(1875-01-14) Cards
Summary: Chat between Dertan and Jarret
Date: 10th Jan 2019
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Dertan  Jarret  

Command Tent, Somewhere in Southern Riverwatch (Sokar) Duchy.
Canvas for walls and floors. Foldable furniture of top quality.

The armed force set up camp early thanks to Jarret's arrival and has already finished the usual camp fortifications by the time everything is done and he can retreat to the comfort of the command tent. Dertan is sat inside with his focus on a ledger, or similar bound document, set on a rather lovely folding table. His armor as well as the bow quiver and longsword are all on the stands positioned halfway between the simple cot-like bed and the entrance but he is still wearing the padded arming doublet. His saker falcon is on a perch nearby. Its all rather typical actually except for the fact that he's untied his hair.

He stands when Jarret comes in and automatically gives him a bow more appropriate to court than the battlefield. A moment later and he offers an almost apologetic. "My apologies Jarret. I know you prefer to eschew the etiquette when feasible."

At least everything is done, right? Jarret frowns momentarily at the bow, before he offers a bit of a tired grin. "It's okay," he offers, a bit quietly. Looking to the falcon, he offers the bird a bit of a nod as well, before he takes a few steps towards the table as well. "Anything interesting?" he asks, nodding towards that document.

"I am writing what I remember from the battles around Dalcen." Dertan picks up the chair from behind the table and puts it down near the table for Jarret to use. "I took notes of course but it is useful to put it all down properly." He pulls a stool over for himself. "I'm afraid I don't have any wine. Would you like some tea?"

Jarret nods a bit slowly. "I would like to read that, of course," he replies, before he takes the seat. "Thanks. And tea is good, thank you."

Dertan nods and heads over to the tents opening to ask for more tea to be delivered before coming back in and settling on his own seat. "You are welcome to read it of course." He rests his hands lightly on his knees. For a moment he contemplates asking something but soon decides to stick with more normal subjects. "The speeches were a good idea. I saw for myself how your letter cheered the forces up in Dalcen and you have cheered the men here in the field greatly with your presence as well. It." He stops and then looks back at Jarret, again looking as if he is considering saying something.

Jarret raises an eyebrow as he hears that ending. "It…?" he asks, after a few moments of pause, watching Dertan carefully now. "Did you just stop in the middle of the sentence?"

"It was a good idea." Dertan finishes the moment after Jarret points it out. "I'm sorry." He moves back up to his feet. "I don't think I want to talk about business. Perhaps.. A game of cards?"

Jarret nods momentarily, before he pauses for a few moments. "Cards? Sounds good." He leans back a little in his seat.

Dertan goes over to a chest, kneels and starts rifling through the contents. Its fairly obvious he isnt entirely sure where said cards actually are though. "Have you ever" he asks, his back still to Jarret. "had one of those moments where you realise that something that has been driving you for your entire life is never actually going to please you?"

Letting out a bit of a breath as he hears that question, Jarret shrugs momentarily. "Too often," he replies, shaking his head. "What made you have one of those moments?"

"Now that I dont know." Dertan admits just before he stands and brings a small leather case to the table. "Perhaps the fact that both the duchess and my wife have been gone for a while?"

Jarret nods a little, but keeps silent for now, glancing around the tent, then back to Dertan. "True," he replies.

Dertan sits down on the stool. "What did you realise had been driving you Jarret?"

"You know…" Jarret replies. "Battles, glory and all such things. Once you've been almost killed enough times, such things change." He grimaces momentarily.

"Ah." Dertan nods. "Glory. I never quite understood that by itself. I mean I understand the desire to earn peoples respect and to defend what is yours and value the gains that come from martial excellence but I never understood the urge to be applauded in that way." he looks thoughtfully at Jarret. "Could it be that you already achieved glory?" he asks. "After reaching the height surely all those actions which are glorious but not as good lose their appeal?"

Jarret shrugs a little. "I don't know. It seems that once you gain a reputation for something like this, many people wants to challenge you. That gets quite tiresome," he says, after another brief moment of pause.

Dertan pauses and then nods. "Perhaps." he curls up one side of his mouth. "The next time someone challenges you you should just make someone else fight as your champion. You could you know? We could probably even sell it as some great honor. There are many young men who still desire that sort of glory afterall."

