(1874-09-15) First Dance
First Dance
Summary: As wedding preparations continue in Barjols, Lillian, Cervantes, and Vemmorn discuss the question of Lillian's first dance.
Date: 2018-09-15
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Barjols, Rikton
The wedding pavilions being put together in anticipation of the upcoming wedding.

Barjols, in the last few weeks, had seen more activity than was normal for the reason. The town was never quite idle, with work tending the crops and preparing the harvest, and formulating the remedies always an ongoing process. But with the approach of the Signora's wedding, there had been a steady influx of not only labour, but of increased work with the guilds. The wedding goblets had all been completed, all done in a Rikton style, but with accepts added to personalize them for each guest. The decorations always trying to incorporate the Bordeaux motifs with those of the guests won heraldry. They were, after all, intended to be symbols of the alliances between the great houses, and their kingdoms at large.

The wedding pavilions were also being arranged, most of them selected to use the natural landscape and the washed of colour brought by the fields of flowers and herbs to best effect. There was something to be said for embracing the still beautiful weather and the always beautiful landscape of the surround. No musty, dusty indoor wedding was on the offering.

Lillian sat, not far from one such pavilion, which would, in the end, be the one where the feast would be held, or rather, where the main families would be seated. Lillian's kin, and Cervantes' own folk. She sat, a letter held in hand, a missive from her uncle. With no father to 'give her away', the selection of the person who would take her father's place seemed to be causing her more consternation than it would otherwise.

Typically enough the event preparations see Vemmorn doing one of his favorite things in the world. At this exact moment he's most the way up one of the stately old trees that enhance the views from the main house arranging a bunch of ribbons and other decorative nik-naks amongst the branches. His clothing is relatively simple and mostly leather and, whilst obviously beautifully made, it is not really that easy to distinguish from that of the other workers. he stops and lifts a hand to shade his eyes briefly as he notices Lillian's serious face and evidently decides to do something about it if the mischief in his bright new smile is anything to go by. But what to do? Eying the line strung between two of the trees that runs near her he hops up onto it and starts carefully walking his way over, a bunch of ribbons still in either hand. He's quiet for now. Attempting to sneak up on Lillian even whilst most of the workers and attendants look up at him with the sorts of smiles and shaken heads that suggest they dont find it particuly unusual.

Intending to help oversee wedding preparations is Viscount Cervantes Arkanin! That, and an earnest desire to see his beloved. Thus, did he take to horseback, bringing with him about 40 armed members of the Sentinels of Murias. Heavy spearmen riding behind him. Upon arrival in Barjols, Cervantes remains in his half-armor, half-woodland clothing with a fur cloak around his shoulders to help defend him from the cold. He soon arrives in the wedding venue grand hall, where Lillian happened to be. Unaware that Vemmorn was attempting to be a ninja. But, he smiles upon seeing Lillian, greatsword sheathed on his back as he walks up to her. "My love." He says wit ha face that lights up every time he sees her…as if every time he was with her, he fell in love all over again.

Here's hoping Vemmorn has his timing right…

The arrival of armed forces which were bound neither to Rikton generally, or Barjols specifically, was sure to cause a stir among the townsfolk, most of whom remained at their stations, though those who were had been trained as levies moved into place to support the existing guard, if they were needed. This was no outward show of aggression, but only a natural response to the training they had received. For the Bordeaux, their commonfolk were of utmost priority, and they had as much hand in defending themselves as their knights and men at arms. Once they troops came close enough for their heraldry to be recognized, that defensive posture eased, as they recognized the marks of Arkanin of Murias. Their soon to be Signore had returned. All was well.

Lillian, having been made aware of the arrival by the swift feet of one of the squires in training with the knight of the watch, who marked all comings and going to and from the town, rose in time to see Cervantes approaching, the consternation on her face warming to a much happier expression, "Van. I hadn't expected you for a week yet." The rise from the table allowed her to catch movement out of the corner of her eyes, but it only served to add something of an impish humour to her expression.

Well that spoils his dastardly plans! Vemmorn briefly stops his rope walking but the rope isnt taut enough to support him for so long. Wobbling dangerously, he almost starts pinwheeling his arms, but instead chooses to jump down from his rope.

There's a thump as he hits the ground and lets himself roll into an acrobats tumble before fetching up inbetween the two of them. "VAN!" He echoes Lillian's greeting and throws his arms out as if welcoming Cervantes into an overly friendly hug. "We finally meet!"

Arriving with barely any kind of problem, Cervantes moves to wrap his arms around Lillian. "I know, I wanted to surprise you, my love." But before they could embrace? A WILD VEMMORN APPEARS! Turning sharply to the sudden arrival of Vemmorn, Cervantes is only partially caught off guard as he apparently throws his arms around the Viscount…who looks confused.

