(1874-11-15) Distressed Damsel
Distressed Damsel
Summary: Ivo & Chessa learn of a knight who needs a hand rescuing his daughter. Run by Ludovic.
Date: Nov 15th
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NPCs: Just Sir Bart's daughter.
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Sir Bart's been having a particularly awful month. He's just returned from the Bitralund front, one leg shorter than when he set out, to discover that the knightly holding he left in the care of some of his trustworthy old retainers is now in the hands of some particularly jocular bandit. Worse than that his daughter is apparantly in there too, along with the households servant(s). Sir Bart was rather emphatic whilst he was declaring that it was his right to expect help. Its his only daughter! Its wrong it is. He's given his whole life in service. Nobody should have to deal with this when they were just doing their duty. (He would no doubt still be making such declarations if you hadn't left) He did have one helpful thing to offer - A crude map was shoved into your hands before you left. It looks like the sort of thing someone would scribble on the back of a beer mat whilst drunk but it does give you an idea of what you should expect whilst inside the tower.

Thus the afternoon finds you on a particularly windswept bit of rugged road near the river just about close enough to make out the warm, inviting, light filtering out through the arrow slits of the knights tower. The rain thats hammering down has long since managed to soak any garments that attempted to shut it out leaving everyone to wish the glow suggested friends.

(I am using this as a reference for the tower https://www.serpsautopilot.com/assets/upload/2017/7/watchtower-commission-for-a-rpg-kickstarter-project-mplasse.jpg minus the tunnel type thing on floor -1.

With news of Sir Bart's troubles having reached the ears of the d'Armaz family, Ivo has found himself handed the issue to 'solve' on account of being the son his father found first. Still, banditry is not something that's allowed to persist on Adriono's lands, so he's keen enough for the work. If only it wasn't raining. It's not the damp so much, but the cold that comes with it. Well, not the damp once he's carefully wrapped his handcannons so the powder stays dry. Damp powder is not your friend. Taking a glance at the tower he wraps his blue woolen cloak tightly around him and says to the rest of the rescue party. "So. Do we go now, or do we wait for nightfall?"

Chessa isn't quite sure why she's here. It's never clear why the other Sokars deem some things needful, and she never wanted to learn political things. She's a musician, dammit. Her cloak has kept her little, waterproof, pouches that hold her flutes. She sighs at the question. "We can barely see now, as it is. Waiting for the dark will just make it worse." She doesn't mention wetter, because that doesn't seem possible. "I can go in as a musician and distract them while you sneak about and find the girl." The suggestion is offered somewhat dubiously, but she offers it nonetheless.

Ivo nods slowly as the Sokar speaks, then turns back to survey the tower once more. "Are you happy to go in alone?" he asks, not turning back to face Chessa as he speaks to her, but instead keeping his eye on the tower. "I could be your guard, or I could try and get a rope up over one of those crenellations and climb the outside while you keep them occupied within." The first option is easier by his reckoning, but does loack somewhat on the element of surprise. He's not got the map out not, the weather would destroy it, but he thinks back to it and adds "the girl is most likely in the cellar, or the first floor. THey'll be largely on the ground floor, and maybe a lookout on the second. We can liekly tell how alert they are if you approach and are hailed, then at least I'll know if there is anyone up there who might spot me if I climb."

Looking about, thinking on your options, its worth noting that the rain is accompanied by the sort of big dense clouds that make it quite dark and promise a moonless night. There are a few hours until night so it is possible that the weather will clear but rather unlikely. The watchtower sits directly on the cliff that plunges into the river in such a way that you could get a small boat right up against the foundations. There might even be a small wharf. Its hard to tell from here thanks to the rain. You can hear the men inside on occasion but not the actual words, not without getting in closer. They sound rough, drunk and confident of their invulnerability. Whilst you can see firelight through the window slits nobody seems to be on watch up on the archers platform. There is a human shaped silhouette close to the front door but it doesn't seem to be moving. In addition there is a modest, barn structure, and a tiny cottage nearby. Both are fundamentally intact but the doors look as if they might have been axed.

"I thought of you being my guard, but then I wasn't sure I wanted to face that moment of 'what happened to your guard?' when you go to find her." Chessa considers, and looks around. "would be nice if we had a boat," she mutters, and lifts her chin towards the cottage and barn. "We can at least get out of the wet for a bit. Maybe the barn is a boathouse in disguise?"

Ivo crouches down a little, lest he bebcome sillouetted, and scans his eye sover the outbuildings. "I'd say they were worth checking, to amke sure there's no other bandits in there, but I'm not sure we want to risk alerting the one by the door. However docile he looks at the moment." He does flash a quick smile at the idea of any of them being alive to ask questions once he's inside, but he keeps his amusement to himself. "You're right about a boat though, lets go back to that village upstream and procure one for this little adventure shall we. I doubt anyone will object."

