â??
==================< Elian Posed on May 09 09:13PM 2020 GMT >==================
Elian looks Sylvain up and down even whilst the furniture is still clattering down in the library space beyond. "No matter." he says "We would have encountered them sooner or later anyway." He moves to go into the library and starts pushing furniture out of the way. "I think Valentina and I should take point from here. If you've no objections?"
================< Iminguak Posed on May 09 09:15PM 2020 GMT >=================
Iminguak jumps a little as the furniture falls down beyond the next entry. "Interesting trap there…" This is a good thing, right? No explosions, no shooting arrows or the like. Just furniture! "I'm good with that." If her opinion matters on who takes point right then.
=================< Sylvain Posed on May 09 09:18PM 2020 GMT >=================
"I'm okay…" Sylvain replies, shaking his head a little bit. Nodding at Elian's words, he offers the man a brief grin. "Sounds like a good plan," he repliesl, stepping a little back and checking his bow and arrows again.
================< Valentina Posed on May 09 09:21PM 2020 GMT >================
Valentina nods to the Prince once he has verified once more he is alright and then moves forward to take co lead with Elian. â??Stand ready,â?? she calls out before pushing into the next room. The room is a kitchen that is actually still in some sort of use and is currently being used by three thieves. One of the thieves sitting at the head of the table is better equipped than the others and immediately stands to engage. â??He is mine!â?? the Countess calls out before pulling her blade into combat position and beginning to maneuver toward the stronger looking enemy.
==================< Elian Posed on May 09 09:28PM 2020 GMT >==================
Elian steps into the room on Valentina's heels and immediately moves to prevent the two leather clad men from coming around the table and getting to the archer and healer behind. Immediately its clear he's got this. His halberd cutting down one of them within moments and wounding the other shortly after. Recovering from the not-quite-fatal blow he steps back and dares to part turn in a momentum-filled swing that removes the wounded man's arm at the shoulder. Blood. Everywhere. But Elian's opponents are clearly not going to be capable of anything but twitching after this.
================< Iminguak Posed on May 09 09:36PM 2020 GMT >=================
Iminguak hangs back as voices are heard from the room beyond the entry. As the other three engage, she watches and waits, clutching her walking stick, and a belt knife she's pulled from her waist. There's a quiet concentration about her as she watches Elain dispatch the two that rush him, turning then to watch as the larger man is taken care of by Valentia and Sylvain.
=================< Sylvain Posed on May 09 09:38PM 2020 GMT >=================
Sylvain frowns as he sees the men moving to attack them. He draws his bow, waiting for a while until he sees he can get a clear shot with far less chance to hit Valentina instead of the target, before he lets the arrow fly, his aim true this time.
================< Valentina Posed on May 09 09:43PM 2020 GMT >================
Valentina hears the draw of the bow behind her and as she evades a strike from the enemy and in return drives her blade into his stomach, though not fatally, she moves just enough to let the arrow from the Prince end the problem. â??Good shot.â??
================< Valentina Posed on May 09 09:43PM 2020 GMT >================
Valentina hears the draw of the bow behind her and as she evades a strike from the enemy and in return drives her blade into his stomach, though not fatally, she moves just enough to let the arrow from the Prince end the problem. â??Good shot.â??
==================< Elian Posed on May 09 09:48PM 2020 GMT >==================
Elian steps over the corpses and across to the next door. Leaning against the frame for a moment he waits for Valentina to catch up and then lifts his gaze from the timber to her. "Lets go."

With that instruction he shoves his way into the next room, fanning off to the left with the simple assumption that Valentina and her great sword will deal with the right.

The room is strangely similar to the one they just left with ancient cooking equipment covered in dust and cobwebs and a myriad of interesting looking pots and pans that would probably be worth something to the average peddler but just arent interesting to anyone who claims a knightly income. And whilst the last room contained three this one contains five, all dressed in leather. Three of them go right, to end up facing Elian, and two go left, to end up in combat with Valentina.
================< Iminguak Posed on May 09 09:54PM 2020 GMT >=================
Once more, Iminguak hangs back as the fights move forwards into the next room. She is careful not to place herself between any of them, and the thieves that jump up to engage them. Still, she carefully takes in the room itself, making note of anything worth the money and weight of carrying it out of here. Maybe on the way out! Ahem.
