(1875-01-09) A Quick Trip to Rhone
A Quick Trip to Rhone
Summary: Ludovic goes to Rhone to ask Jasmina's opinion on a potential agreement with the Imperials and to begin an investigation on the origin of the Elementi.
Date: jan 8th 2019
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Jasmina's Study
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After a tap on the study door to announce his arrival Ludovic steps inside and firmly closes the door behind him. A moment later he props his distinctive, black coffee coloured, czekan hammer-axe against the wall and then gives Jasmina a wide grin. "I think I deserve a hug." He adds a chuckle. "Reckon thats gotta be one of the most inappropriate things any Count ever said to his Liege." Instead of moving to claim the requested greeting he lifts his hand to remove his fur lined hat and pushes his hand through hair thats grown kind of long. He's wearing the typical garb of the Horned Knights albeit without armor and, it must be said, a little rough. Whilst he's obviously bathed (not even a hint of horse!) and caught up on his grooming there are still a bunch of hints about hands and face that show that hes been roughing it for a bit.

Ludovic has his two elementi with him too. Faith goes most places with him of course but for some reason he brought the one that Jasmina gave him at the wedding along as well.

Jasmina's been looking down, distracted by the paperwork one of her advisors put upon her desk earlier today. All Ludo gets in way of a greeting at first is a grunted 'hello' as she holds up one finger, asking for a moment as she's pouring over a part that needs her attention. A sigh sounds from the Archduchess as she finishes, and quill is put to parchment and her signature's scrawled upon it in her scrolling, fanciful script. "A hug? I suppose I can do that." Rising, she moves around the desk to do just that. "What brings you to Rhone, Dovi?"

The dogs are noticed and given a quick pet upon the top of their head, but how she does so makes it obvious she's distracted.

Ludovic squeezes her back when she hugs him before letting her go. A few moments later and he's sinking into the appropriate chair with a comfortable sigh. "Its good to see you." he says first, turning in his chair so that he can watch her pet the dogs. Faith wags his tail and soon moves to sit on Ludovic's right but the bitch seems thoroughly impressed by the petting and pushes into her side.

"Few reasons." Ludovic admits. "But I mostly wanted to talk about the Imperials. Think I might have found one of the Qatunax's main military locations but never thought you were all that interested in the military stuff." He gives her another of his smiles. "So I'll spare you the details."

The dog leaning against her is given another pat before she returns to sitting, the action easily made with as she isn't wearing one of her gowns with full skits today. Raising a brow, she listens to the Count as he answers her, Jasmina watching Ludovic intently as he does so. By the end of his reply she shakes her head, her expression faintly amused. "It isn't that I am not interested," she points out. "It's a case of not being as militarily minded as others, hence why I always direct you or others to speak to my advisors if you need to discuss military plans or to speak for me on such subjects as needed." Shaking her head, she purses her lips. "Now I am curious… what about the Imperials?"

As if sending that the Archduchess has company, one of the house staff sticks their head in, cracking open the door to do so. A request for tea and a light meal for two is requested.

Ludovic shrugs when Jasmina claims that she is interested. "Still reckon you'd rather hear the results and general intent than the details and right now I dont have any particular plan. Need to talk to Brigadier Xavier and Viscount Cervantes first and besides, its likely to cold for it." He stretches out his legs and clicks his fingers at the bitch until she leaves Jasmina alone. Rubbing her ears as a reward when the dog comes to his side.

"So. My idea is to try for some kinda agreement between us again. Wanting to ask the Imperials to give up any claims on the rest of Hellsmouth and hopefully promise to open the old aequorian trade routes too. They aint gonna accept that just like that of course. So I thought about stuff we could actually give them for it. First of all I reckoned we'd guarantee them the right to stay in Paras for as long as the qatunax are in Hellsmouth. Figured that was pretty much essential. Then I figured they could choose the baron, or baroness. That way they know they'll be well treated there. Wouldn't care to much who it was, but they gotta swear to aequor and me, and the tithes and stuff that would usually go to me will go to the imperials until they leave. Dont think thats enough though so I was thinking on what else they might want and thought back to the first time Darius turned up. That and stuff he's said about things. So the last, biggest, offering is that he'd get my military. There'd be a reserve of course, and a commitment for him towards my lands defense, but otherwise they'd be under his command. I'd be under his command." He gives her a long even look. "Your the political one. What do you think?"

Jasmina nods slowly. "Well, the important thing is to not give them anything you might want back later, of course. You might give them the rights to use land with the intention of having it returned to you, but they might not be so quick to give the land back. They've been looking for footholds in the West, after all." While she speaks her hands are busy, folding up pieces of parchment and sealing them with her signat ring, each a letter containing orders or promises from her. Glancing up, she guages Dovi's emotions, trying to get a bead on his feelings. "You'd give up command to Darius? Isn't that risky, Dovi?"

Ludovic shrugs. "Not like we're talking about land they dont already claim. Reckon that a bit of paper saying that its mine and Aequors will be a good thing if it comes down to us trying to get em out." Ludovic looks relaxed and comfortable. "It could be risky." he admits. "But if i'm committed to help him until he's claimed his title then he's more reason to keep me around than he does now."

