(1874-08-25) Cake and Freedom
Cake and Freedom
Summary: Susanna has a conversation with Vemmorn after he catches her in the Paras Inn with her sisters, giving Violet a plum cake for her birthday.
Date: 30 August 2018
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NPCs: Rachel Moon, Violet Blue
Susanna  Vemmorn  

An inn in Paras
It's an inn!
25 Aout 1874 IE

Vemmorn waits until after the kids have been sent away, tucked into bed, or whatever and then sits himself down at the table besides her. "Sneak me a bit of that cake?"

Susanna gives Vemmorn a once-over and hands him a fork. "I'll aid an' abet," she says, and stares back at the cake. "'S jus' huge, innit?" She picks up her own fork. "Gonna need all the help I can get."

Chuckling lightly Vemmorn moves his chair closer to Susanna's so he can better attack the cake. "This is nothing." he tells her. "You should have seen the towering creation that graced the last wedding I went to. Course.." He reaches to snag a berry. "There were rather more people eating that one."

There's about two thirds of the pudding left—and only one of the sugared plums. "I'm impressed they ate this much," Susanna says honestly, and takes a bite before closing her eyes and smiling at the taste. "Mmm. But I wanted ta spoil 'em. Ya shoulda seen Violet's face properly b'fore she starte stuffin' her face, she was glowin'!" Susanna is obviously proud and delighted at the memory.

Vemmorn cuts a section off and moves it in front of him. "I saw." he reminds her. "I was around remember. You ever think about looking after yourself?"

Susanna gives Vemmorn a look of mock suspicion and takes another bite of cake. The second question catches her off-guard, however. She looks at him and gestures to the pudding with her fork. "'M enjoying some m'self now, ent I? Knew they would na finish it."

Vemmorn glances across at her. "Suppose so. You're Galenthian right? So why are you here?"

Susanna sighs and laughs a little. "Honest? Na entirely sure m'self. From the Fallow Lands, too, near half across the world. Wake up erry day wonderin' how I got here." She looks at him with a smirk. "S'a long story." Another bite of cake.

"I wonder that a lot too." Vemmorn tells her with a little smirk. "Like. Why am I still in this landlocked city? How did I end up in the mayors basement? You know. Normal things."

Susanna's eyes widen a little. "Mayor's basement?" she smiles. "Like ta climb high an' crawl low, do ya?"

Vemmorn chuckles. "I just like seeing new places. Thats all. Besides that thing with the mayors basement happened when I was six. I like the feeling of the wind as well. Most of the time anyway. Not so good when its sending icy gusts through your shirt."

Susanna nods at that last with a look slightly far away. "Yeh. Hate th' cold. Hate snow an' ice an' chilly winds. How bad do ya think it gets here in th' winter?" She frowns, looks down at the cake and forks off another piece.

"Not that cold." Vemmorn says. "We're not much further north than home and we don't get much snow there or anything." He shrugs. "Of course sometimes a place has really weird weather. There was this one place I visited where it was all hot and sticky on one side of the mountains and it was really really dry and cold on the other."

Susanna is relieved at that, and a smile comes back to her when she hears of such a strange thing. "How odd!" A chuckle. "Like two gods wi' their own realms on either side. Ya can find a castle a' the top o' the mountain, where their child watches o'er the land an' prays erry mornin' ta mother an' father so's he can keep the peace. 'A scorching rain, a parching cold, together comes a heart they mold.'" She rubs her nose to hide a sliver of self-consciousness. "I like makin' a rhyme sound…fantastic. Na, like, 'incredibly good,' I ent tha' talented a writer, but I like th' fantasy."

Vemmorn grins. "It was actually pretty hot in the day on both sides but I liked the drama too. I love finding places like that. Where it seems new and different." He shifts to cross a leg across the other and look at her better. "Give me some advice love? I'm bored of the navy. I gotta sail up and down the same bit of coast over and over day after day. How crazy would it be to quit do you think?"

Susanna tilts her head a little, thinking over another mouthful of pudding. "If an' ya free ta do wha' makes ya happy, I think it's a fine idea. Nothin's keepin' ya back, is it? I can imagine ya got a reputation fa sponteneity, anyways."

"I dont know about nothing." Vemmorn says. "I only just made captain. It seems almost a shame to quit now. Then again the wars over." he shrugs. "And Lillian's the head of household now. I bet she'd buy me a ship." He leans in conspiratorially. "Dont tell her I said this but she just cant refuse me."