=================< Sylvain Posed on May 09 09:57PM 2020 GMT >=================
Sylvain made his way to retrieve his arrow from the one he hit before they go through to the next room. Bow held ready, he doesn't take long to fire off a few more arrows at the biggest of the two groups of attackers. Thanks to a bit of luck, he manages to hit both the targets he was going for, although the first one might have gone just a little closer to hitting the wrong person than he wanted. But the most important thing is that it ends well, isn't it? "That went… Well…" he gets out finally.
================< Iminguak Posed on May 09 09:59PM 2020 GMT >=================
Ah, cooking impliments! Iminguak may be seen to go through what she can, setting aside some of the better ones so she might pick them up on the way out. "These are in good shape… the healers can use these." Because, one does not want the healers cooking their foul concotions in the same pots the cooks use for food, right?!?
==================< Elian Posed on May 09 10:01PM 2020 GMT >==================
Elian is quick to dispatch the sole bandit who isnt turned into a pincushion by Sylvain's quick action. First he checks that Valentina is well on her way to victory and then he turns back to smile and give a nod of thanks to the Prince. "Your turn to delve into the unknown I think Valentina."
==================< Elian Posed on May 09 10:01PM 2020 GMT >==================
Elian is by the door waiting for that moment to come when he notes Iminguak's efforts. "You know you're going to have to carry all that?"
================< Iminguak Posed on May 09 10:02PM 2020 GMT >=================
Iminguak hmms and shrugs, "It is not like I have nto carried a lot before?" She's a White Haller. They loot and pillage!
================< Valentina Posed on May 09 10:03PM 2020 GMT >================
â??Come now, two against one? I do not think this is very fair for you.â?? Valentina days with a grin while stepping to engage the two enemies before her. She makes an initial stroke with her sword to judge distance which causes an enemy to advance on her left! A swift hit and a rapid tilt of her weapon finds his head severed from his body and carrying that momentum around in a flourish caused the large weapon to bite deeply into the other mans side ending him in his tracks. â??Amateurs.â??

The Countess takes no time to look around this time instead she presses forward into the next room, a large communal eating hall with distinct crumbling stone tables and decaying wooden chairs. Dirty bronze serving dishes and utensils litter the tables. Curiously there are a few hammers that appear they could be cleaned up nicely. Each end of the room has a large worn door. â??Which way?â??
=================< Sylvain Posed on May 09 10:07PM 2020 GMT >=================
Sylvain retrieves his arrows. After all, you never know when good arrows are needed. Pausing as he looks between the others, nodding a bit as he waits for them to get further into the rooms, looking around rather carefully.
==================< Elian Posed on May 09 10:10PM 2020 GMT >==================
Two doors lead off the eating hall and one bursts open as five leather clad brutes charge in. This time its Valentina who gets the trio!
================< Iminguak Posed on May 09 10:12PM 2020 GMT >=================
Once again, after the fighters have stepped into the next room, Iminguak follows. Her eyes turn upon the various bits of diningware, but before she can truly start to give them a good look see, the door crashes open, and thieves pour in. Shifting ehr stance, she keeps an eye out on any she can get a lucky break to stick with her knife, but otherwise, she will remain out of the way.
================< Valentina Posed on May 09 10:16PM 2020 GMT >================
Valentina is about to say something when the group of bandits s
================< Valentina Posed on May 09 10:19PM 2020 GMT >================
Valentina is about to say something when the group of enemies bursts in. ?One moment,? she offers before turning to square off with the advancing trio. Here she finally shows off her skill with a blade, blocking, evading and redirecting the attackers strikes with a warriors grace. Finally a thrust ends ones life and an upward strike splits another?s neck! The final enemy manages to stagger backward and is only mostly killed by the huge wound opened on his chest… But wait there?s more!
================< Iminguak Posed on May 09 10:22PM 2020 GMT >=================
No chance for Iminguak to stick anyone. Which is honestly nice for the blonde. As the five go down with their various injuries, she turns her eyes back to the table settings, taking a moment to set aside some pieces in a pile to be picked up on their way out again. Let the fighters decide which door to go through now!