Chessa wraps her sodden cloak about her and nods. "I don't think the one by the door would notice us going by in the boat, and we could bring it right up to the bottome of the tower, there." Her head moves just enough to indicate the

Chessa wraps her sodden cloak about her and nods. "I don't think the one by the door would notice us going by in the boat, and we could bring it right up to the bottome of the tower, there." Her head moves just enough to indicate the foundations that go right down to the water. "Maybe there is even a door in the foundation, there. Some places on the water have access like that."

Stepping into the cottage you almost immediately trip over the bodies of the families servants. An older male is dead near the axed front door whilst the woman is further inside besides the small bed. The interior has clearly been ransacked but its just as obvious that there really wasn't anything worthwhile for them to take.

A crack of lightning that occurs almost as you leave the cottage briefly illuminates the fact that the man by the door is dressed in a d'armaz surcoat and that he has been hung. Presumably as some kind of grisly warning.

Your trip for a rowing boat bears fruit although it gets darker whilst you embark on your hunt. You find a modest two oar rowboat not that far away beached on a shingle beach in the riverbend. In the end that side trip doesn't even cost an hour and its quite easy to get the boat up against the side of the tower. There doesn't seem to be any sort of side door, at least not down this far, but there is a rope hanging from a wooden support up near the top of the tower that is probably used for unloading cargo from the river directly into the tower. It wouldn't be that difficult to get a rope around it given the fact that the bandits dont seem to appreciate the value of a good sentry.

As the pull the boat into its hiding place, Chessa's face white since they stopped into the cottage, and her already quiet demeanor completely silent, she stows her oar and looks up. Her chin is clenched, and the lack of light gives the sharp angles of her face even more shadows, and more of an inhuman appearance. Reaching down to her waist, she unslings the special, shorter, bow that she carries, and gives it a rueful look. 'I will care for your string as soon as we are safe' she silently promises the bow as she strings it, and raises an arrow. It takes her a moment to feel the rain, the air currents, and then adjust her aim for the upwards angle before she looses the arrow. There's a sway from the hook above them, then it makes a barely noticeable splash in the water next to them.

Taking the time to cut the man down to give him atleast a scrap of dignity, Ivo says a few words over the corpse, but leaves the rest untouched and for the priests. He's silent for a while as they fetch the boat, but as Chessa hits her target he offers a respectful, "good shot." Fishing for it in the water with a hand he secures it to the boat so they have an emergency means of egress if required, then turns to the Sokar, "can you cover me while I climb?" Eyeing the rope he knows he can't have a pistol or sword in his hand on the way up as he would like, but instead settles for carefully placing the blade of his main gauche between his teeth and starting to climb. It's not an easy climb, with the stones being so wet, and with every noise having him still himself, and try and get flatter to the wall so the darkness of his cloak will hide him from prying eyes. He makes it eventually though, rolling over the gap between crenellations and crouching behind the wall as his eyes take in the layout of the platform, and it's noted lack of sentry. Once he's happy there isn't anyone lurking he eyes the trapdoor downa amoment, then moves back to where he climbed and leans over, to indicate to CHessa that all is clear and she can join him.

Chessa looks dubiously at the rope. "I doubt I can even make it five feet up that rope," she tells him, although she is able to cover him easily enough. She watches Ivo climb, and squints through the rain, a squint which might wrinkle a little more when he slips. She shakes her head when he waves her up, and unstrings her bow to hook it back to her belt. She takes a brath and sets her hands to the rope, making sure the hook end is securely fastened to their boat. Taking a deep breath and setting her foot to the wall, she begins the climb upwards. Her feet slip, and her elbows and knees bang painfully against the wall quite a few times, and she gives a little call as she gets closer. "Any chance you can pull up the slack? Give me a hand?"

With the upper platform being under shelter, Ivo has been using the time to unwrap his hand cannons and ensure they're still dry and ready to use. The call gets his attention though and he peers over the side a moment to check the situation before nodding once and starting to haul hand over hand until Chessa is up to the top of the wall.

During the climb the boards of the floor underfoot creak more than once but the sounds of the men shouting insults at each other mutes it out. As Chessa inches her painful way up the last couple of feet of rope and pulls herself over the low wall and into the shelter of the pitched roof you can just about make out the sounds of two rough sounding men starting to torment someone with threats and rough banter. Whilst it makes it obvious that sound proofing is not something you can rely upon to hide your presence the noise does have one big advantage - you now know that there are at least three individuals in the floor below you - the floor that makes up the knights personal quarters - and that at least two of them are bad-guys. The trap door that leads down into the building has a latch on it with space for a padlock but the padlock is nowhere to be seen. Perhaps the thugs stole it.

