(1874-12-13) I bet you can't
I bet you can't
Summary: Vemmorn claims he can fit in a barrel. Scarlett demands he prove it. Bit of silliness.
Date: Dec 13th.
Related: Not really. During the partharian siege on Duval.
NPCs: None
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Somewhere in Duval
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Vemmorn is not handling the restrictions of being in a besieged castle all that well, having literally reached the point of climbing the walls a week or two ago. Luckily he has mostly stopped since the guards had a serious talk with him about being shot as a spy. When Scarlett's out and about 'taking the air' as healers invariably recommend a voice drifts down from behind, and maybe a little above, one of the sculptures. "It looked painful." he says as he steps out from behind a piece of cover he probably shouldnt have been able to get into in the first place. "But you make for an impressive sight."

Letting out a sigh, this Rikton Lordling has given the guards abit of a fuss, but then again, Scarlett was able to stop them from sending him to beth… not a good outcome. "It was painful, but a small price to force a reprive." She says as she turns to look at Vemmorn. "Have you come to dispense of flattery, or is there somthing I can help you with?"

"Neither." Vemmorn says. "Both." he gives her a rakish smile. "I'm bored."

"Well, there is a new latrine to dig, vegitables to peel, someone has to tend to the sewing…" She says with a smirk as she steps closer, scarlett's watery blue eyes are a stark contrast to her brillian red hair, though her 'figure' as he pointed out, outside of her armor, as she is now, is nothing short of agressivly curvy. "Though, I think you'd rather be bored than do the mundane… you do seam like a person who would get into trouble if there was nothing to keep your attention." She says with a smile. "So, is this fancy of yours just a simple thing? I mean, when we are done with this fight will you eturn and not be back, forgetting about the firey highlander captain and her… impressive figure?"

"Dig?" Vemmorn actually looks taken aback by the suggestion but then she goes on to explain how it doesn't seem his sort of thing and he has to give her a smile. "I think I would rather spend an hour trapped in a wardrobe whilst her husband checks the room than do /any/ of those things. Perhaps things are not so bad as I thought." He has a terrible habit of fidgeting, always moving a foot or a hand as he talks. "I am not much of one for looking back. Would you expect me to?"

Scarlett steps closer and looks up at him, her short statue not doing much to aliviate the very confident nature of the younger chandi. "Not even if said woman was a kindred spirit. I've always dreamed of taking to the seas, seeing what's out there… maybe you could teach me?" Yes, she does read pillow books about sea fairers and pirates.

Vemmorn is actually shorter than he looks. Something about his slender frame giving him an illusion of having an impressive height right up until the moment when someone tall stands next to him or a woman measures herself up against him. "I would be honored to take you for a voyage to places unknown." he tells her with a smile. "But you'll have to rescue us from all these southern foes first. I fear they will not let me sail away just because I claimed not to be involved." he shifts around her in a half circle. "Besides I'd be lying if I said that. You didn't see me" He taps the pommels of his crossed cutlasses. "but I killed my fair share."

"A swash buckler as well? My don't we have some wonderous talents. I'm a Pugilist myself, as well as quite the sneak." Scarlett says with a smile. "Lands unkn own, treasure to loot, conquering the high seas." She says with a smile as she looks him over. "I'm sure this whole thing will be over soon, the problem with a war campaign is that it costs money, and the longer we hold them off, the more money they will loose, eventually they will return home broke and broken."

"Oh I have some wonderous talents alright." Vemmorn tells her with a grin. "A sneak? Whats the most exotic place you should never have been?"

Scarlett smiles and lifts a hand to tickle under his chin. "If I told you that… then I'd be giving away my hiding spot… let just say another ladies bedchambers is not a place one wishes to be caught." She says before turning with a flourish, her long red hair brushing against his arm as she moves towards the mess tent.

"I broke into an inn room in Four Corners." Vemmorn brags. "Escaping from a gambler who didnt trust that I won my prizes fairly. And the woman wrote a song about me." He practically puffs up his chest, clearly pleased with this outcome. "Its quite a good one too." Wait. She's leaving. He moves to walk with her. "Another ladies bedchamber is tame. You have to have something more exciting than that."

Scarlett smiles. "I do, but I'm not going to tell you." She says with a smirk. "I think the term is… classified." She says as she enters the mess tent and gets some ale and a bowl of stew.

"That isn't fair." Vemmorn complains. "I told you one of mine. Now you owe me."

Taking a sip of her ale, she looks up at him again with a smile. "Oh? I guess I'm a theif then… what are -you- gonna do about it?" She asks as she sets the mug and bowl aside and stands there with her hands on her hips.

Vemmorn tilts his head at her. "The only thing a man can do when he has something stolen from him. Steal it back."

"How ARE you going to steal back words?" Scarlett says with mirth as she tosses her head back. 'What, going to try and steal my voice like the goblins in the mountain?"