"Erm…hello?" He pats Vemmorn's upper back lightly with a hand. Strange…his eyes shift to Lillian in a '….this is weird' kind of way.

Lillian's first response to Vemmorn's dazzling arrival is a hand to her mouth. Her second, is the laughter she tries to hold back. She and her cousin had been too long thick as thieves for Lillian to have ever even considered sparing Cervantes the sheer force of one of Vemmorn's patented entrances. At least, when Cervantes managed to look her way, she did get her laughter under control. "I think this is precisely when I am supposed to say, "Welcome to the family, Van."

Vemmorn releases Cervantes just before it gets uncomfortable as well as weird, stepping back and tossing Cervantes a wide grin. He sweeps his eyes from Cervantes feet to his head and then nods "I can see why she picked you." He moves out from between them both "Well. What are you waiting for? Hug her already!"

Cervantes laughs a little bit as he sees the utter joy and amusement in Lillian's expression. Honestly though? This was a family he knew he'd fit into perfectly. Chuckling a bit, he looks to Vemmorn. "Can you now? What's your reasonin'?" he asks the fellow curiously as he pats his shoulder then follows through with what Vemmorn tells him too, and he laughs, wrapping his arms around Lillian for a big hug and a brief kiss to her lips. "A family I'm glad that I'll be a part of." He looks to Vemmorn, properly introducing himself as he extends a hand. "Viscount Cervantes Arkanin. Finally get to meet you. Vemmorn, I presume?"

Lillian seemed content to wait her turn, as it were, though she stepped forward as soon as Cervantes was hugless, and offered him an embrace of her own, the kiss returned, before she allowed one arm to remain, momentarily, around Cervantes' waist, before she stepped back, finding that comfortable distance between herself, Cervantes and Vemmorn. "I thought you might enjoy the full package." Despite the fact that they were only cousins, for most of their lives, until duty and training had separated them, it had always been never one without the other, Lili and Vemm. "Yes, do elaborate, Vemm."

Vemmorn accepts the handshake "Well he's just so darn pretty isn't he?" He grins at Lillian before looking back to Cervantes. "And all rawr and with such a huge sword." He manages to say all that with a straight face. "I see my stories got out ahead of me." He offers his hand this time. "Lord Captain Vemmorn."

Happy to have Lillian still by his side, Cervantes keeps one arm around her shoulders, holding her relatively close to him but with freedom of movement for both parties. His eyes chuckle at her comment before he looks to Vemm, a grin on his face. "Well, thank you for the compliment. She's more beautiful than me, however." he nudges Lillian playfully. Shaking Vemmorn's hand firmly, he smiles. "A pleasure, Lord Captain. Tell me, will you be able to make the wedding?" he asks the fellow curiously and hopefully.

Lillian shook her head, as she heard the two men banter, a smirk crossing her lips, "I am hardly beautiful to that extent. But I like to think that my actions are more what draws people to me than my face. It's good to see you back at home, Vemm. Have you gotten the message yet? The shipwrights sent it along. Though it would be nice to have you hear. I have a very difficult question to answer. I need to choose someone for the first dance."

Vemmorn grins at the second handshake and the question of his attendance. "I wouldn't miss the wedding for the world but then the only family wedding I plan on missing is my own.""See." Vemmorn tells Cervantes. "Even Lillian says you are prettier than she is and she's a lovely looking woman herself, even if she does protest." He looks back to Lillian. "Bast of course."

Cervantes smiles to Lillian, looking to her. "Most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life." he smiles to her, kissing her forehead. "But it's your heart, mind, and personality I fell in love with. Not what you look like." he smiles to her warmly, looking to Vemmorn with a smile. "Heh, I don't know about that." he grins.

Lillian shook her head looking at Cervantes first, and then at Vemmorn, "I thought about Bast, but what about your father? He's still my knight. Or you? I…I don't want to leave anyone feeling left out. It's such an odd question to think about in the middle of an entire wedding." She shook her head, "What do you think about the outdoor setting? I thought you might enjoy it more than trying to cram everyone into the castle." It was small, and usually filled with supplies.

"Hear that Lillian." Vemmorn tells her with another of those grins. "He doesn't know about that." He moves his weight from one foot to the other and then back again. "Do you really trust me not to turn up with flowers in my hair and ruffles on my skirt Lillian? Sure you'd want to risk it?" The grin he lets go and then he suggests. "I'm sure he would be pleased but maybe you should ask our liege instead? You cant please everyone."