"I suppose that if the lands become a point of contention I can always revert ownership back to House al'Mordran," Jasmina muses, mostly to herself, "but I'd save that for a last resort…." The conversation on her part's halted as the servant returns with the requested meals, a pot of tea and two cups and a meat and cheese board that holds enough for the both of them to enjoy. "Dovi, you know I trust you. I will let you decide what to do where it comes with your men. Just please… try not to let the Imperials get under your skin."

Teas is poured for them and she gets herself a small plate of meat and cheese, her choices being several slices of cold roast beef, cooked to a lovely medium-rare, and some well-aged, sharp cheese.

"Well that was part of the deal." Ludovic reminds her. "There has to be a baron in darkstone again and that baron has to be a sworn Aequorian. Thats not something I think we should negotiate on. Letting Darius pick who it should be? Thats just so he knows its someone he can trust not to get in his way." The moment the board is available he reaches across to grab himself a very healthy portion. A grin is tossed to Jasmina then. "You know I cant stop being who I am Jasmina. He's good at getting under my skin." he reaches for some tea. "But, if you think about it, I cant think of a time it happened that wasnt because of Paras."

Jasmina smiles. "Do what you think will best facilitate peace with them, Dovi." The carefully folded parchments are taken into hand and she rises, the Archduchess taking them to the door where a guard is. "Please make sure these get sent out." Not exactly what a guard's job usually entails, but the man nods, offering her a quick smile before he heads to where the moongazers are kept. "How are you doing for supplies? Do you need more food?"

"Well." Ludovic says. "What I think." he grins at her. "Is that I need your advice and your permission. Know that the decision on who to name a Baron is at least mostly mine but, would never dream of doing it without you.. I'm gonna need your help to pitch it too I think. If you." He gives her a questioning look. "You really think its worth doing? I mean, i'd try to retain as much autonomy as I can, but you know, I'm not gonna be able to take the qatunax down by myself. That place I found? It had more soldiers there than I field. Without Darius' men any sort of victory isnt gonna happen."

"Of course you have my permission, Dovi." Jasmina's wanting to see the end of the hostilities, of course, and if this helps the Count see to that then she'll all but literally jump at the opportunity. A piece of meat is enjoyed with a bite of cheese, the latter wrapped in the former as she didn't ask for bread. "I think it's worth trying. Whether or not we succeed remains to be seen, but it never hurts to try."

Ludovic looks relieved for a moment before grinning at her. "Thats good. Wasnt sure it was a price you thought we should pay or not. Honestly I'm not sure I can offer him enough men to make enough of a difference but we can try. Men and maybe Cows for his campaign in exchange for my lands being freed and returned. Shouldn't have to buy it but, well." Another shrug. "Needs must."

He reaches for more food. "Was talking to Myrana and she made me realise we should be looking into these guys." he puts his hand on Faith's head. "I'd like to talk with someone who knows all about their origins and stuff. Maybe borrow them a while. If you'd be willing."

Jasmina's tired of talking about prices that need to be paid. She has had to do it way too much over rcent months and it has worn on her, wearing at her fortitude. Ludovic might be able to tell in how she isn't quite as engergetic as she normally is, health permitted, and by the dark circles under her eyes. Well… darker circles, that is. She almost says something about that but then the dogs are brought up, a pleasant change in conversation. "What I know is fairly… minimal," is confessed. "They were a result of a cross breeding with wardogs the Vir Sidus used in combat." Pursing her lips, she looks at the canines, her brow knitted. "I am sure you'd want information beyond what I know," she says with a shrug. "Perhaps you should talk to our Master of the Hounds. He might know more."

"Yeah." Ludovic says "Its stuff from way back when that I'd need I reckon so I figured the best place to start was your houndsmen. Some of them live and breath elementi afterall." He takes another sizeable bite from the food and then another before washing it down with about half of his tea. He leans back into his chair when his plate is empty, although he does spend several long moments eying the platter in a way that suggests he'd rather like more. "You look tired. Worse than I do maybe."

A bite of their light meal is partaken in as Jasmina listens, her head nodding slowly. "I will send a message to him, let him know you wish to speak to him." That's all she can do, offer that, the rest of the information giving left to those more knowledgeable.

When how she looks is brought up she lifts a hand, her expression slightly annoyed. Not at Dovi but rather over how things have been since the invasions and everything. "I am fine. Just been having to burn the candle from both ends. I just need to sleep for about a month straight…"

Ludovic studies Jasmina when she claims to be fine and then nods. "You dont look sick." His hands move to fold across his midriff and he stretches his legs out further if anything. "You know. We could sneak a nap in now. Everyone will be convinced we are busy doing important stuff."

"That… would be lovely. Yes, perhaps a short nap is in order." Not that Jas will sleep for only a short time if she does. She's so tired, she could very easily sleep for more than a few hours. "Let's just close our eyes for thirty minutes, shall we?"

Ludovic gives a low chuckle. "Well dont let me stop you." he moves to claim the rest of the food. "Just dont expect there to be any food left when you wake up." He starts to take a piece of cheese straight off the remainders on the platter and then looks at her with a mildly guilty look. "You want me to make up an excuse to get a cloak brought in?"

Jasmina shakes her head. "I am warm enough, Dovi. You enjoy the food…." The woman's already starting to drift off and this time she does nothing to fight it off. No, she actually allows slumber to take her and she sleeps soundly.

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