(1874-08-27) The Prince and The Pirate.
The Prince and The Pirate
Summary: Mercy and Sylvain talk about things, and mercy offers comfort.
Date: Monday august 27th, 2018
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Mercy  Sylvain  

New Kashmir Palace - Back Terrace
Overlooking the ocean during sunset.
Aout 27th evening.

The Arcadian horizon is always somthing that makes someone stop and just look at it, wit hthe myriad of colors that slowly sink over the water and give way for the stars to come out and fill the dark blue sky. It's always a wonder, and for some reason, just north enough that the air is more crisp without being biting.

Mercy sits on the back terrace, which is more like a grand courtyard, watching the sunset while she finishes the last of her paperwork for the day, getting a battle line set to completely overrun invaders is a logistical challenge, but mercy is more than capable, eve3n if she just wants to push them into the sea and be done wit hthem, she can't, she must bide her time, turtle up as it were.

Having been back at home, Sylvain has just returned earlier in the day. Stepping out onto the terrace, he pauses a little as he looks to that horizon again, rather carefully. There's a brief moment as he looks to Mercy, watching her finish that paperwork, before he looks out into the horizon again, with a bit of a smile.

"One of the most beautiful sights in all tirth, wouldn't you say your highness?" Mercy says before turning her head, offering a smile. "Come, join me, I'm just finished with this blasted paperwork, i didnt know that a land based army took so much paperwork, much easier with a navy because you expect captains to keep track of everything.. are land based militaries not as trained?" She inquires as she closes that book she was writting in and sets it aside, offering him a bit of red wine.

"It's a breathtaking sight, that's for sure," Sylvain replies a bit quietly, keeping his gaze on that horizon for a few moments longer, before he finally steps over to where Mercy is, offering her a brief grin. "Like I'm sure it depends on the navy captains, it depends on the various parts of the greater army. After all, some troops are far more professional than others, yes?" He pauses for a few moments, before he offers her a smile. "Also, how much work the different kinds of militaries takes also depends on what you're most used to, doesn't it?" He goes silent for a few moments, taking the offered wine. "Thank you."

Mercy smiles and lifts her own glass. "Well, in either case, When I do pour out of the southern hills to attack those heathens, they will find that we arecadians aren't an easy kill, and unlike their previous conquest here, we arent weakend by war." She says before looking him over abit. "What troubles you highness? I'm here for you to confide in should you need my ear or a shoulder." She says with genuine worry on her face, she has grown to like the prince.

Taking a sip from the wine, Sylvain nods, "It would be quite good when we can have these people thrown back out into the sea," he replies, offering a brief smile. He pauses a little as he hears that question. "Hmmm? What makes you think something troubles me?" Is it really that obvious, hmmm? He offers her a quiet smile.

Mercy smiles and tilts her head, setting her wine down and folding her hand into her lap. "Your wife isn't getting better is she?" She asks with a solem look. "Forgive my abrupt question, but I'm also worried for her as well." She says softly as she let's out a sigh. "Sylvain, with everything going on outside of our personal lives, I don't think holding in such… pain would be good for us." She says, using the royal pronouns, or maybe giving the illusion that it's not nessicarily him, in any case, she is here, and she does look like she wishes to help him.

Sylvain lets out a brief breath as he hears that question, looking towards the horizon again for a few moments, before he shakes his head. "No…" It's offered just above a whisper, before he lets out another breath. "She's so much stronger about that than me. I mean, I could have stayed at home, but she said I should come here, to help if I can. Be strong, she told me." There's another brief pause, before he takes another sip of the wine, probably longer than he meant to. "And it's not even how this is for me I'm most worried about."

Mercy listens to him and looks down at her hands before standing up and moving to Sylvain;s side and pulling his head against her shoulder. One of the oddes things to witness comming from a countess who people thought could make an unemotional desicion of killing her own daughter, or ordering men to their death, but here she is, offering comfort to someone she consideres a friend. "You should be strong, not hard, but strong, and it's not weak to show your emotions, she has her own fight, and one knows I can;t fight it for her, as much as I would be blessed to do so, but what I can do is be your pillar of strength if you need it highness." She says in a soft tone as she let's her fingers run through his hair, of course, no one sees this because should any of the staff be seen, they will probably be tossed off the terrace and into the water.