With them both up and under shelter, Ivo takes time to collect his breath, and gets the map out once more so they can refaimilairise themselves with the layout. Listening to the voices below he hold up three fingers to Chessa, wishing he had more of an idea about just how many they were expecting in total. Eying her bow a minute he ask, "you ready?" Once he has confirmation he moves carefully over to the trapdoor and eyes the ring he'll need to pull to open it. By the looks of it he can do it one handed, which then leaves the question of sword or handcannon. Stealth or speed. In the end he opts for his sword, hoping that the three voices are two bandits and the lady, and that said bandits can be dispatched quickly between them. Once his blade is drawn he glances to Chessa once again, then takes a deep breath and pulls.
He should have picked the gun, for those hinges have not been looked after well enough, and give an almighty groan as they move. It's most likely blindingly obvious to all those on the floor below that they're coming, that or someone is doing unspeakable thinks to a particularly mardy pig up there, and so he abandons all thoughts of slow and steady and just hauls the trapdoor open and hurls himself down the stairs, drawing a handcannon in his off hand as soon as it's free so he might be able to engage two foes at once if the need arises.

Chessa restrings her bow and nocks an arrow, she has no blade upon her person, then gives a nod to Ivo. Her shoulders hunch at the sound of the squeak, and then she raises her aim over his shoulder as she descends a little more slowly, her sodden skirts not making it easy to navigate the steps. Eyes quickly sweep the room below to pick out targets.

It is indeed two bandits and the lady. They are stood in the entrance to the small secondary bedroom and the diminuitive woman is standing blocking it as if she was twice her size and armed with more than a nightgown. The hinges on the trapdoor creak horribly, announcing your presence to the men on this floor and maybe even the floors below. The bellowed WHA! from one of the men as he spins to face the intruders definitely notifies everyone in the building. Uhoh. Both of the men spin around, bringing nasty looking cudgels up to bear and charge for Ivo with paired roars. They clearly aren't very bright given the fact that Ivo has his blue cloak on and they aren't wearing much in the way of armor beyond their worn leather jerkins and hide breeches. As the men close on Ivo you can hear thumps from the men downstairs.

Ivo wants to fire in the face of one of the charging bandits, but them being between himself and Sir Bart's daughter makes it a dangerous prospect though, so he swings his arm round and fires towards where the map says the stairs down should be, hoping that'll give those below pause for thought. "M'Lady," he greets cheerfully, "apologies for bursting in on you like this.." He ducks inside the guard of the quicker of the two men and with a flick of his wrist the mans guts, then the rest of him, splatter to the floor. Without the time or space to withdraw his sword to strike at the second though he flips the handcannon up in the air and catches it so he's holding the barrel, then slams the butt into the side of the man's head as hard as he can. There's a very definite 'crunch' sound, and then the second bandit crumples as well.

Her face slightly green at the spilling of guts, Chessa ducks her way around the melee around Ivo, and finds a table to push towards the stair well, one hand still clutching the arrow against the bow in case she needs it. She spares a glance for the daughter, taking in the state of her clothing and expression on her face. Her jaw shifts a little and she swallows at the heard crunch, not seeing the blow that causes it.

As the noblewoman in the blood splattered nightgown (some new thanks to Ivo's swordsmanship. Some old) eyes the pair of you appraisingly. "One of the guards.." she starts to say only to fall quiet as the first of the guards from downstairs starts to climb the final part of the stairs. The first one is dressed much like the guards you just dispatched and his cheeks are the ruddy hue of a drunk who's well into his cups. As he starts to clear the lip she ducks back into the bedroom area and out of easy sight. The first guard will be pathetically easy to dispatch with an arrow given his lack of care as he charges up towards you both. The second though has taken the time to grab a shield and will be a challenging opponent from this angle as a result. Another man is behind him.

Without time to reload Ivo stuffs the handcannon back in his belt as the first of the bandits from downstairs makes his presence known. If he had a hat on he'd tip it to the noble lady, but as it is he just has to settle for drawing his main gauge and throwing it at the man who seems to be trying to fight his way past the table, and losing. Even as the man falls forward with the blade between two ribs the d'Armaz is looking past him to the shieldbearer and assessing just what can be done about him. There's a muttered curse at the thought of having to deal with that in such a confined space, and he quickly relaises he has to take the fight to the man and so throws hismelf under the table feet first, so as he slides along the floor his boots impact the man's knees, forcing them the wrong way. It then gets a bit messy, as close fighting on stairs has a want, but the bandit isn't expecting to be attacked in such a way, and doesn't raise his shield quickly enough as he falls backwards, leaving plenty of space for the sword to cut through his guard and slice him open.