"I sort of suspect the next time someone challenges me, it'll be at something quite different, though," Jarret replies, unable to hold back a brief grin. "Something quite interesting, all things considered."

Dertan is about to ask Jarret when the tea arrives. He's silent until the tray is set out on the table, occupying his hands by tipping out a rather beautifully finished set of playing cards, and only speaks once the man has gone. "What are you anticipating?"

Jarret shrugs, "Well, when this war is over, I suspect the attacks and challenges will come more on the political side of things. Only natural, but it'll be interesting." He takes a sip of the tea, before he nods to the cards. "Interesting thing to bring with you," he remarks.

"You are actually looking forward to that part?" Dertan asks with a touch of surprise. "I find it" he contemplates. "Intimidating."
The cards he glances at before looking back to Jarret. "What else would I do when I am tired and need help to relax? I do not particularly enjoy drinking."

"New opportunities," Jarret replies, with a shrug, before he offers a bit of a grin. "And besides, I think some people will be surprised in the end." He nods as he looks to the cards again, "Well, having playing cards with you, I understand, but ones as beautiful as these?"

"Oh. I see." Dertan looks back at the cards again, picking one up and turning it over to look at the landscape on the back, almost as if he is looking at it for the first time. "I enjoy beautiful things and these are not so extravagent." he glances back up at Jarret. "Have you never purchased something simply because you appreciate the way it looks? What is the point of us having money if we do not spend it on things that please us?"

Jarret nods again. "I agree with you there. I'm just not sure I would bring it out to the front lines, where it could be lost more easily, you know. But we're all different, after all." He sips the tea again.

"They are easily replaced." Dertan comments. "Perhaps there would be some inconvenience as I wait for the artist to paint a new set but when it comes down to it they are only cards." He glances around the interior of the room and then back to Jarret. "There is actually nothing here that I am particularly attached to." Another pause. "Perhaps my timepiece and my bracers" To go with that comment he reaches into the neck of his doublet and pulls out an egg sized timepiece to show to Jarret. It has a silver case engraved with a golden hawk on the outside and a ship (the zephyr's call) on the inner. "They were gifts. So they have meaning."

Jarret nods a litte as he hears that. "MAkes sense," he replies, before he looks to the timepiece. "Looks quite lovely," he offers, before he adds, "Quite a nice gift to receive."

Dertan pulls the chain up over his head and hands the entire thing over to Jarret. "It is the most extravagent gift I have ever seen." A pause. "Sonya does not like it. She considers it to be a love token. Yet what really happened was that I sent the countess one of my bows as an apology and this was her response."

Jarret raises an eyebrow as he hears that, "The Countess, hmmm?" he asks, after a few moments of pause. Holding the thing as it's handed over, he studies it rather carefully for a little while, before he hands it back. "I see…"

Dertan nods. "I have never been good with women. I still do not quite understand what she was after. When she cornered me in that boat and declared her desire it was.. uncomfortable." Looking to Jarret he asks. "What is it that makes you know? I would very much like to catch such a situation before the proposition next time."

"That it must have been an… interesting situation. Like walking into a trap, right?" Jarret replies, before he shakes his head a bit again. "Just remember, nobody can really understand women," he replies, with a brief grin. "It's usually leading to trouble. Or maybe that's just me."

"I am sure that anyone witnessing it would have been amused." Dertan says dryly. "But I do really like this piece of clockwork." he looks at the elaborate timepiece. "For weeks after I first got it I had a fascination with clockwork." he looks up at Jarret. "But I fear my hands have taken to much punishment over the years for such delicate work." He looks down at his hands and then back to Jarret, looking thoughtful. "Are you pleased with what I have done for Sokar Jarret?"

Jarret nods a little as he listens, "Understandable," he offers to the part about clockwork, before he nods, offering a smile, more real than most he's had lately. "I am. You are doing good work, Dertan."

"Good." Dertan replies. "You know nobody has told me that for years? There have been some things that I have managed to interpret that way but nobody has ever seemed to consider it important to actually tell me." He turns the last card over, thus ending the game, and then slowly eases to his feet. "I need to check everything is well before I retire. Please make yourself comfortable."

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