Pausing a bit at that gesture, Sylvain leans against that shoulder, finding comfort in that. "While I'm not as much of a fighter as my brother was, or as Atreis, I still wish this was something I could help fight…" he says, words barely above a whisper. "And what do I tell the children? How can I tell them…?" He trails off again, shaking his head a little.

"The truth, and just because you arent a warrior, doesnt make you a weak fighter. I'm not a warrior either, but I am a fighter, a battlefield doesnt have to be on a ship's deck, or an open field, it can be in court, or a senate hall, or a merchent's stall. You are a wonderful fighter, when we were fighting the central powers, you made it so easy for me to simply bombard the kentair coast. I know you've done everything you can for her, and I know that you will continue to be a wonderful father to your children, it's not easy, but it is a fact of life." She says as she presses her cheek to the top of his head, still holding him.

Sylvain lets out another breath as he listens. "It's easier, seeing people get killed. You don't have time to think." He nods a little as he listens to the rest of it, as he moves his arms to hug her, perhaps without thinking.

Mercy smiles softly as he hugs her, tightening her grip om his head to give him more warmth, as if she is shielding him from the world around them, if only for a bit. "It's easier to cope when it's not someone you are emotionally invested in, though, when it is someone you care deeply for, the pain cuts as deep as a lightsilver dagger, but the world doesnt stop for us, or anyone, so we much move about our business, and keep our feelings inside, saved for those whom we deem can be trusted with such." She says softly.

Sylvain lets out another breath as he hears that, nodding a little. "I…" he begins, before he goes silent again, letting out another breath. "Thank you," He doesn't say much more for now, simply remaining where he is.

Mercy smiles softly and continues to hold him to her as long as he needs, she of course stays quiet and runs her fingers throug hhis hair, beggining to hum softly.

Keeping quiet for a while longer, Sylvain lets out another breath. "I'm…" There's a brief pause, as he turns his head slightly. "What if I end up getting that old wanderlust back when she's…?" he begins, letting out a breath.

"Gone?" Mercy says softly as she let's out a sigh. "My children were left in the hands of nannies and others while I was out on board a ship, until such an age as to where I could take them with me. Just because you leave for one reason or another doesnt mean that you love them any less, I sail because I love my children, and wish for them to be safe, and inherit a safe domain here in arcadia." She says softly. "You may wander for many reasons, but I think you will always return home to them."

Sylvain nods a bit slowly. "Before, I was usually gone for long periods of time, just to be in the wilds…" He goes silent again, shaking his head a little.

Mercy smiles softly. "There are a few places in ryalta where you can only acsess from a ship, it's as if it's a seperate world with exotic birds and plants, perhaps one day I'll take you there and you can see such wilds for yourself."

Sylvain pauses as he hears that, unable to hold back a bit of a smile. "Hopefully, one day…" he offers, rather quietly as he adds, "It would be quite nice…"

Mercy nods. Once we clear this mess of heathens from our shores, I'll take you there." She says softly as she slowly pulls from him, leaving her hands on his shoulders. "You'll be alright Sylvain, and your children will be alright. Remember, I'm here if you need absolutely anything." She says as she leans in a chastely kisses both of his cheeks. "I'll be here. I'll be waiting for you. If you come here, you'll find me. I promise."

"Thank you… I feel much better knowing there's someone that cares…" Sylvain trails off again, offering her another smile.

Mercy smiles and takes up her wine glass, draining the gobblet before setting it down. Taking on her best 'tough captain' voice she says. "Care? I'm to busy to care.." But she smiles and leans over, to whisper in his ear. "I do care, but let's keep this our little secret okay?"

Sylvain pauses as he hears that whisper, offering a smile in return, before he drains the rest of his wine as well. "A good secret," he whispers in return, as he glances around again.

Mercy smiles and nods as she turns to look out at the stars in the sky, absently sliding her hand into his as she watches the stars.

Looking at the stars as well, Sylvain's gaze goes down to the hand in his for a few brief moments, before he looks up at the sky again, with a smile.

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