(1876-05-07) Healing the Commander
Healing the Commander
Summary: Elian calls for his healer, Iminguak, to come and make sure he can stay on his horse's back when the army moves.
Date: May 7, 2020
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Aequor - Northern Road
The great Northern Road! Left by the mighty Vir Sidius Empire, it cuts through the land of Aequor, trod by armies and merchant caravans and simple travelers all the same, bordered by trees, sweeping through planes and leaping by bridges over deep valleys and canals and raging rivers. It touches the greatest cities and towns, sprouting villages and way-stations where roadside Inns offer shelter and food and couriers may take their rest or change horses. If one were to travel the whole length of the road, the changes of their surroundings as they moved north are breathtaking; moving from the dappled shade of beech, acacia and umbrella pines that punctuate rolling hills of grass and vineyards, then north to darker vistas of hemlocks, sugar maple and white ash in its damp, lush forests. Smaller roads branch off of it to the west and east at various intervals; most anywhere in Aequor worth traveling to is accessible if one has the time and provisions. That doesn't make it safe, however, for highwaymen and every manner of danger both of nature and man plague the unwatched miles, and its the foolish traveler who goes without armed escort.
Thursday the 07th of Mai, 1876 IE.

On the morning where everyone is busy arranging to move an entire army miles to the south, Elian has asked Iminguak to join him in his tent/pavilion. She's waved in by one of the guards only to find Elian near the back, dressed up to his waist, with his back to her, shaving.

With a nod to the guard, Iminguak pulls back the tent flap and steps within. Her gaze finds where he stands, shaving, at the back of the tent. "You requested my presence?" Curious is her nature, brows soon to furrow lightly as she takes him in.

"I did." Elian takes up a towel and wipes off his face before turning to face her. "I'm going to need to spend a day, perhaps two, in the saddle, and I need something to keep me from wilting." The reason for the wilting comment is obvious. At the moment he's not bandaged up and its clear someone tried to chop him in half not so long ago. Its also clear a good healer worked on it when it was still new.

As he turns about and his wound comes into sight, Iminguak frowns a little more, already beginning to cross the distance towards him. "Who took care of this?" No doubt, her own talents have been stretched here and there during the time she's joined his company. "Why did you not call for me sooner?" Blue eyes then turn upwards to meet and hold his own gaze, chin lifted up a touch in some odd defense.

Elian settles into a watchful immobility. "Lord Ivo tended it initially. It happened in Ryalta. All these years of soldiering and its a thief with a glaive who finally gets me." His eyes fall onto her as she asks him why. "You know why."

"Hmm." Iminguak murmurs as he speaks of who tended him, though when he speaks, answering her question, she shakes her head, "You do not trust me completely." If that bothers her, she doesn't show it. "I can wrap you if that is what you wish me to do.." Taking the longer, traditional route of tending to his injury.

"That isnt why." Elian says to her. "I didn't come to you because it is healing just fine and you have no shortage of work." Then there is pride and appearances. "You are the doctor Iminguak. All I ask is that I am still upright at the end of the day."

"But you are the leader. The commander. If anyone needs to be kept alive, it is you." Iminguak answers firmly. "Without the leader, the army will fall to pieces." Even she knows that much! "If you consent, then allow me to help you as I can?"

"I consent." Elian states crisply. "Do whatever is necessary." There is a chair nearby but he doesn't sit unless she prompts him too. "Just make sure that this wound does not interfere with my plans. It has taken a lot of effort to get the timing right andI wont have it wasted by falling off my horse."

"Then sit, please." Iminguak says with a graceful motion towards the nearby chair. Once he takes the seat there, she moves to stand before him, only to lower herself slowly at his injured side. Nothing more is said, but her hands reaches out towards his bare skin, perhaps a touch cool at first when fingers and then palms slide across his skin above and below the line of the wound. There's an intense sense of concentration then from the blonde, lips moving in a silent prayer to her Goddess.

But then comes the warmth,t he tingle beneath the surface of his skin along the line of his injury. He can almost sense, feel, the way that things are being pulled together, that what might have bothered him on the horse back, won't be bothering him. Days of healing done in minutes beneath the warm of her palms. By the time she's done, if nothing else, it isn't looking angry or red, but perhaps faded to pink.

Slowly would she remove her hands, sitting back on the heels of her feet to peer up at him, "how does that feel?"

The cogs are almost visibly ticking away when Iminguak looks up. His gaze on her. "Good." Some of the tension he didn't even realise he was holding seeps out of his frame. "Thats good." For a moment he drops his gaze before lifting it again "That was a spell? Or do you have a medicine that feels the same?"

A breath is released slowly as Iminguak awaits his answer, her hands dropped to rest upon her thighs as she continues to kneel there. Perhaps she needs a moment before rising and hurrying off again. "A spell… a prayer. Whichever you wish to call it." As for medicine, she cannot help but chuckle, "If there was a way to bottle this… I'd make fistful of coins in Four Corners and beyond." Truth.

"You would.." Elian confirms. "I didn't know you could do this." mild chagrin there. "Its just i've felt something similar before." he shakes his head and moves to his feet. "Not my secret to share. Are we done?"

Slowly, yet gracefully, does Iminguak rise back to her feet. There's a curious look given as he mentions having felt it before, but simply nods her head as he says it's not his secret. "Of course…" But, with a smile, she says, "If you need nothing else, then yes. I will return to work.." If he doesn't keep her, then she turns and heads out, back to wherever the guard fetched her from.

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