"Wait…" Chessa calls as the woman runs for the bedroom, and straightens to follow, only to notice that the first guard is almost upon her. She fumbles to bring her bow back up to bear, but then blinks as the guage flies past her and embeds itself in the man. She backs away from the table, not sure if she can get a shot on the man holding a shield up to deflect her arrow. Ivo takes care of the problem by surprising him from under the table, and she lowers the bow slowly, stepping back a pace or two. "Well done," she manages in a weak voice, then turns back towards the bedroom area. "My lady?" she calls out, her voice gaining a little strength and losing the quaver.

Ivo's sword punches through the back of the guy with his shield and the brigand behind him has one of those moments where his eyes get so wide they practically fall out. A moment later and he's turned heel and is running for the main doors. The 'dining hall' is a real mess with broken bottles, food and a couple of dead guards all scattered around. Something about the way the guards are positioned and the blood stains suggests that they were caught by surprise by someone (or someones) inside the structure.

In the lords quarters the noblewomans voice filters through "I could use some help!" Her voice carries urgency but little to nothing in the way of panic. The space she is in is split into two small bedrooms, neither much larger than the bed. On the ladies bed is another guard with a crossbow bolt very obviously sticking up from his torso that the lady is trying to stop bleeding out. As Chessa follows her she moves to take Chessa's hand and steers her across to the man, pressing Chessa's hand against a wound further down his torso. Looking thoughtfully at Chessa, and particularly the bow, she then asks. "How strong are you?"

Ivo doesn't see the last man running until he's pulled his sword out of the shield user. "Oh no you don't" he mutters to quietly, then launches himself off the last few stairs to barrel into the man as he tires to unbar the door. It's not a slick move, and certainly one more likely to be found in a tavern brawl than any book on swordplay, but it has half of the desired effect in that the last bandit is still within, even if he is very definitely still a threat. As they both roll apart and back to their feet the bandit throws a stool at his head which he ducks well enough, but after that it's straight sword play, back and forth in the crowded space. Thrusts, parries, blocks all fly both ways as the detritus on the floor is dodged, and both men look for an opening to exploit.

Chessa's hand automatically jerks back as the girl tries to press it to the wound. "I… I can't, I'm sorry… I don't know how…" she looks to the side. "My sister is the healer, not me…" She swallows looking rather green. "You know him?" she asks, then blinks at the question, "how strong am I? Not strong enough to carry him, if that is what you're asking." Her fingers flex instinctively around her bow, the one Dertan made for her and she holds it closer to her side.

"I will do all that." The young noblewoman tells Chessa. "You just take the shaft and pull. Straight." The young woman's hands go to hold the man's chest steady as she gives Chessa an expectant look.

Meanwhile, down in the dining room, the brigands endurance is starting to flag as he attempts to match the superior talents of Ivo with his own rougher, more experience based, skillset. He tries throwing bottles, plates and even a chicken leg at Ivo before starting a somewhat desperate attack pattern.

Ivo notes that his opponant is starting to flag and so focuses on letting him wear himself out. The bottles are easy enough to dodge, and the chicken wing is a mere annoyance, and once it's clear that they're in endgame he toys with the bandit a bit, no point making it too quick after all, before deciding to end it by stepping inside his guard and pearcing his heart. Once he's sure the man is dead he takes a few moments to check there aren't any more hiding, then starts up the stairs again, cleaning his blade as he goes. The table is pushed away, his main gauche retrieved and cleaned, and then he sticks his head into the bedroom areas to see how the ladies are doing with a quick, "all clear below. Well, apart from maybe the cellar, but there's a barrel ontop of that trapdoor, so if anyone is down there we'll hear them before they're a problem."

Chessa looks at the man, and the girl, and then back. Taking a deep breath, she walks over, reaching out her hand to wrap it around the shaft near the man's torso. She holds her bow away from the bed as she does so, and after taking a deep breath, and getting herself set, she gives a yank upwards, turning her head away as she does so she doesn't have to see the fresh spurt of blood and backs off with the bloodied bolt still in her hand. "Is… he going to be okay? Now?"

The moment Ivo gets bored with his opponent its almost trivial to strike that killing blow and the man slumps into a puddle of blood and goes still. There is no sound downstairs, not even when he hauls the barrel atop the trapdoor. Up in the bedroom the young lady puts a strip of cloth over the wound the moment the bolt is clear, pressing down and chewing at her bottom lip with the first sign of distress she's shown either of you so far. "I hope so." She says to Chessa. "I. Thank you." Ivo gets a slightly wobbly smile as he returns to the room. "We only let them in because there was a storm and one of them was hurt."

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