(1874-08-18) Such a Thing as a Coincidence
Such a Thing as a Coincidence
Summary: Susanna once again meets the man who stole through her window back in Four Corners…while she's performing the song she wrote about him.
Date: 18 August 2018
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Susanna  Vemmorn  

Room Name
A tavern room in the city of Paras.
18th of Aout, 1874 AE

"The Midnight Man runs through he town,
"The Midnight Man, he makss a sound
"Like "Oooh, oooh."

Susanna sings and quickly strums her lute to the fun intensity of the tune, her outline dim in the light of the fire behind her.

"The Midnight man climbs roofs like the mountains,
"Takes from the sky like peddlars from fountains,
"Aaah, aaah."

She is playing this evening for an inn in Paras, the night before thr games will start.

Vemmorn has been here for a while now, playing cards with a few rough looking types at one of the tables. It seems the game has finished though as he stands, stretches, and then starts off for one of the doors. Nothing remarkable about that little journey at all, nor is he dressed unusually, or making a spectacle of himself. His path does take him right in front of Susanna though…

In the dim and din of the room, Susanna has not noticed Vemmorn, either. Rather, she seems rather caught up in her music, putting gusto into the changing rhythms and feelings of each verse. Her voice soars strong in the bridge:

"When I asked him for his name,
"Wondering why for me he came,
He said he never crossed the same
"Window twice.
"'For you,' he said, 'I brought a ring
"'More precious than a king could bring.
"'The Shadow Woman's silver ring is
"'Without price.'"

And thus the two pass in the night never to meet.. Or they would if Vemmorn wasn't hungry. He kidnaps a chair from a nearby table and pushes it into place near the one he happens to fancy sitting at, gets a wenches attention for long enough to get food brought and then leans back in this chair to watch/listen to the singer.

"The candles in the windows flicker like stars,
"The lights up above us glitter like jewels,
"The jem in his pocket outshone them all,
"He sang la-da diddy-doo la la…"

And during the pause, Susanna holds up in her hand a pretty silver ring that gleams in the firelight. Her face, looking up at it, is at once illuminated by the the candles at the tables, quickly turning from awe-struck to mischeivous as she finally continues,

"And he was gone."

Her ensuing chord progressions match the quick strumming as it slows into the final verse…

"The Midnight Man—"

Susanna stops abruptly as she spots Vemmmorn's face, looking straight at her. And she doesn't continue or realize what she's done, either, she just sits there and stares at him wide-eyed.

Its one of those moments where you suddenly realise half the room is looking at you. And the music stopped. Vemmorn glances up, tells himself he's being crazy and nobody is staring at him, goes to eat again and then looks up again. Nope. Everyones still trying to work out what he did. "What did I do?" He asks, the room in general, sounding baffled, even as hes looking around for a clue. Thats when he finally looks properly at Susanna and the pieces all fall together. He leans towards the fire, squinting in an effort to make her out. "Oh. Hah!" He laughs at that. Although he still sounds a little bit uncomfortable. Just like the kid who got caught with a pile of stolen candy under his bed. "Was that about me?"

It's a fight or flight situation. All the color has risen into Susanna's face and she's never felt so completely embarrassedno!/humiliated/ in her life (even if the predicament was partly her fault.) Fight or flight. Or cry, but she isn't going to cry. And fighting would undoubtedly make things worse. So she knocks over the stool she's sitting on to get to the exit.

Vemmorn stares out after Susanna. Well this is awkard. After a long pause he moves to his feet, sighing and mumbling something about Lillian smacking him, and then goes to find the fleeing bardess.

Susanna ran with her lute around to the adjacent wall of the inn so no one would immediately see her if they ventured outside, sat down with her back against the wall, and put her face in her hands. She willed her cheeks to stop burning, but her heart was still thumping in her ears and her mouth was dry and how in the world did that just happen? It was her first time performing the song and there he was, from all the way across the West, as though he'd heard her singing about him and had to come by to hear better.

Vemmorn saunters around the side of the building at an pace thats neither hurried nor particularly relaxed. "Susanna?" He asks as he rounds a bend. "If this is all some fancy plan to mug me you should know i'm armed."

Oh no, he's gone and followed her. Susanna peeks up at Vemmorn between her fingers, scowls, and slowly drops them. "Coincidence," she grumbles. "…If there is such a thing."

Vemmorn flashes her a grin at that comment. "You're right." he jokes. "I'm clearly stalking you." He leans himself up against the nearby wall. "At least this time around you didnt leap out of the shadows in ambush."

Susanna splutters. "Ya'd snuck inta ma room!" She shakes her head. "How are ya here from all the way in Four Corners? I thought ya were a captain o' some Saint, out on the ocean."

