(1874-08-14) A Small Favour
A Small Favour
Summary: Susanna asks a favour of Lillian when the two meet in the library.
Date: 2018-08-14
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Library, Daemon's Hall
A library, lots of books.

Susanna has been hard to find the last few days, or at least she hasn't been seen about. Everyone knows that she didn't follow Imogen down to Firen, so she's supposedly left her service. So…what is she doing now? Well, if one were to ask about with enough dedication they would be able to find the young woman in the library. She's often wont to study in her free time, but now she's been doing so day and night. It shows on her face.

Lillian stepped into the library, carrying a large tome which, matching many of the books that lined the walls, was quite likely one she had borrowed and had set upon to return. It's late in the evening, of course, and the fact that she had not expected to find anyone else there is obvious, from the lifting of her brows. She moves over towards where Susanna is studying, setting the book down not far from her on the table, "Good to see you still in Hellmouth, Susanna."

Susanna jerks her head upward suddenly as though surprised from some reverie ormore likelysleep. "Oh, Lillian," she says with a mild, weary smile, and stands up to curtsy. "I am glad to see you still here as well, Signora." She takes up the books she's been studying and arranges them neatly in her lap as she sits down again.

"If I've interrupted your studies then I apologize. I only meant to offer a greeting. And to return something that I borrowed, before I set out for Murias. You look as though you have not slept in a week. And please, there's no need to curtsy. There are some times, such as these, when it is better not to stand on formality."

"Oh, I see," Susanna nods, taking note of that. "Don't worry about interrupting me. I'm in need of a bit of interruption, I think. I get…obsessed sometimes, see. Used to happen while writing songs, now it happens when there are books to read." She rubs an eye. "Reading is a fine skill to have, though I'm still a little slow… Murias, you say, is that your home? In…Rikton?"

"Ah, yes. I've known a few people who are like that. I am that way about my herbs. When I am home, I am rarely out of my study, working on new formula." Lillian leaned, settling herself into a seat opposite Susanna. "Reading takes practice. And the more you do, the faster it will become for you." She shook her head at the question, "Murias is the Viscount Cervantes' lands. We received news only recently, that Duchess Arkanin and His Holiness had agreed to the marriage contract, and I have never seen his holdings, and as he's returned there, he's requested that I join him, so that I can get to know his lands and his people."

"Oh. Oh, that's right! Just south of here, yes?" Susanna nods, remembering. She shakes her head. "Forgive me, I've been 'cramming,' as it were." Her accent has unconsiously changed to something refined during her time of isolation and reading. Perhaps she reads in that sort of a voice. "I hope you have a good time. They call it the Green and Pleasant Land, yes? I'm a Galenthian maself, only I ent never bin ta the Green an' Pleasant part." She laughs good-naturedly, apparently still unaware of how her accent has shifted.

"No need to forgive. And I do not know that name for it, but perhaps it is a name that it is given in the lands of Galenthia, and Rikton is about as far as one can get from Galenthis unless you wish to head towards White Hall. But I am looking forward to seeing those lands, and Cervantes as well. I have not seen him since he left the forward camp to return to Galenthia. Your accent is improving."

"Accent?" Susanna blinks. "Oh! Was I…I do sometimes slip inta tha' more proper way o' speakin' yes, 'specially when readin'. I, uh, I was taught ta speak good Common when I went ta the Courtesan School in Four Corners. Taught me ta read there, too."

"I did not know that you had attended the Academy in Four Corners. From what I know of them, they are some of the best tutors in the kingdom. I know a number of noble women who have attended there to learn skills they possess, dancing, music." A tip of her head as if to say 'among other things. "Do you prefer your own accent then? Over proper Common?"

Susanna smiles with good humor at the Lillian's tip of the head to 'other things,' but has to think about that last question. "I, er. I dunno, really. I ent often payin' attention ta how I speak these days." She scratches the back of her head. "Violet an' Rachel both agree I sound very odd when I'm accidentally speakin' ta them like a lady, an' 'tis hard ta get 'em ta agree on most anythin', so." She laughs again, and then suddenly look somber. "I…need ta ask a favor, if an' tha's arright," she says, with a sudden quiet intensity. "See, I…well, ma sisters an' I ent stayin' here much longer, neither. Could ya write down a list fer all th' things ya said they need? Fa gettin' healthier, an' all?"

"Perhaps they do, and I can understand that. They are used to you sounding just so. But it ca be a useful skill to learn, the ability to mimic an accent. particularly if you are in a land that is not your own. I have seen this myself with my healers. Dilan is a skilled mimic, and I have noticed that when he changes his accent and it is one which his patients feel is familiar to them, they are more likely to accept his assistance." Lillian pauses, as she hears the request, "Yes, of course. That shouldn't be any trouble. And I will also include recipes for the draughts that I use, in case you cannot find a healer who already knows them."

That bit of information is very interesting to Susanna. "I see! I dinna find it too hard once I got a bit o' practice with it, so maybe ya right." She smiles a little, and it grows with Lillian's agreement. "Thank you, thank you! Ya truly are such a good friend. Could na ask fer a better."

"You are very welcome, Susanna. I will do everything that I can to ensure that you and your sisters have everything that you need to prosper. And if you should need me, wherever it is that you go, you may always send me a message and I will come if I can."

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