(1874-08-06) Late Night Diplomacy
Late Night Diplomacy
Summary: Bothered by Pompey's earlier declaration in the garden, Imogen makes a late night visit to sort things out, things get a bit heated but everyone goes to sleep in their own beds, safe and sound.
Date: 8/16/2016
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Keep Candeo - Upper Floor - Princep's Study and Map Room

A large map table takes up the center of this space, a few chairs line the walls that can be pulled
up to the table for meetings of the military sort. A couch sits off to the side, velvet and red as
this room is also doubled as a receiving room for the Princeps, a fireplace sits to the outward
facing wall to keep the space warm and inviting.

There is a window in this room and one door leading out to the balcony above the Great Hall.

============================================< Players >=============================================

Thursday the 16th of Aout, 1874 IE.

Late night, and pompey isn't so much in the study as he is in a side room sitting in a rather large
chair looking into the slowly burning emberfilled fire, he was reading a book, but he set that aside
when his own thoughts made it close to impossible to read. Currently dressed in a simple tunic and
trousers, the Consul of the Palace leans back in his chair and let's out a soft sigh.

Imogen hasn't exactly been sleeping well at her little inn with no comforts. She's refusing to go
back to daemons hall or try her luck that the locks on chevaise haven't changed, and after the
consul's declaration to her, safe to say she had alot to think about. So rather than just avoid him
for the entire trip, she just sucked it up and headed back to the keep, once more it wasn't overly
hard to convince the guards to let her in, likely news of the divorce hadn't reached them, and they
thought she was still countess of hellsmouth, an important person.

"Sorry, I know it's late for a visit, but I couldn't sleep," she admits quietly once she's led into
the study and the side room in which pompey is sat, arms wrapped about herself as she gives him
space, odds are they both might need it if they bite the metaphorical bullet and discuss his earlier

Pompey smiles softly and turns his head to reguard her. "Sometimes sleep is just inevitable. A mind
can be quite the thing to try and silence." He says as he turns his head to look back into the ember
filled fireplace. "But since you are here, I did mean what I said earlyer, I can be a snake about
alot of things, but my persona feelings towards someone I'm fond of isn't one of them."

Yup, they're definately going there, well, she can at least say SHE didn't bring it up. "Especially
when you have an active mind even during calm times, forget when you're stressed or have alot to
think about," she muses bemusedly with a sigh before biting her lips as she thinks how to put this

Unfortunately, she's never been very diplomatic.

"Consul, you are a princeps in all but name, I am the second, renegade daughter of a galenthian
lord, barely a hopped up mayor, even my marriage to a count was a small miracle and considered very
odd, but a cousin to the imperial family?"

Pompey chuckles. "In the empire that doesnt matter. Nobility is different than from here, in fact,
I'd say if I wasnt a consul and a senator, then ONLY my blood tie to darius would be anything to go
on. A family earns clout through skill and merit, not 'luck of birth'. I am no more 'divine' than
the man outside who digs the ditch surrounding the keep, or the woman to tends the gardens. Yes my
job might be higher priority and much more responcible, but they are as much a person as I am."
Pompey says as he offers her a smile. "Amd it's that train of thought that has stiffled any progress
here Imogen, how can a person relegate a whole status of people to sub human? Of less importants and
less deserving of simple human rights than others?"

Imogen looks at pompey wide eyed and in wonder, like a small child upon discovering something new,
she remains quiet as he talked, but pompeys words don't seem to have a revelutionary effect on her,
as if….. "Someone else gets it. I think it's stupid too. Sure I was born a lady, but I spent most
of my childhood running about the villaige, helping with harvesting, or mining, and so I know better
than anyone, those people are just as worthwhile as I am, if not more so," she states as she steps
forward in her excitment, a small smile on her face at the idea someone else ACTUALLY thinks like

"Galenthia isn't so bad, it's Aequor I hate. I tolerated it for dovi, because I cared about him, I
still care about him of course, but now that we're not married, my oppinions don't reflect his, so
the fact is, I hate Aequor, I hate it's pride and it's need for appearances, and it's private baths,
and it's utter snobbishness!" she declares before collapsing in the seat next to him, for there are
always two seats at a fireplace, before looking at him sheepishly. "Sorry, i kinda went on a tangent

Pompey smiles and turns his head to her. "Well most of aequor, I hear the arcadians, as much as they
are insane, arent as… class divided as the rest of the country." he says with a smile. "But yes,
Galenthia looks to be more open to the idea of merit, I had a talk with Thomas Chandus on that very
topic, he is an intelligent man, he would do well in the empire, probably be a consul himself,
though, he is also very loyal to his queen, admirable, but still, no power check in place." He says
as he turns to look at her watching the light of the fire dance along her face. "I've watches a
person born to a family with no money what so ever rise to the status of senator, and I've watched
people born in wealthy families do nothing aside from drink and contribute nothing to socioty. Thats
why aequor wont win if we were to fight them, because they don;t see the gain of rewarding skill
with responcibility, they would rather put an inept lord in charge of an attack, thant the man at
arms who knows the rigors of command inside and out."

