(1874-10-18) October in Alnburg
October in Alnburg
Summary: Discussions and Plans
Date: 18 oct 2018
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Jarret  Dertan  

Alnburg Castle
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Oct 18 1874

Dertan finds Jarret on the walls and moves to stand besides him. "Your Grace."

Jarret pauses momentarily as he hears Dertan's approach, and the greeting. Nodding in return, he doesn't say anything yet, simply waiting to see if there's something else he's about to say, watching the other man carefully.

Dertan looks back across at Jarret for several moments before asking. "What about my approach makes you look at me like that Jarret? I can honestly swear that I do not have a snake hidden under my cloak." He throws the corners of the cloak back over his shoulders as if to prove it. "And whilst I do have business I wish to speak of. It is no worse than usual."

"Look at you like what?" Jarret says, after a few moments of pause, before he shrugs a little. "So, what's the business? And how are you doing today?" There's a brief pause, before he lets out a bit of a breath.

"As if I am going to suddenly stab you." Dertan suggests. "Or perhaps throw a pie. Something unpleasant and unexpected." He turns towards the scene down below. "I am strong and well Jarret." A glance to his duke. "You are well?" He looks back out at the surrounding campfires again, taking a few moments before speaking in that tone that suggests an attempt at small talk. "Did you know that it is impossible to measure the shoreline?"

Jarret shrugs a little. "Well, it would probably not be the best way to use a pie these days," he points out, words kept just as serious, before he shrugs once more, looking out at the campfires. "I'm well enough," he replies. There's a brief pause as he hears the part about it being impossible to measure the shoreline, he raises an eyebrow. "Impossible in general, or impossible due to our guests out there?" he asks.

"Impossible in general." Dertan says. "Measuring it right now would merely be challenging, not impossible." He rests one of his hands lightly against the top of the wall. "It is something I felt you might find intriguing. A reference I discovered in one of the books last night. You see the length of something like the coast is entirely dependent upon the scale of the device used to measure it." He quirks one side of his mouth up a touch. "We are not in any risk of running out of pies Jarret. In fact I was contemplating arranging a barbecue in such a spot that our guests would be treated to the smell of roasting mutton. Just so that they could know that we are better supplied than they are."

"It is a bit interesting, that's true. Glad that the books are helping," Jarret replies, offering a brief smile. "And as for the pies, everything gets in short supply if wasted." It's said a bit more lightly, before he lets out a breath. "Question is, with how they threw themselves at the wall, are we sure they actually care?"

"Well." Dertan says. "I am not sure that I have any practical use for that particular piece of knowledge." He looks back to the field when Jarret asks that question. "They are soldiers Jarret. They are always driven from behind. What choice, once you are at a siege, do you have except to go forward? Now though. Now they are sat in a field with the bulk of this duchy's troops mustering behind them with little in the way of supplies. Although I have not heard anything good nor ill about our control of the great salt right now. In either case I am confident that we will be able to resolve this issue now that we know how many and where although I have the impression they are holding their best in reserve just as we did. Speaking of that." He looks back to Jarret. "It is time that I rejoined the reserves I set up. The force is to small at present and it will be difficult to get the troops we need in the time and order we need without at least one of us actively in command." A pause and then he adds. "I feel you should join me. You can do a lot more as a rallying figure than you can sat here inside Alnburgh. I know that you must hate the idea of leaving these troops behind but I think you must understand my logic."

Jarret frowns as he listens, nodding a little thoughtfully. "Well, even though they need to go forward, most people tend to do so with at least a little regard to their safety. Doesn't feel like these did. Probably more scared of what's behind them, not in front." He nods again at the mention of rejoining the reserves, but doesn't say anything right now.

"The partharians use slaves." Dertan points out. "I imagine a large number of these soldiers here are of that status. It may be possible to do a great deal of damage simply by putting assassins to work. However. If we pursue that tactic we will end up with a lot of starving armed men on our hands. It may be easier to simply destroy the armies."

Jarret nods a bit thoughtfully as he hears that. "True. It must be saying something about what they do to their slaves, if they are that afraid of what's back there." He nods again at what's said, letting out another breath. "True. Unless they could be rounded up somehow, but that's not quite likely, is it?"

"Our soldiers would have attacked no less vigorously." Dertan points out. "I had not noticed anything unusual in their attack except that the odds were low. Traditional tactics often involve sending wave upon wave of men against a fort in a battle of attrition and during the initial attack they had the greatest chance of making the fort due to 'surprise'" He considers Jarret's last question before saying. "The mop up would take as many men as a pitched battle would in the first place I believe. However. Without order the battle would be easier. Perhaps we should attempt to thin their officers out until they start to struggle rather than remove them entirely?"

"Still hate sieges," Jarret mutters, with a bit of a sigh, before he nods again at the mention of the mop up, and thinning their officers out. "Sounds like a good idea," he replies, after a few second, offering a brief smile.

"I dont think anyone actually likes them." Dertan says. "But they are a good way to avoid seeing people you dont want to see. Think of all the balls and other social functions you are currently avoiding." A pause and then he says. "We need to discuss the overall plan given the intelligence we've received from their landing. Especially if you are intending to remain here, behind Alnburg's walls."

"Better those than this bloody war," Jarret replies, a bit darkly. He nods a bit as he hears that last part, letting out another breath. "True. Some thinking is needed now," he offers.

"I would rather the war myself." Dertan comments. "But to each his own." A slight nod. "We need to decide where to begin freeing up the forts. Shall we begin by going to the far west, or east. Or shall we begin with Dalcen?"

"I was once like that, back when I was young," Jarret comments a bit lightly, nodding a little as he hears the words about where to start. "That's when I wish we've had more information," he replies, a bit thoughtfully.

"Right now." Dertan says. "Pending more information. I favor starting at either the far east or west." he considers a moment and then says "The west. I expect Thomas and Gauvain will start at the east. That way we can 'roll' our attacks up the coast and gain troops as we go. However. I also expect that Dalcen is the most important in terms of politics."

Jarret nods a bit as he hears that. "Dalcen's important. Both politically and for a few other reasons. Besides, it's a better base for us to work from," he offers. Not to mention that he left people there because it was safer than here.

Dertan nods in response. "Then we will prioritise Dalcen. I'll start looking for a good opportunity to slip out. I think the situation has settled down enough for complacency to settle in by now."

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