=================< Sylvain Posed on May 09 10:22PM 2020 GMT >=================
Sylvain takes a few deep breaths as he looks to see if there's anyone left to attack of the biggest groups. He waits a few moments of pause as he lets the arrow fly at the remaining enemy there, then as he sees the other is down, he moves over to retrieve the arrow again. "Looks like we're getting all the thieves and bandits around here, right?"
==================< Elian Posed on May 09 10:25PM 2020 GMT >==================
Elian steps back, forcing the bandits to come at him, before turning the tables in a sudden vicious burst of momentum. A thrust, a stab, a chop and a twist.. and both foes are down bleeding with an unscathed Elian in the center. The halberd blade low to the ground and a little behind him as it comes to rest. Admittedly, he's starting to look a bit gorey by this point, so its not that easy to see that he's unscatched. "We can only hope so Your Highness." He We can only hope." He looks to the carnage, making notes, and then looks to the two doors. "Iminguak. Shall we go left" he shifts his halberd to point at the door left open by the bandits. "or right" and now the halberd points at the closed door.
================< Iminguak Posed on May 09 10:28PM 2020 GMT >=================
When her name is called, Iminguak turns back to Elian, then studies the two doors, "Well, that one is already open. Could peek in quick to see if there's anything in there before checking out the other?" Don't want to leave anyone at your back that could sneak up on you!
================< Valentina Posed on May 09 10:38PM 2020 GMT >================
Valentina turns toward Elian, ?You have been practicing since our last adventure!? she says before allowing her light orbs to dance over toward the Prince, ?I appreciate the finish there Highness,? then her attention drifts toward Iminguak, ?A wise and tactical thought process.?
=================< Sylvain Posed on May 09 10:40PM 2020 GMT >=================
Sylvain is unable to hold back a grin as he hears Valentina's words, "You're welcome. I'm just mostly glad I didn't end up shooting you by mistake." IS he joking or serious, it's hard to tell. He smiles at Iminguak's words, nodding to her. "Quite wise," he offers.
================< Iminguak Posed on May 09 10:40PM 2020 GMT >=================
While Iminguak answered, she continues to poke around the area, heading towards the open door. She pauses to listen, but upon hearing no sounds from what seems to be another kitchen area, she walks closer, picking up a pitcher from the floor, intending to put it with the pile she was making.

As she turns her back on the open door, three enemies slip in behind her. One male wraps his arms around the blond healer, while another male and a female face off against Elian, Valentia and Sylvain, As Iminguak struggles, the female speaks up, "Let us go, and she doesn't get hurt!" They've seen how easy their cohorts have been slaughtered by this group.
==================< Elian Posed on May 09 10:49PM 2020 GMT >==================
Elian tosses a smirk at Valentina. "Theres only one difference between last time and this Valentina. I'm gonna have to" his teasing is stopped by the sound of Iminguak's assailant delivering threats and he moves closer to the doorway. His expression grim now. "I dont know." He says to the hostage holding woman. "If we leave her here we wont have to drag half a tons worth of pots back with us." The words are highly believable but the tension in his limbs suggest that he's restraining any homicidal urges he might actually have.
=================< Sylvain Posed on May 09 10:52PM 2020 GMT >=================
Sylvain has his bow ready still, but doesn't quite raise it as he hears the assailant's threat. "How about…" he begins, looking towards the female that spoke. "You let her go, and we will spare your lives? It's a good deal for you, after all. If you hurt her, this will probably not end well for you, you must see that, right?" He offers them a smile, trying his best to find a peaceful solution to this.
================< Valentina Posed on May 09 10:52PM 2020 GMT >================
?Perhaps you have us mistaken for the sort who bargain with petty bandits,? Valentina begins, ?You are all that remains and should any harm come to her at all you will not escap with your lives. I would highly suggest you release her and perhaps, if the price you can pay is proper… We may consider releasing you.? Is she mugging the bandits? is that a thing a Countess does? They likely do not know who or what she is. A quick glance is given to the Prince with a wink.
================< Iminguak Posed on May 09 10:57PM 2020 GMT >=================
Iminguak is struggling even as Elian, Sylvain and Valentia are giving their answers. They can likely see by the expression on the blonde's face, that she's a little pissed. Her hands drop to the arms of the male holding her, trying to peel his hands upwards to get his arms from around her. Of course, that doesn't work at all. He's bigger than her.