Cervantes smiles just a little bit at the conversation. This was….highly important. The first dance is nothing to scoff at. He remains silent though, clearly taking note of this that it was a family matter…even if he'd soon be a part of that family. he smiles though. "I think Vemmorn would be a worthy man to give you the first dance." he got the second dance, after all. "It's knowledge that you two were practically inseparable up to now, yes?" he grins lightly.

"Actually, I do think I have mentioned that in at least one conversation with Vemm. I mean, I don't wish to have to hide your head with a sack every time you come to bed. Think of the trouble. Always having to worry if I were suffocating you?" Lillian laughed away, slipping out from under Cervantes' arm to move over to where some wine had been set out, with a full compliment of glasses, "I would absolutely love it, if you came to my wedding in a better dress than I was wearing myself, Vemmorn. And some of the poppies would set your dark hair off just perfectly." She nodded, as Cervantes asked about her cousin, "We always have been, ever since he came with his family to Barjols."

"Is that a dare Lillian?" Vemmorn asks her rather seriously. "You really want me to outshine you at your own wedding?" At the question of them being inseparable he nods. "Used to be. Then Lillian became a squire and I went to sea."

Cervantes seems to look between Lillian and Vemm, watching as his wife-to-be left his embrace to have some wine. "Heh…" he chuckles with a smile, before he looks to Vemmorn. "Oh no, please, let's not have a 'who can wear a better dress' contest…" he laughs humorously.

Some momentary darkness slid across Lillian's face, brought out by something Vemmorn said, but she did not comment on it, only pouring three classes of wine. Two she carried over, offering one to Cervantes, the other to Vemmorn, before she returned to take the third for herself, "I think it would be fabulous fun. Just so long as our skirts didn't cause either of us to slip. And has much as I love Bast, and and your father, Vemm, you are the closest thing I have left to a brother."

Vemmorn looks to Cervantes "Your words say dont do it but your face tells me I should." when Lillian says it too he just smirks and asks. "Will you at least help me pick out the fabric?"

Cervantes smiles to Lillian as she brings over wine. Accepting it with a smile. "Thank you, my love." and he sips the wine delicately, savoring the taste. His arm wrapping around Lillian's waist in the process before he chuckles. "Please don't slip…" he laughs. "Come on Vemmorn. It's an honor to give the first dance." he grins at the fellow just to mess with him.

"I think we all know that I'm going to give in and agree to do the first dance." Vemmorn says to Cervantes. "Lillian clearly made up her mind and" he looks back to her "I know better than to refuse. I know what side my bread is buttered." He rubs at his hair and gives them both a grin as Cervantes pulls Lillian close again. "I'll leave you both to your reunion. I've more trees to make pretty" to emphasise this he pushes a ribbon into Lillian's hair before ducking away and going for more things. Its not long before he's scrambling up another tree and standing on a branch that looks far to narrow for his size.

"Of course it is. And I think he'll do brilliantly." Whether or not she thought he would actually do it in a full dress, well, "If that's what you'd like, I'll be happy to help you with the fabric. if for no other reason, than that I'll want us to have complimentary colours. And so that you don't also choose white and then Van forgets who he's actually marrying." Lillian sipped her own wine, setting it aside as she watched Vemmorn swing back up into the trees, but not before leaving her with ribbons in her hair. "Don't forget. The shipwrights will need you at the docks in a few hours."

Vemmorn will totally wear a dress now they've both told him too.

Cervantes chuckles as Vemmorn walks off. "Well….he's an intriguing fellow, isn't he?" he grins, looking back to Lillian. "I…can tell the difference between you two pretty well, I'd say." he smiles to Lili, kissing her temple very softly. A happy sigh. "I can't believe I'm marrying you in a week…"

"I can't imagine anyone in the world who's been more dear to me for most of my life than Vemmorn." Lillian dipped her head, accepting the kiss, before she reached out to reclaim her glass, "I've always had cause to wonder if he took offense to my squiring with his father, but somehow, it's simply never managed to come up in conversation." A smile, though, at the comment, "So long as the weather holds out, all of the guests arrive, and everything is prepared for them, we will certainly have a wonderful day. A peaceful day."

Cervantes smiles to Lillian, keeping his hands wrapped around her as he sips his drink. "It's possible…maybe one of these days you could ask?" He asks her curiously. "Don't worry.." he shifts to the front of her. "It will be the best day of our lives."

"Perhaps, but I would rather not have an answer that would reveal how much I might have hurt him. I couldn't bear the thought of that, especially now, when there is nothing I can do about it." Lillian paused, holding off on whatever else she might have said, "Come, let me show you the preparations."

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