(1874-11-22) Picket Duty
Picket Duty
Summary: With the trip to Paras finally underway, Ludovic and Ivo talk sorcerory.
Date: 22/11/2018
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Ivo  Ludovic  

Hellsmouth countryside
Makeshift camp.

There had been delays to the plan to head to Paras, sometimes even spontaneous plans end up getting thwarted by a lord being needed to attend to their mundane duties. The d'Korbina and has two d'Armaz guests finally rode out this morning though, with only a handful of knights and squires to deal with their security. It'd been one of those fine balance between protection and operational needs, for a large party would have drawn too much attention, but a small one would have left them dangerously exposed.
It's evening now though, with the squires cooking and setting camp, and the knights split between sleep, relaxing, and picket duty as required. Not entirely sure what to do with himself Ivo has taken a picket spot not far from the main camp. Huddled up in his cloak and with his back to a solid tree he's sat on his with longarm beside him, starring out into the dusk. Just in case.

Ludovic has been enjoying the ride. It’s obvious that he loves just about every element of it from the horses to the banter between him and his knights.. not to mention the occasional spell of Myrana teasing. He did just as much work as the other knights before taking first watch and then settling down for sleep. Awake now, for no good reason, he makes his way across to the tree and sits heavily besides Ivo. "Not much of a view." he stifles a yawn and reaches into the opening of his cote to retrieve his hip flask. ".

Ivo doesn't actually move until Ludovic settles himself down, having identified the approaching figure as having come from the camp. If he's surprised that it's not one of the other knights come to relieve him he doesn't show it, but instead turns his head a little, then smiles a greeting. "I've seen worse," he replies conversationally, "makes a change from the waves at least." With the fetching of the hipflask he's briefly torn, he's managed to keep warm air trapped by his cloak, which he'll lose if he moves, but he's not disinclined towards a drink either. "The terrain gets steeper from here I suspect?" he asks, eyeing the land that's very definitely rising above them to his left, "how long until my cousin gets uncomfortable do you think?"

Ludovic takes a swig from his flask before moving to put it back. Half way through the motion something in Ivo's face makes him decide to offer it across instead. "Kinda." he says. "Mostly we'll be following the river valleys." he chuckles softly. "Not that most of them deserve to be called rivers. Good hunting though, long as you've a bow, around here." A pause. "Uh. Don't shoot anything. I don't want to argue with Lord d'Bartone again and this is still his land."

Ivo snakes a hand out from under his cloak, apparently he shares Myrana's dislike of cold. Must be a 'downriver' thing, they just don't make them as tough that close to the sea apparently. Once he's taken a drink he passes it back and bundles himself up again, nodding at the comment about not shooting anything. "I don't have a bow anyway," he replies, faintly amused, "rivers are good though, I like rivers, we can stay by them for as long as you want." Since there's now two of them, and there's less chance of concealing their presence by the tree alone he shifts position slightly, letting blood flow and muscles stretch. There's a few moments of silence, companionable rather than awkward, before he asks, "if it's not too personal a question, how did you first find out you had earth sorcery? I hear it's often.." he pauses and his face scrunches slightly as he hunts for the right word, "a surprise."

"You look cold." Ludovic pauses at the question of his discovering sorcery, taking another slow swig of the barley liquor in the flask before once again offering it. "There was a pain in my side and then I collapsed. Nobody could move me and the more they gathered around the worse it got." He gives Ivo a serious look. "Not half as exciting as some of the other stories but for me most of what I remember is being overwhelmed with feelings. Under all that I barely even noticed the mark. That’s something that seems common too."

"I must be getting old," Ivo replies looking back to the treeline for a few moments, "I could swear it never used to cut through me like this when I was younger. Or perhaps it's just your mountain air.?" Turning back he spots the flask and accepts it again, taking a small mouthful before passing it back. As the tale is told he listens in a respectful silence until Ludovic is finished, then asks a follow up question. "Your side? From the mark?" Then, worried he might be pushing it a bit he drops his head a fraction and apologises, "sorry. I hope you don't mind the questions, it's just interesting to hear about." And less terror inducing than talk of vampires in the church. "I guess the ability to make your czekan, and shape rocks, that took practice?"

