(1875-01-04) A Meeting At Glenbrook
A Meeting At Glenbrook
Summary: Thomas, Dertan, and Scarlett find some time to meet up and talk.
Date: 4th Jan 2019
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Seat of House Glenbrook

A lull in operations both in the south and the east have facilitated the possibility of a meeting between Brigadiers, the first in quite some time. The Brigadier of the East, Viscount Thomas Chandus, rode up from Duval with a small escort through the small partially cleared corridor to its east, which was opened a month ago, then into Venantius lands and into the capital of House Reine.

From there, he and his small escort caught one of the precious Tarris dirigibles, those much smaller cousins of the airships, all the way to Rosendal; or, at least, that was the plan. The dirigible was however blown off course and eventually landed to the west, near the holdings of House Glenbrook. It took some explaining to the retainers of the small Sokar vassal before the message was passed to Dertan. Since then, the small group of Tarris vassals have been passing the time in some comfort within the Glenbrook holdings, awaiting the presence of Brigadier Kaedon.

First a ride, it was so good to get out and away from duval, while she liked the people well enough, still, those walls got boring to look at, save for a certain pirate who shall remain nameless for now… he was cute, not that Scarlett would ever say so to his face.

Then a small airship which Had Scarlett cabin crazy, that in turned turned into a rather horrible trip for her squire, Travis, though, it kept her mostly out of Thomas' hair… mostly.

Did you eat enough? Are you in good health? let me take point… Much like a hen, she has been only slightly over protective of her cousin, though, she did bring a pouch full of pecans… and the audible *crack* when she crushes two together to get one is easily edge inducing.

Sometimes such accidents make for great convenience - at least for one member of the party. Thus it is that Dertan, and his own requisite escort, turns up on one of the Coning river vessels tasked with guarding this particular stretch of the southern riverways. He comes straight up to the holdings, offering greetings to the host before quickly moving to join Thomas. He looks much as always, dressed in his uniform rather than his armor, with his hair neatly trimmed and nothing but a small, nearly healed, cut on his left cheek to represent the constant fighting. He doesn't even look particularly tired. "It is good to see you again Thomas." he offers along with a handshake. "You also" Scarlett gets a similar offer. "Lady Scarlett."

Even when he's annoyed, Thomas generally keeps it in. In any case, he's used to dealing with his cousin by now, and Viscount Repton March has his mind on other things as they ride - how to clear the corridor fully, what the next few months need to look like in terms of campaigning, rotational schedules, training regimes, casualty replacements… the list of tasks are nearly endless. He scarcely notices Scarlett's assertiveness, or if he does, he simply nods in thanks. He's got her, and her squire, Travis, the same lad who'd rebelled with his own knight against the late Lord Aspendon, and his own Serjeant at Arms, Lawrence Verus, and all three of them are concerned with the logistics and protection of this trip.

Given their location in a relatively safe area, Thomas is not attired in his armour. After all, it's been several days since they've been here. But, he had released an ordnance in the last few months requiring any within fifty miles of the front to be prepared to fight within a few minutes, and that means that this noble wears his arming doublet, the gambeson in off-white with an embroidered sun in splendour crest on his breast. He's got his sword belt on, too, with a shorter arming sword instead of his war sword and roundel dagger on the opposite hip. He approaches Dertan with a terse smile, and dips his head at the man. "And you, Dertan. Good indeed." The handshake is firm, and the gaze level.

"It's a pleasure to meet you again Viscount Kaedon, and it's wonderful to see that the war has left you in one peice, that is a blessing." Scarlett says as she shakes his hand with one hand, and offering a freashly liberated whole peccan kernal with the other. "Peccan? They are truly wonderful." She ponders when the last time she had a slice of peccan pie was…

Dertan accepts the pecan with a hint of bemused confusion. "Thank you." He takes a few steps away from both of them, tucking the nut away into his hip worn quiver, and then folds his hands loosely behind his back. "Are we straight to business?" he asks seriously. "Or do you have the time to share a drink first?"

"I've travelled hundreds of miles in a dirigible that got blown off course, and am far away from where I should be if I was pressed for time." Thomas's smile broadens. "What bad could a drink do? Besides, I'm certain that Lord Glenbrook could use something to take the edge off of hosting an Easterner such as myself and my retinue. Two Chandus, in one? And my cousin with her pecans. Odd little nuts, you know." Is he talking about the food, or Scarlett?

*crack* "I prefer peas in a pod, Cousin." Scarlett says after audibly breaking open another peccan. "They go good in a pie." Though, she looks to Verus and gives a nod, she'll 'shadow' Thomas, and let the Serjent and her own squire deal with whatever they need to, the blades and gauntlettes on her hips as well as the padded jerkin worn over her winter dress show that she is ready for a fight, her medals of office worn on her jerkin, semi formal it seems.

"The storms are both a blessing and a curse." Dertan agrees. "I am certainly grateful that you landed here. I was already close to the river so the days you lost, I gained." He glances to Scarlett when Thomas talks about the nut before commenting. "I have always found the pecan tree to be rather lovely. I even tried to get one to grow up in the gardens at Silverhill but unfortunately something about the conditions there did not suit." He pauses and then adds "I have no doubt that Lord Glenbrook was happy to have you here. He has never struck me as the type to resent visitors, even in these times."

Thomas nods along with Dertan and Scarlett. The Lord of the manor has already sent his servants to fetch some strong drink for his guests, but the man remains quiet, content to simply listen. Thomas says, "In these times, we must all appreciate guests. Friendly ones, anyways. We've a number of uninvited ones, as we all no doubt know." What a joker.