What happens next is perhaps a little surprising. Or something that might give their little company nightmares in the days ahead. One moment the blonde is yelling curses at the guy holding her, and the next moment it is he that has started screaming. Surely big strong men don't normally scream like little girls, even when they're stabbed or shot with arrows! It's enough of a surprise that the othe two thieves turn to see what the heck is going on behind them.

What they see is that the one holding the /healer/ is shrinking. Very oddly. Collapsing in on himself, even as he continues to scream, the sound getting weaker and weaker. Before long - was it five seconds? Ten? Half a minute? Who the heck knows! - when Iminguak tries to pull at the hand again, it snaps off with a sound like a branch breaking. She is surprised, eyes widening as the corpse hits the ground behind her. Corpse that looks like it's been left out in a desert for years.

The female thief just stands there staring, not understanding what she's just seen. The other male pisses himself before trying to make a run for it.
==================< Elian Posed on May 09 11:00PM 2020 GMT >==================
Elian looks as if he just bit his own tongue. Theres stillness from him. Absolute stillness. As he stares at the mess Iminguak just made of what was a perfectly healthy human being a few moments ago. In fact, he's stunned enough, that when the bandit makes to run away, and the bandit-ess presents her back to the group, he doesn't even react.
=================< Sylvain Posed on May 09 11:04PM 2020 GMT >=================
Taking a few deep breaths as he watches, Sylvain stares for a few moments. He's been accused by certain people of being a sorcerer himself, although he's not, but actually witnessing it in use like that, that's something new. But then he hears the one starting to run away, and he raises his bow again, arrow ready and it's sent flying at the fleeing one. Just in case he might find someone else to come attack them.
================< Valentina Posed on May 09 11:06PM 2020 GMT >================
?Well great we are not extorting them now!? Valentina says with perhaps a top cheerful chuckle given the circumstances. Though her eyes have not left Imi and the happenings there she does not seem as phased by it as one might think she should be. ?That looks painful,? is all she really comments before she turns at just the right time to see the last one fall to their royal companion. ?This has been a fun trip.?
==================< Elian Posed on May 09 11:07PM 2020 GMT >==================
And that leaves one bandit in this ancient kitchen. She jolts out of her shock, screams in a mix of rage and terror, and then launches herself at Iminguak. She has an axe but seems to have forgotten about it, instead going after the healer with nothing but clawed fingers and brawn.
================< Iminguak Posed on May 09 11:11PM 2020 GMT >=================
No one can be more surprised about what has happened than Iminguak. Truly! She's standing there staring at the desicated corpse, not even picking up on the fact the female thief is headed her way. Not until the lady gets a handful of her hair to pull her head back. Likely a good thing that she didn't think of her weapon and went after the healer with her hands!
================< Valentina Posed on May 09 11:17PM 2020 GMT >================
Valentina seems very amused at the situation at hand, ?Perhaps I can even the odds some sister,? she directs toward Imi while fluidly lifting and bringing her blade down to sever one of the enemy womans arms in a spray of blood that no doubt hits her and Imi, though there are worse things… Like losing an arm. ?You got this girl.? then she is backing away to watch.
=================< Sylvain Posed on May 09 11:17PM 2020 GMT >=================
Sylvain knows he can't get the shot off now without the high risk of hitting Iminguak instead. So now he lowers his bow, moving to retrieve his arrow from the fallen bandit, otherwise looking to see if that one chance to get off a good shot will present itself at some point, but it won't now, it seems.
==================< Elian Posed on May 09 11:20PM 2020 GMT >==================
Elian finally fixes his flat footedness and blinks once, twice. "You make me look kind." he looks at Sylvain, silently looking for confirmation that this really is happening.
================< Iminguak Posed on May 09 11:25PM 2020 GMT >=================
Iminguak growls, likely throwing more curses at the female bandit who's got her by the hair. Back and forth until Valentina steps up and manages to cut the woman's arm off. Panting and glaring at the female thief who falls to the ground, she steps forwards, pulling her belt knife, and stabs the woman through the eye. A few more words are said in her native tongue before she pulls the knife out, wipes it on the woman's shift, and rises back to stand, sheathing her belt knife back at her waist. Bloodied and still panting, she turns her blue eyes to the rest of her group, "Continue?" She's ignoring the mummified bandit on the floor slightly behind her.