"Changing of the season never helps." Ludovic comments lightly. "But it won’t help that you're really not dressed all that right for it." he pats his sash. "Get yourself one of these cotes when you get back, d'Meloni wool felt if anyone still has any, and you'll see the difference. He gives a brief nod and lifts the flask to his lips. "Yeah my marks here." he touches a point on his upper abdomen. "All sorcerers have them." A brief silence and then he says "Right. So how did I realise. Well after a few weeks of me being pretty much unable to function my father decided it was time that they brought me home. So they dragged me out the room and took me to a riverboat. Got better to start with actually but then I started being aware of the pull between me and the shore. Couldn't do nothing about it in those days either. It just built and built and the boat was being pulled over by it. Luckily, if that’s what you can call it, the boat beached before it capsized. But that, that feeling, that’s something I've never been able to forget. So.. I beached the ship and that’s the first time I knew I wasn't just sick. Not normal sick anyway. After that it was just a long series of events that all made a picture in the end. Killed one of my warhorses when I got startled, pulled on it, took in too much, and went right through it. Fixed a bit of crumbling mountain road when I was walking and didn't even notice until someone startled on it. Stuff like that." He looks at Ivo curiously at the apology. "I like telling stories. You're not bothering me." He idly strokes the head of the czekan. He seems rather attached to the weapon. More so than the dog that is still snoozing by the fire. "Spent years learning to bury it." he tells Ivo. "The rock shaping thing. That came about because I felt so damn useless after Mathis but I couldn't exactly practice out in the open. So I'd go into the caves behind Daemon's Hall and just practice small stuff. After a bit it turned into a way to build control. It’s hard to just let enough out to make a stupid stone cat. Easier in a lot of ways to do the big stuff. After cats.. well.. A qatunax gave me an obsidian axe as some kind of battle prize. That made me realise you could make weapons out of glass. Wasn't a big step from there. Even if I still haven't any idea how that obsidian one was made. That’s made from both fire and stone you see."

Ivo nods once to the comment about his attire, at least the stop over at the castle means he's managed to grab the rest of his layers. That helps. He looks to the position indicated for Ludovic's mark and a question forms on his features before he decides better of it for now, focusing instead on the tale being spun. "Your power was actually affecting the boat?" he asks, seeming surprised at that, "I don't think I was aware that could happen. Interesting though." He makes a mental note to watch for any drawing attraction to streams and rivers, then continues to listen. "So it is something that comes with practice then, or perhaps comes is the wrong word, improves, it comes by who knows what means. The work in the cave though, that help you build control you said; so you wouldn't be found out? It must be liberating to be finally freer about it all, I can't imagine that keeping it bottled up all that time was a relaxing experience."

Ludovic thinks about how to answer the boat question. "No. Not exactly." he says. "Least not directly. Was ME being pulled towards the ground. It’s just the pull was hard enough to effect the boat. Like having too much cargo on one side. Something like that anyhow" He gives Ivo a quick grin. "Can't say I entirely understood the explanation." Again he goes quiet, taking a drink, and actually thinking about what he says before he actually says it. "Finesse is what I gained, yeah. That and the ability to let only as much as I want out more often. The problems not really being able to do stuff. Its more.. Well.. Imagine a canal right with a gate. You try to open the gate a foot and the water pushes on the gate and before you know it you've either got all that water squirting out so fast it can take the rust off your sword or the gates slam open and you've a huge mass of water swarming over you. So.. think of the sorcerer as the gates. He wants to let just the right amount out but the water wants to flow through and before you know it you've done something awful. Like.. There was one time I got angry, slammed my fist down, and the whole mountain shook." Another drink. "Yeah. I pushed it down too hard. Tried to keep it under control by just keeping the gates closed. But sooner or later you get tired and lose control." He frowns. "Don’t get me wrong. I still get overwhelmed. But it takes more now and I recover faster."