Imogen chuckles softly and nods. "Aequor is already feeling the strain, with galenthia rising as a
world power they're more traditional ways find them stilted, whereas several of galenthias noble
families started off as commoners themselves, I still dislike the feudal system as it is, where
there's little opportunity to rise no matter how good you are, but I mean, galenthia is my home, and
it has it's virtues," she states with a shrug, she doesn't comment on what he says about arcadia,
but there's a knowing smirk tugging at her lips.

"You would certainly do better to ally with galenthia than to ally with Aequor, the latter country
is too rigid to just….accept your presence here, everyone just sees you as an invader, they can't
focus on the bigger picture, the fact that our people were suffering, being sacraficed and tortured
by savages, but sure, let's stop to worry about our wounded pride,"

Pompey smiles softly and turns his head. "Well, the problem is still that aewquor and galenthia are
allies, but, I see the strain that's being put on that, while Aequor has yelled and screamed like a
child, at least two different people from Galenthia have come offering trade and an alliance. Though,
I do have a strange question to pose to you Imogen, about Miss Summers, I'm natrualy paranoid, so, I
was wondering why a woman who had to learn my native language, and with that, try and work for me,
would do so. She could have returned to Galenthia and worked for any number of houses, she knows the
outlook on us being here, I find it… strange, as if she is here for more than she says."

Imogen nods doftly and chuckles with a grin. "Yes, like bringing up the fact, once, that you
claiming paras sets a dangerous precedant and all would be fine and understandable. But they
couldn't DROP it after bringing it up, I still disagree with the EXACT land you had to take, but I
think Aequor is overreacting a little," she remarks in a display of playful annoyance that proves
you can take the title away from the girl, but not the girl away from the title, she's still
countess of hellsmouth at heart.

"As for Susanna, she's siding with the winning team. She's a scared, frightened young thing, she
was serving me for my protection, which is why i dismissed her when I no longer could offer it to
her. She sees the imperials have a relatively strong position and she feels she'd be safest under
your protection than aequor or hellsmouth, or maybe she just, quite reasonably, thinks she has more
opportunity for advancement somewhere her common birth won't disadvantage her nearly as much,"

Pompey nods slowly and letsout a sigh. "Do me a favour and keep an eye on her? When darius offered a
position to Alia he was abit to hastey and didnt know much more about her. I offered you a position,
but I also knew more about you… I just don't want to put my people in anymore jeapordy than we
already have to."

Imogen nods softly and chuckles. "Susanna is harmless, she just wants to look out for her family,
and as far as I know she lacks any sort of connection with a person powerful enough to want her to
spy or anything, so I really doubt she has anything planned," she reasurres gently before tilting
her head. "Is that the real reason you assigned her to me? You don't trust her? Because I assure you,
even five months pregnant I can completely defend myself," she teases gently as she wathes him from
where she sits, curiosity and maybe even a bit of concern in her voice.

Pompey shakes his head. "Imogen, a person in my position, if some of my secrets got out, it could be
disasterous. I mean, she could be harmless, but she could also have a loose tongue, or a curiosity
strak that could spell disaster. I put her with you because it's familiar ground for her, and
because I beleive that I can trust you to come to me should anything 'odd' be apparent." he says
with a smile as he turns to look at her. "Then again, I also couldent say no to her, because
everyone has the right to feel secure. A very dangerous situation that you have helped to aliviate,
which I am very greatful for." he says as he reaches over to lightly take her hand. "Whatever you
think of yourself Imogen, you have done things I beleive you would have never thought possible, you
actualy are learning my language with a speed that is uncanny, and you took to looking at my ledgers
with a keen eye, even if you've never seen an imperial ledger before." He says with a smile and
blinks a few times before speaking in Imperial. "Te mirari desino."

Imogen nods softly and chuckles with a small grin. "I'll keep an eye or three on her then, I owe you
at least that much for all you've done for me since the divorce," she agrees with a small smile,
because though she won't say it, she does know susanna to be nosey and curious if she puts her mind
to it. "As for alleviating the situation, are you referring to my mission to 'retrieve my bridle'
from this place? Because that's the only thing i've done, and some in Aequor would call that treason,
" she remarks, seemingly bemused at the idea that an act of diplomacy could be treason.

"I know, like, two words Consul, that is NOTHING amid the complexity of the imperial language as a
whole. But you are right, when I envisioned my life….none of what has transpired over the last
year comes to mind," she muses, biting her lip as he takes her hand, but she doesn't say anything,
good or bad, about the action. Though his next words give her pause and she blinks trying to think
if she knows it before, naturally, drawing a blank.

"Like I said, I only know two words, would you do me a favour and tell me what that means?" she
asks sheepishly

Pompey smiles and lets her hand drop as he leans back, a widening smile on his face. "Oh why tell
you, I thinnk it would be much more fun should you learn the meaning later through study." he says
as he looks back to the fire. "it was a compliment, if that helps."