==================< Elian Posed on May 09 11:29PM 2020 GMT >==================
Elian clears his throat and gives Iminguak a rather thoughtful look. "And you said you didn't know.. Iminguak." He clears his throat again and just goes to stand by the door. Waiting for the moment that Valentina goes through "Do you have all the pots you want?"
================< Valentina Posed on May 09 11:32PM 2020 GMT >================
"Well done," Valentina says to Imi with a warm smile before moving to rip a piece of cloth from one of the fallen and wipe her own blade down. "I suppose we should continue. I'll take point on this next one," the Countess announces while turning toward the door Elian is posted at and walking up to it, "Stand ready just in case yeah?" her blue eyes then focus on the door and she prepares to move through.
================< Iminguak Posed on May 09 11:32PM 2020 GMT >=================
"Didn't know…?" Iminguak begins to question, but as he heads to stand by the unopened door, and wait for the others, she follows afterwards, "I will have all I want, yes." Oh, she'll make sure of that fact! And so, again, she stands behind the fighters posed at the door, waiting to see what lies beyond.
=================< Sylvain Posed on May 09 11:37PM 2020 GMT >=================
Sylvain nods a bit as he listens to the others. "That was…" he begins, going silent, readying another arrow as he sees Valentina move to the door, he steps forward to where he can pass through as soon as the close quarters fighters have gone through.
==================< Elian Posed on May 09 11:38PM 2020 GMT >==================
Going through the door that leads off this kitchen (and also into the same room as the door you left behind in the eating hall) you find a large empty chamber with a beautiful set of ancient armor displayed in the central space. Old murals depict battle scenes on the walls. Here is what you came for. An ancient heroes armor. By modern standards its nothing much, just scale mail that used to be prettily decorated but now mostly just looks dull and patchy.

There is a bandit in here, several actually, although it has to be said that they all look fairly shaken. The biggest one, a brute clad in brigandine, has one of the leather clad ones by the throat when the door opens, his eyes locked on the held mans eyes in a silent battle of wills. The brute drops that poor man the moment the group pushes the door open, thumping his chest and lifting a massive two-handed axe high, before he charges at Valentina with a roar. The four leather clad bandits spend several vital seconds looking at each other, before fanning out in an effort to find advantageous positions to kill the group from.
================< Iminguak Posed on May 09 11:49PM 2020 GMT >=================
As the larger group descends on Elian, Iminguak shifts her position, moving sneakily around behind one of the bandits. Dancing closer while he's distracted, she reaches out to touch his back, though this time, the power seems to hit him even without her actually touching him. This bandit does even get the chance to scream before he's crumpling in on himself and falling to the floor looking like a kid wearing his parent's armor, so shriveled up inside of it he is. Okay, yep, that actually works. Wasn't a fluke!
==================< Elian Posed on May 09 11:56PM 2020 GMT >==================
Elian is almost unrecognisable as the warrior who did so terribly the last time he was in one of these dungeons. Today he's a creature of vicious grace and deadly murder. Even as Iminguak is dancing around her target, looking for an opening, he's driving the spearpoint of his polearm up through the throat of one foe, only to rip it clean out and take the next down with the axe part of the weapon. The third gets to last a little longer, jumping over an attempted sweep, and trying to dance out of range.. but that doesn't last long. A moments distraction on his part and that axe is driven into his belly and he's down too. The tribune takes two more steps as he lets the momentum of his weapon carry him towards the fourt man. But that fourth man is no longer standing. Nor it seems much of a man. He frowns briefly as he comes to a gentle halt in the middle of his foes and then tilts his head towards Iminguak. "That will take some time to get used to. But. Thank you."
=================< Sylvain Posed on May 10 12:01AM 2020 GMT >=================
Sylvain frowns a little as he takes careful aim of the enemy moving for Valentina. Muttering something under his breath, he carefully aims for the face of the enemy, letting out the breath he didn't know he held. But as he lets the arrow go, it looks to be heading straight for the face of said enemy.