"You can always serve a knuckle sandiwch or two, those are perfect for uninvitede guests." Scarlett says with a smile, and that might explain why her own knuckles look abit raw. though, noting like the sound of a broken southron jaw to make one's day.

Dertan lets one side of his mouth quirk upwards at Thomas' comment, looking about as amused as he ever does by the comment. "It is always good to have something to train your young men on. Without such guests how would they ever get over their jealousy at their elders accomplishments?" Scarlett's humor on the other hand doesn't gain any outwards display although he does ask her, all politeness. "Have you had many opportunities to serve them Lady Scarlett?"

"I still don't understand your choice of weaponry, cousin." Thomas asides to Scarlett, looking at her queerly. "I suppose in close quarters it works well, but you need to get PAST the point of their blade or halberd first…" He shrugs and chuckles. Evidently, this is one eccentricity he's more than happy to be around.

"Oh yes, Excellency, I should open up a shop right on the salt." Scarlett quips with a warm smile. "I'll even make deliveries." She adds, looking at thomas with a smile. "It's called a side step, then a step in with a right hook, Besides, that's IF they see me comming." She holds up a peccan. "A good distraction as well as snack." She says with a smirk.

"But." Dertan asks Scarlett with genuine curiosity. "Does it not leave you terribly exposed? Surely you are both useless in, and against, formations?"

"My cousin doesn't always use her fist blades. I can never remember their name." Thomas says, shrugging. "In any case, the Highlanders she is a Captain of are primarily skirmishers and ambush troops. They've certainly held their own in the field when necessary, but I prefer to see them utilised unconventionally, in loose order." He pauses, and smiles. "Do you remember the artillery during the Battle of Mathis? And then when it suddenly ceased? That was them, my friend."

"Peltasts Excellency, mid range and anti-raiding is what we do best… and pouring oil on parathians." Scarlett smiles when Thomas brings up the first actual battle she was in charge of.. field command wise anyway. "Mush like your shadowsnakes, ambush, though, less sneaky and more hardy."

"Do you suppliment it with javelins or something similar?" Dertan asks of Scarlett after giving Thomas a small nod to agree with his statement. There is a brief pause and then he adds. "Strictly speaking the Shadow Snakes are scouts and archers, not skirmishers, but I understand what you mean." He pauses to consider the question about Mathis before again giving Thomas a brief nod. "I remember it ending. I have heard a great many stories about what you faced at Mathis Thomas and I admit to curiosity about some of those claims. There are tales of men with hair and claws you know?"

One more turning to Scarlett he says. "You serve with the Highlanders if I am remembering correctly." There is a mild hint of a question behind that statement. "Have you been finding the Caltu to be good warriors and companions? They are a little overly individualistic for most peoples tastes." He looks to Thomas. "You must have been pleased when they came to you seeking sanctuary especially when they also joined the church of the One."

Thomas will let Dertan be answered by Scarlett, though he does nod at the query. He looks away briefly when the talk of Mathis goes to some of the more otherworldly foes. "We saw many things. Fought many things." Then the talk returns to a familiar topic. "We fought them for untold generations, you know. Some of them, anyways. In the end, those who we'd allied with against other clans were those who joined our lands. I am happy that they become Galenthian, now."

"They are the best fighters I have seen, they don;t complain about a long march, and work efficiantly. It's like an extended family." Scarlett says with a smile. "I'm told your battleborn has quite afew of them as well, not surpising, they DO have an unbeaten record. And yes, 'werewolves' (that word said in the barbarian language.) Though, when that monster unleashed his power, most of the other monsters fled." She says and smirks. "Javelins, and swords and shields if things get… unexpected." She says with a nod. Though taliing about the mjoining the church of the one get's Scarlett to mutter (Sadly) in barbarian. That's always been a slightly sour spot when it came to the caltu, though, she knew better than to harrass thomas about it.

"It was a trying battle." Dertan agrees with Thomas. "Although some of the things I have heard make me think that you had the greatest difficulties to face." he nods to both of them. "They are a worthy ally." As Scarlett starts to talk about werewolves with such first hand knowledge he glances between them both. "So it is true then. How are they best tackled?" a beat and he asks. "We can speak about it later if you prefer." He picks up one of the provided drinks and takes a measured sip as he contemplates before looking to Scarlett and with as much politeness as he can muster says "I understand that language Lady Scarlett."

"With pikes and spears to fix them. Crossbows and arrows to pepper them. And then a flank turned by shock. I wouldn't bring horses near them, they're likely to bolt." Thomas purses his lips, and says little else.

Scarlett blinks. "We just hit them til they died, though I think lightsilver would have done better, though I don't have any myself." She says as she is about to continue when she blinks. "Oh… the stalls in the courtyard… Thomas, exscuse me but… " She says as she curtsies to both and then makes a speed walk out, it's been so long since she's had a good pie.

Dertan watches Scarlett walk out before turning back to Thomas. "She seems" theres one of those pauses where he fishes for the least confrontational word. "talented." A glance back to Thomas and he adds. "Thank you. Knowing that they don't require anything truly special to tackle is reassuring." He touches the side of his glass, actively offering a subject change. "This is a very fine vintage. Have you tried it before?"

"She's precisely the type of officer I wanted in charge of the Highlanders. A hand that fits in the glove well, so to speak. And it is quite a useful glove. In certain parts of my lands, terrain can be difficult. Our rangers are excellent, but the Highlanders are geared towards close support of our main formation, where the rangers move much further afield." Thomas shakes his head. "I had not. We are blessed with such climates for wine, though, are we not? I pity our Aequorian cousins. Fiorello has some fine vintages, as does Arcadia and Rhone I am told, but much of the country is simply rubbish for the grape. Still, it affords us an advantage."

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