"Not the words." Vemmorn perches on the corner of her table for a few moments before standing up and moving to sit besides her instead. "Knowledge. Information."

Chuckeling, Scarlett looks him over. "I doubt you'd be able to pull any information from me, though, you are cute when you are indignant." She says, and before he can re-open his mouth, she shoves a roll into his mouth, before leaning over and kissing the other end of the roll.

Vemmorn looks surprised and then when she does the kissing thing he reaches up to remove the roll so that he can laugh. "You're rediculous."

Scarlett smiles. 'I know, I have to get it out of my system before I meet with my cousin, he is… slightly strict, though a kind person, he does have little time for my brand of silliness." She says as she takes a sip of the ale.

"Lucky that you met me then." Vemmorn tells her. "I'm often told i'm rediculous too. But." he leans to whisper to her. "Not one of them can fit in a barrel. So none of them matter."

"I doubt you could fit in a barrel." Scarlett says with a frown.

"I definitely fit in a barrel." Vemmorn grins at her. "I tried it just the other day. I -told- you I was bored."

Scarlett shakes her head. "I don't beleiveit… show me!" She says as she finishes her stew and dabs a cloth at her mouth. "I bet you'd get stuck half way and look like a fool." She says as she slaps a crown on the table.

"i will show you." Vemmorn agrees. "If you make it worth my effort."

"If you can fit.. you win a kiss." Scarlett says with a nod as she pats the crown on the table. "And this gold coin here."

Vemmorn just shakes his head. "I don't need to win a kiss. I could claim one at any time." He gives her a cocky smile at that. "But that.. that might be worth it." he reaches for the coin. "Although I am a little dissapointed that you think I am so cheap."

"We are in the middle of a seige, forgive me for not having the funds to propperly make a wager… now.. let's find a barrel so I can see you get stuck." Scarlett says as she walks outside, spotting a barrel, she smiles and presents it to him. "There we go."

"Why is this starting to feel like a trap?" Vemmorn asks her as the barrel comes out so quickly. "You need to hold these." He removes his sword belt and hands her that. "And these." He takes a parrying dagger out of each boot. "And this." A knife halfway to being a machete he had strapped to his right thigh. Judging by the way he's moving his hands theres more.

Raises her eye at the amount of weapons he has, and is rather impressed. "How can I trap you when you wont fit inside of the barrel in the first place, need to lay off the sweet rolls." She says as she does hand off the weapons to a waiting attendant.

"Your right." He stops and holds out his hands for his weapons back. "I'd have to take everything off" he taps his leather armor. "and knowing our luck we'll be attacked just as I need to get back out again."

Scarlett blinks and shakes her head. "I'm not in armor, take it off, at the very least I'd get to see if you have any muscle under there."

Vemmorn leans back against the wall and gives her a sweet little smile. "There are easier ways to get me to take my clothes off."

Scarlett is about to say somthing then stops… and smiles. "Caw like a rooster… you're just a chicken." She says, since she knows what he is trying to do, and she is glad she stopped before she started pitching a fit.

"Cluck Cluck." Vemmorn is nimble enough to make a gold coin almost seem to appear out of thin air before flicking it across towards her. The bet paid he then reaches the same hand out to request the return of his weapons. "I think you know who I am?" that is asked quite seriously and without the intonations that might suggest he's planning to use his rank to hide or brag.

"Captain Vemmorn Bordeux of Rikton, I'm Lady Sir Scarlett Chandus, Knight of Repton march, and Captain of the Highlanders." She says as she picks up one of the daggers, flipping it over in her hand a fw times. "it's a half gram heavey on the backend." She says before nodding to the attendant to return the lordling's weapons.

Vemmorn nods as she recounts his name. "You think so?" he takes the blade, balances it and then shakes his head. "I suppose it is." the blade gets slipped back into its sheath. "I dont remember where I got it. It was a gift I think." either that or his sticky fingers collected it. "So did you really want to see my muscles or were you just curious to see if someone so slight had any strength?" he raises his eyebrow at her and lets that

"You're wirey… I'M strong." She says with a smile. She gives a shrug. "I just wanted to see if you'd fit in a barrel like you said… but you didnt do it.. so I don;t know if I should beleive you or not.

"I'll do it one day." Vemmorn tells her. "You're just going to have to stay alive a while longer." he ends up pushing away from his position, walking across to the attendant with his things and somehow ending up 180 degrees away by the time he's finished moving and strapping stuff back on. "I've no doubt you're strong too. I saw you remember?"

Scarlett chuckles. "Well, I guess it's nice to be watched, though… as long as you keep such viewing out of my quarters… until I give consent for you to enter them.' She says as she turns to walk away. "I have work to do… please try and stay out of trouble.. unless you want me to have to give you a whoopin."

Vemmorn gives her a mock naval salute "yes Ma'am." He walks off in the same general direction she does, humming the tune to the midnight man as he walks.

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