Susanna smiles, laughing behind her hand. "A favorite cousin, then?"

Vemmorn gives her an impish grin. "I'm everyones favorite. Nobody can resist my charm."

Susanna sighs, leaning back a little. "An' jus' with a smile, too! Wish I had ya luck. I tried ta be a courtesan in Four Corners, can ya believe? Turns out I don' know how ta be nearly pleasant enough. Or good enough a' chess." A drink of ale. "Though I s'pose 'twas only a conversation tha' took me ta Aequor."

"You are a bit rough for it." Vemmorn agrees with a chuckle. "Easier to see you standing on a wall with a spear or tightening the mainsail than it is wearing a dress and smiling like your in love."

"Ent never been on a wall, on a boat, or in love b'fore," Susanna counts off, glancing at Vemmorn with a split second of vulnerability with the last claim. "But a spear? Yes." Another sip of ale.

Vemmorn asks. "So what did cause you to come to this city then? Chasing the opportunities only a war brings?"

Susanna looks at Vemmorn just a little coldly at that. "War only gives opportunity ta those who arready got power. Kills all th' rest." She wraps two hands around her ale. "Got a job as a handmaid. In Daemon's hall. A stable job an' steady food an' medicine fa Rachel an' Vi. Thought it was stable, anyways."

"I suppose thats true enough." Vemmorn says before asking. "I thought Daemon's Hall was the d'Korbina keep?"

Susanna nods. "That it is." She goes for more cake.

Vemmorn streatches the word out as he asks. "Sooo?"

Susanna winces, trying to think of how to best say the next bit. "It…ent exactly m' preference ta work fa th' Imperials. 'Twas misunderstandin's an'…well, coersion tha' got me here. Canna go inta detail. I ent allowed ta leave, though, na even ta see m' sisters. They're down in Griffin's Point mosta th' time. Promised m'self I'd never let 'em see a war front again."

"Odd place to bring them if you've made a promise like that" Vemmorn says seriously before leaning in and giving her another impish little smile as he practically whispers. "I bet we could smuggle you out."

"They ent here fa long, jus' enough so I can give Violet a proper birthday fa once," Susanna says even more seriously. "Sendin' 'em back first thing tomorrow mornin'. An' if ya talkin' 'bout Daemon's Keep, tha' place at least seemed…safe. All big an' fortified. An' I canna regret it; Rachel woulda died if an' we weren't there." She stabs at her cake a little until she giggles at Vemmorn's suggestion, leaning her face into her arms on the table. She shakes her head, smiling. "Too risky."

"Nonsense." Vemmorn tells her with a chuckle. "Nobody should be forced to stay somewhere. Not unless." He squints at her. "You didn't commit a crime right?"

Susanna shakes her head again. "Part o' why I gotta stay. Made me sign a contract."

"Well." Vemmorn says "I think just offering earned me the rest of that cake." A grin for her. "Don't you?"

Susanna grins again. "Sure, if ya can eat it all," she offers (or challenges?), pushing the plate his way.

"What makes you think I couldnt eat it" Vemmorn pulls the food over and starts going through it bite by bite. "Who made this anyway?"

Susanna rests her chin in her hand, watching. "Commissioned it a few days ago from the cook here. She's a nice lady. Really patient wi' ma bad Imperial."

Vemmorn pushes his fork through, raises it, eats the piece and then starts moving his hand back down. "So what exactly do I get for eating this cake?"

Susanna gives Vemmorn a look like, 'What?' and says, "…Cake."

"Well thats no prize." Vemmorn takes a last bite and then pushes the rest away. "The song was very pretty. I feel a little guilty about breaking into your room though."

"What!" Susanna looks down at the empty plate in disbelief, then shakes her head. "Course it's a prize, it's cake!" She rolls her eyes, takes a sip of ale again, and promptly blushes into her cup. "…Don't be. I made a fair bit o' money off that fright since then. M' da said tha' fer a bard, 'all tha' harrows 'tis made o' gold.'" And as she looks a little shyly down at the table she says, "Thanks fa sayin' ma song's pretty."

Vemmorn gives his belly a pat. "And now its gone." Then he hops up to his feet and stretches first one arm and then the other. "And now i'm going to bed." A cheeky smile. "Can't keep my eyes open after dark."

Susanna nods. "S'pose I'd like some sleep, too." But she remains sitting, hands wrapped again around her ale.

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