================< Valentina Posed on May 10 12:06AM 2020 GMT >================
"You're a big fella aren't you!" Valentina calls out to the roaring 'boss' charging her. She moves in with grace to engage him and their weapons quickly meet one another blow for blow. It isn't until she mistakenly leaves herself open that the enemy is able to bring a blow up and around her body heading straight toward her side. Should anyone be paying attention it would be painfully evident that the man swinging the weapon was cutting through some sort of invisible force that was attempting to prevent his attack from making contact, it does and it manages to be a heavy strike even with whatever force was slowing it, however, it only manages to split her leather armor and bite into her flesh marginally. "You bastard!" The Countess shouts before bringing her blade around to plunge into the throat of the boss at the same moment an arrow strikes through his eye leaving him very dead.

"Damn…" Valentina says lowering her blood soaked weapon and looking down to her bleeding, but still intact side, "Could anyone help me wrap this up if we're going to press on?" once more her light orbs dance to Sylvain, "Perfect shot by the way your Highness."
================< Iminguak Posed on May 10 12:09AM 2020 GMT >=================
Iminguak nods to Elian, lips soon to curl into a smile, "Can't take you back to the camp injured, now can I?" As weapons clash nearby, she turns to see the outcome of the big guy, Valentina and Sylvain. When the dust settles, and the Countess is asking for help, she steps forwards, "I can do that, if you will allow?" Well she understands how they might be wary of her now. Even she would be wary of herself after what she's done that day!
==================< Elian Posed on May 10 12:14AM 2020 GMT >==================
"We have what we contracted for." Elian leans lightly on his halberd as Iminguak and Valentina start working on the task of healing. "So we can turn around now if you want." His eyes turn to the still unopened doors. "But we can press on too. Who knows what the rest of the place holds." A quick smile. "Other than bandits. I'm real sure we'll find more of them."
=================< Sylvain Posed on May 10 12:20AM 2020 GMT >=================
"It would be good to get rid of some more bandits while we are here, right?" Sylvain offers a bit quietly, before he chuckles briefly. "So, which one should we go for? If we are continuing onwards, that is. How about that one?" Pointing at one of the doors, let's say number two.
================< Valentina Posed on May 10 12:26AM 2020 GMT >================
The Countess gives a strange look to Imi when she asks if she would allow her to tend the wound, "Why wouldn't I let you?" she asks with lifted brows, "One moment though…There is something I need to do." Without waiting a moment longer she sheathes her sword while moving toward the door that the Prince had indicated, "This door you say?" she waits no longer, instead she draws back and kicks the door with force that would betray her frame! The door literally rips loose from its hinges and crashes forward, "Ow!" Valentina shouts before turning back to Imi and waving a hand at her side, "All yours."
==================< Elian Posed on May 10 12:30AM 2020 GMT >==================
The sudden demise of the door has everyone a little out of position and the inhabitants of said room looking rather shocked. There are three foes in there; two in leather and one in full chain with a loaded musket, and they dont look as if they are going to take this situation sitting down. In fact, that one with the musket? He's pointing it at…Valentina. BOOM.
=================< Sylvain Posed on May 10 12:40AM 2020 GMT >=================
Sylvain fires off the next arrow a bit hurriedly as that enemy has a ranged weapon as well. And so, his arrow sails a bit too high to hit its target. Which makes him let out a few choice words in anger.
================< Valentina Posed on May 10 12:44AM 2020 GMT >================
Valentina wasn't expecting to be shot at quite frankly and the sound of the firearm causes her to shout, "AH!" she shouts before drawing her blade once more, "He tried to shoot me!" But then there is an arrow sailing just past him. It doesn't take her long to close the distance easily evading the others. Both she and the chain clad man engage in combat, though he is unable to match the Countess ability and is quickly wounded with a powerful strike! He is not yet dead though.
================< Iminguak Posed on May 10 12:45AM 2020 GMT >=================
With somewhat narrow confines, it's only sensible for Iminguak to hang back as the three fightes face off against the bandits found within the next room. She bids her time, just in case she might help the others out, but it would seem they have this well in hand, leaving her to nod her head quietly to herself. Once the room beyond is cleared of bandits, she'll take a peek within, likely checking out if there's anything worth looting within.
==================< Elian Posed on May 10 12:49AM 2020 GMT >==================
With his musket ball wasted by the countesses quick actions the bandit leader takes to wielding his musket as a club. And he wields it well. Just, not well enough.