Ivo understands water analogies, they're his jam as it were. "So the more time you spent working in the cave, the better you were at controlling the flow of the water, that makes sense." He puts a faint emphasis in there, to make it clear he's continuing the metaphor before dropping silent again as he considers what's been said. "And you did all that on your own, or did the lightning sorcerer you mentioned help? I mean, I guess every one with those powers has had a similar learning curve? Or is that something that changes with element?" He shifts his back against the tree briefly, scratching an itch between his shoulder blades, then a hand appears with an open wineskin which he takes a swig from then offers across.

"She can't handle being in a cave, so she didn’t help with that. What she did that helped me." Ludovic sits forwards a bit. "We were out riding and a storm came down so I started to put together the things for a tent and stuff. But she pointed out how I could do so much better with my powers and encouraged me to actually do it." He gives Ivo a wry look. "Think that might have been the first time I'd ever done anything useful with it, you know? I mean I'd learned to throw and shape stone to an extent already but I went out of my way not to do it. Imogen was actually the one who really pushed me to practice. She thought it was good for me." He shakes his head. "I can't really compare the elements Ivo. I think it can be very different though. For me I feel like I'm connecting and making it part of me and then changing it by changing me. I don’t think that’s what a fire sorcerer feels though. What I've seen and heard makes me think there’s is very much connected to their feelings. I mean I think they all are really? But being emotional doesn't help me. Mostly that just makes me lock it down."

Ivo might be mildly frustrated that Ludovic doesn't seem to know a handy water sorcerer he can crib off, but he's too focused on trying to work out how what has been said could be reshaped for him. An expert would be nice, the few of his crew that know aren't, but they are at least trustworthy in the extreme. "Hmmm," he says absently as he thinks deeply, before turning to just watch Ludovic for a tough longer than is right and proper. "One more question," he starts slowly, "if you'll permit. If one of your knights say, came to you to say that their wife, or brother say, carried a mark and had some untrained power. What would you do?"

Ludovic asks "A child who's just got one or an adult? With a child who's just developed it I’d have to take them in and train them. A new sorcerer like that’s gonna be real dangerous until they've got some control and I reckon I likely know as much as anyone by this point. Besides, if I’m honest, I'd like to add some sorcerers to my household. The qatunax aren’t going anywhere and you gotta counter fire with fire." He takes a swig from his flask, completely oblivious to the intensity of Ivo's interest. "An adult though? Well.. that would depend. If they've managed to hide it this long then it might be safer just to leave them alone."

"Oh," Ivo replies, sounding perhaps a little surprised at the answer given, then leaning back against the tree and taking his gaze off Ludovic once more. "I confess," he says doing his damdest to hide the disappointment from his tone, "I had rather grand hopes of you and Imogen?" He tests the name, making sure he remembered it right, "that you and she, maybe others, would have some kind of recruit and train scheme or something. Some sorcerers circle or some such." He shakes his head slightly, then tilts it over to offer Ludovic a wry smile, "guess I've been listening to too many bards. There are always mysterious groups in the epic tales."

"I was barely ready to accept my own sorcery, never mind risk adding more." Ludovic says after a moment. "Truthfully I'm still worried about the inquisition. Not for what they might do to ME. I'm worried they might decide this whole place is a nest of evil and purge it. That threat.. that’s what’s in the way of a sorcerers circle. If I'm that worried they will do that based on just me.. You understand?"

Ivo considers that for a moment then admits, "no, not entirely. Although I think I understand much more than I did before." He shifts against the tree a little once more then glances over his shoulder towards the fire. "I think though, if you think the perimeter will hold without me, that I should go warm up a bit, then get some sleep. I tend to rise early when out in the open, so should probably not waste what rest time we have."

"It was something I could never make Imogen understand. She always thought I should just throw them out the county or something. Maybe it was because she was Galenthian." He nods when Ivo glances away. "I'll trade the rest of your watch for some of that Kaffe by the fire."

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