Vemmorn gives her an unapologetic smile. "Theres nothing strange about me being here now we've airships, and maybe not even before. Big question is why are you here. How'd you get yourself on an airship? Did you cling to the bottom like a particularly tenacious monkey?"

That was toned as a lightly teasing joke.

Susanna tries not to smile or laugh, and fails, though she covers her eyes as she does so. "No, na quite tha'. S'a bit of a long story. Became employed to th' Viscountess d'Korbina as a handmaid, though as ya can tell I ent a handmaid no more. I think I'm employed a' Keep Candeo now? Bin makin' money off o' songs lately, anyhow. An' I s'pose yer here ta see th' Games, like errybody else."

"I like my version better." Vemmorn tells her. "In mine I rode the whole trip balanced on the tip of the prow with nothing but a mile of air between me and the view. And what a view it was!" he smirks across at her. "Of course nobody would believe i could do it without plummeting to my death. Spoil sports."

"Yet they let ya," Susanna says, still barely managing to keep her smile in check. "Seems ya don' keep very carin' company, M'Lord."

Vemmorn chuckles. "They didnt let me do it anymore than you rode here by clinging on with your toes and fingernails." He gives a loose shouldered shrug. "Never did get why everyone was worried about me breaking my own neck. Not like its going to hurt them now is it? It happened all the time when I was a boy too." He puts on a false falsetto as he mimic some woman from his past 'Don't climb the towers Vemmorn'"

Susanna laughs at that, too. "So, you enjoy riskin' ya neck? Or jus' gettin' in trouble? An' I know fer a fact ya got people who wouldn' like ya doin' tha—met ya cousin Lillian a while ago."

"It's not about risk." Vemmorn says. "It doesn't hurt but I don't do it to shock people. I honestly don't care if anyone else sees or not. Its just that I know I can do it. So why do I have to listen when someone else says I can't? Have you ever done it yourself?" He asks her seriously. "Climbed up somewhere high and stood right there on the edge with nothing but the air around you? It really is quite memorable."

Susanna blinks as Vemmorn apparently takes her knowing his cousin stride. It's sort of intriguing. "Well, I've climbed trees. Canna say I saw a really tall buildin' 'til I went ta Four Corners, an' then I was a bit busy. Bu' sure, climbin' trees is awful fun. Tryin' ta see how far up ya can go, then realize ya've gone too far an' ya scared an' ya gotta get ya da 'round ta help ya back down again." She smirks at herself, finding it strange her embarrassment has started to fizzle out already. It's still there, but if he forgets about the song… "I s'pose ya spend lotsa time wishin' ya could fly," she smiles.

"We'll have to sneak you onto the saint." Vemmorn tells her. "If you climb up to the nest you'll see what I mean." He grins at her. "Don't remember ever being scared of climbing. I have got myself kind of stuck more than once or twice." He looks at her smile. "I don't know if I'd like flying. It sounds an awful lot like falling." He gives her a brief smile. "So what did you think of Lillian then?"

Susanna looks at Vemmorn like she would very much like to join him. "So yer afraid o' fallin' after all. Good ta know," Susanna chuckles.

"Lillian saved ma sister's life," she says bluntly. "I owe her everythin', an' she's bin so kind ta both sisters an' I. Ya lucky ta have her, an' so am I. Still hard ta believe she's a Rikton. Or you." She glances up at Vemmorn surruptitiously.

"Pft." Vemmorn replies. "I'm not afraid of anything. I've not a fearful cowardly bone in my whole body." He nods with a slightly less playful look in his eyes at the information. "That sounds like Lillian. Always the healer." He chuckles at the Rikton part. "I'll have you know us Rikton-people are the most civilised in the entire west. Speaking of civilisation." He studies her face for a moment. "You look better. You should go reclaim your stage before some dancing girl claims it instead. I'm curious to hear what other songs you've written." He smirks as he pushes off from the wall and then murmurs "About me." under his breath. Just loud enough that she almost certainly hears. Just quiet enough that it seems she wasnt supposed to.

Susanna muffles another smile to hear Vemmorn isn't afraid of anything, knowing that can't possibly be true. "Hm. I could tell ya stories 'bout Riktons tha' would make ya hair curl," she mutters with a raised brow.

But all of her confidence is immediately blustered to the winds at that one little murmur, color flushing right up to her forehead. She only confirms it when she hisses, whether to him or to herself, "It isn't!"

Vemmorn gives her a grin. "I need to hear the song properly." He waves her back towards the common room. "But I am finding it hard to imagine that happens often.." Another grin. "We can talk later. When you've finished working."

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