Whilst the ring of the musket is still echoing through the small space, and the countess is plunging towards its shooter with deadly intent, Elian focuses on dealing with the two henchmen who were in this awful room with the champion. He doesn't know why. And frankly, seeing all the objects of torture that are lining the walls, doesn't want to know why. Its enough to focus on the details of the brief melee that sees him hack the two down without a huge amount of trouble. He glances up as the second falls, expecting the fight to be well and truly over, but there is the champion, still upright, still fighting. Sigh. Have to do everything yourself. Elian steps over the corpses, circles a dubiously rusty tabletop, and then rams the spike of his halberd firmly into the guys spine. Drawing back in an attempt to get his weapon free before the guy collapses and makes it annoyingly awkward, Elian looks back up to the women and oh so mildly states. "Perhaps we should start being more cautious about going through doors for a bit?"
================< Iminguak Posed on May 10 01:01AM 2020 GMT >=================
Before they head off through another door, Iminguak walks over to Val, and takes a moment to bandage the Countess up. There are quiet words spoken, almost a prayer of sorts as she workds. Before they move on, Val is bandaged and likely feeling pretty darn good again!
==================< Elian Posed on May 10 01:08AM 2020 GMT >==================
Whilst Iminguak is tending to Valentina, Elian moves over to the ancient scale. He seems moderately interested in that piece of artistry, although he doesn't particularly seem to care to much about pulling it away from its stand right now. "Have to wonder what made this armor this special." he pulls a flask out from amongst the various pouches on his bandolier and drinks from the contents. Eyes still thoughtful. "Thirsty Your Highness?" He asks before offering the flask across for Sylvain. "Its just tea."
================< Valentina Posed on May 10 01:14AM 2020 GMT >================
Valentina cuts her eyes toward Elian and then nods slowly, ?It was a thing I had to do…It?s complicated? she informs him before smiling warmly at Imi, she leans over to whisper something in her ear and places a friendly hand on her shoulder. ?Thank you.?
================< Iminguak Posed on May 10 01:17AM 2020 GMT >=================
Iminguak offers a quiet return of the whisper offered to her by Val before she finishes up bandaging the Countess.
=================< Sylvain Posed on May 10 01:19AM 2020 GMT >=================
Sylvain nods a bit slowly as he hears Elian's offer, taking the flask as it's offered. "Thanks." Taking a sip before he hands it back. "Good work, all of you," he offers, to all of them.
==================< Elian Posed on May 10 01:21AM 2020 GMT >==================
After a nod at Valentina's words, Elian takes his flask back and tucks it back into its slot. "Valentina is clearly luckier than I am." He declares "So I vote that she takes point." He gives her a caricature of a courtly bow. "After you Your Excellence."
================< Iminguak Posed on May 10 01:22AM 2020 GMT >=================
There's a quiet nod given in a half answer to Valentina before she's being addressed by Elian. Moving off to the side after putting away the bandages and such, she stands waiting for them to figure out where they're headed. And it seems to be doooooown.
================< Valentina Posed on May 10 01:27AM 2020 GMT >================
Valentina thanks Imi once more before turning to smile at the Prince, ?You have done great yourself your Highness.? Elians words catch her ear and she scowls at his bow, ?Let us carry on,? she says confidently before leading the group down one set of stairs old and decaying stairs and then another. She stops at a door and tosses a glance behind her, ?If someone will open it I will prepare to charge.?
=================< Sylvain Posed on May 10 01:52AM 2020 GMT >=================
Sylvain looks around as they move down the stairs. As he hears the part about someone opening the door, he nods, moving to do so. "Ready whenever you are," he replies to Valentina, waiting until a signal is given before he opens the door.
================< Valentina Posed on May 10 01:53AM 2020 GMT >================
"I am ready," the Countess says confidently to the Prince and then the opened door! The room appears to be another kitchen an old and decaying one with bones strewn about the counters and broken plates littering the floors. The Countess takes a quick look around and catches sight of what was once a potted plat that has long sinced died and wasted away to nothing. "Something seems off…" regardless she charges in and when she does she trips a thin wire that had gone unseen. There is a clicking sound and then the swoosh of an arrow, thankfully she was quick enough to grab the old plant and hoist it in front of the arrow which explodes and shatters the pot spilling old stinking dirt out about the air and covering Valentina's face.

She turns to look back at the group, her face solid black until she opens her eyes and two light blue orbs stare out at Elian, "I blame you for this."
==================< Elian Posed on May 10 01:53AM 2020 GMT >==================
Elian follows the group down the stairs, letting the haft of his halberd go tap tap tap with every stage.
==================< Elian Posed on May 10 01:53AM 2020 GMT >==================
There is a soft laugh at Valentina's declaration. "Of course it is. Tell you what. I'll go next." He picks the door on the right and presses through.
==================< Elian Posed on May 10 01:55AM 2020 GMT >==================
A bedroom. Empty. At least it wasn't another kitchen even if it does contain nothing but moldering old blankets and a sorry old bedframe.
=================< Sylvain Posed on May 10 01:55AM 2020 GMT >=================
Sylvain watches Valentina's charge, then blinks as he sees what's happening. He's unable to hold back a laugh as he sees what happens, before he moves inside after the others.
================< Iminguak Posed on May 10 02:00AM 2020 GMT >=================
There's a moment where Iminguak was tempted to laugh when Valentina turns about with her black face. But somehow, the blonde manages to /not/ laugh. The kitchen is given a curious look but it's soon on through the next rooms. Each one is given that same blue-eyed look over before they continue on. Nope, nothing worth looting. YET!
================< Valentina Posed on May 10 02:03AM 2020 GMT >================
Valentina having taken a moment to clean her face to a degree (now it is simply just smudged with black instead of coated) follows the group while muttering untold curses at Elian, "I am drinking so much once we get back…So much!"
==================< Elian Posed on May 10 02:05AM 2020 GMT >==================
Elian chuckles again at Valentina as he leaves the boring bedroom and goes to follow Iminguak through that doorway. "If you really thought that you wouldn't be here." He smiles to Sylvain. "I think the lady doth complain to much."
================< Iminguak Posed on May 10 02:10AM 2020 GMT >=================
Another doorway, another room. Right? And so it's without much further ado that the quartet might head down a small set of stairs of a landing. And yet as she steps through followed by the others, their weight sets off a trembling in those stairs. A shaking, a rattling, and the stairs begin to crumble and fall. Barely do they manage to avoid being crushed to death, though injuries they will all have. To make it through bandits galore, only to be hit by falling stairs.
================< Valentina Posed on May 10 02:13AM 2020 GMT >================
"Oh you know I am enjoying myself…Besides it is quite fun to complain at you," Valentina remarks now idly following the group. "I wish…" her words are cut short at the creaking of the floor beneath them and then the sudden collapse! Falling and being completely off balance brings about another shouted curse from the Countess, "DAMN IT!" and then suddenly all is still for her, and her head is pounding like it bounced off of the hilt of Elian's weapon perhaps…Something else she can blame him for later. "Is everyone ok…Did anyone bring liquor?"
=================< Sylvain Posed on May 10 02:16AM 2020 GMT >=================
Sylvain winces as the stairs give way, unable to hold back a pained whimper as he seems to land more on his shoulder than anything else. "That…" he begins, gritting his teeth, obviously in some discomfort.
==================< Elian Posed on May 10 02:17AM 2020 GMT >==================
For a moment everything is the rumble of rubble, the suffocating din of dust and debris as it hurries to bury the stairs, and whatever might lay below, and the party away from the world forever. Its only luck that sees Elian catch a massive rock with a shoulder instead of his head. Its only luck that his armor takes the blow and shoves most of it to other places about his body. But then its not particularly lucky to be in such a collapse or to feel and hear the rip of muscle and tendon as your shoulder just.. gives up. Any noise he makes is lost in the collapse. Lost in the effort to haul himself free of the dangerous area and slump panting at the threshold. "Still alive." he says in a tired voice. Not quite with it immediately. Then he remembers that the Prince is with them and his head comes up, his eyes narrow and he calls "Sylvain?" Luckily Sylvain has already worked free and so Elian lets his head hang for another long moment before shoving free and making the executive decision. "We should leave."
==================< Elian Posed on May 10 02:26AM 2020 GMT >==================
Elian takes a bit of time to make sure everyone is on their feet and nobody is wondering off down those dark dangerous looking corridors and then starts back up the stairs. "Come on."

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