Imogen laughs and rolls her eyes. "The twins do that too, it's infuriating because i'm almost
positive they're badmouthing me in imperial," she muses with a grin that implies she's more amused
than annoyed at the thought. But he won't tell her and she won't push for it, because she's far too
passive for that. "I don't find it hard to believe it was a compliment though, you are rather
generous with those,"

Pompey smiles. "The twins, an enigma wrapped in a wrapper of frustration.' he says with a chuckle.
'And I only give those compliments to you, everyone else gets a grumpy Pompey. Even my cousin doesnt
get away without getting the wrong side of my annoyance sometimes. Do you know he almost got us
lynched back home?"

Imogen laughs softly and shakes her head at the latter statment. "Considering he got the inquisition
to come to four corners, yes, i can easily believe he almost got the pair of you lynched," she
remarks bemusedly before shaking her head as his fondness for her crops up once more. "/you're/ an
enigma wrapped in frustration, you barely know me, yet for some reason you're kind and complimentary
towards me?"

Pompey smiles and looks at her. "Born to a noble of minor status, married to a viscount who honestly
, inherited a mess, forced to divorce said count while pregnent because of diplomatic reasons,
though, I'd go out on a limb and suggest jasmina had somthing to do with that, but that's my
personal take. You deserve kindness because you've gone through much, and besides, you did attempt
to help me open a dialog with Ludovic when it was needed."

Imogen chuckles softly and grins. "Supposedly jas and I had mended our differences, but her
signature was on that and she's the only one I could ever reasonably get back at for the divorce, so
i'll blame her, even though she probably doesn't deserve it," she muses dismissively with a
bitterness that may be suprising. "As far as the child, dovi is sending me one hundred gold a year
to support their upbringing, which is plenty more than i think i'll need anyways," she states with a
small smirk but it fades as she listens to his words and tries to find a response.

"Consul, I opened a dialogue between you two because it was my duty to see hellsmouth cared for,
and dovi knew he couldn't keep standing on his pride, but even say i went out of my way doing that,
there is a difference between being kind to someone and asking them to marry you,"

Pompey blinks. "Marry you? Imogen, I never asked you to marry me, Honestly, maybe in the future, but
no, I dont thing marriage is a good idea, for eiyther of us, at this point, I just want… well.. I
just want you… no marriage." he says as he looks away. "I mean, I don't see why two people can;t
enjoy eachother's company, or why I can't express my admiration for you without you thinking I'd
want to marry you, flattering as the idea sounds, neither of us are…. progressed enough with our
own internal problems to take the idea with much merit, at least as far as myself goes."

Imogen blinks a bit at that, as that had been where she had assumed he was going as well. "That's
what I thought too, but susanna mentioned…..oh one i've made a fool of myself," she murmurs as her
face sinks into her hands with an embarassed groan.

"The fact is, I don't want to marry again, ever, I don't want to put myself in the position of
caring for someone, growing to love them, and being forced away from them due to politics like I was
with dovi. Before we married, dovi and I were happy, and it would have been for the best had we
stayed that way, so frankly, your idea isn't without merit and i'd be lying if i said i can't see
you like that but…." she trails off with another sigh, just lapsing into humilliating silence.

Pompey chuckles and turns, slipping fron the chair to kneel in front of her. "Susanna is a hopeless
romantic, and probabvly has the kind of youthful inocence that doesnt come with age." he says as he
looks up at her with a smile. "Don't be embarassed, it was a honest mistake, at least least we
cleared it all up before anything else could come of it." he says with a smile. "And politically, no
one can tell me what to do, Even if Darius get the crown, he wouldent order that of me, because he
knows I could make his job very hard." Buroccracy can be hell, and pompey knows enough about the
political arena to pretty much bury any issue that arises.

Imogen chuckles softly and smirks with a nod. "She meant well, i'm glad in this case that she was
wrong though, because even if i was in love with you, there's no way i'm remarrying so soon after my
divorce," she states bemusedly as she looks up from her slunk of embarassment at him, seeming to
consider him in a more relaxed manner than she had before, when she thought she might be urged into
marriage with him.

"So then, we….what, just meet up when we can and carry on together? Because after this event is
over I have to go back to galenthia, and you'll be staying here, I don't know that we'd be seeing
much of each other," she warns

Pompey smiles. "Well I won't ask you to not return to Galenthia, but I'll be truthful enough to tell
you that I wish you would stay here." he says with a smile as he looks up at her. "I'd prefer if you
stayed here until the baby was born at least, I worry."

Imogen chuckles softly and grins. "Oh sure, let me just go tell the queen of galenthia to take her
invitation to court and shove it up her arse," she jests with a sigh and shake of her head. "No, I
have to go respond to my summons to court and see to this job she has for me, afterwards though I
could certainly just come back here, odds are my family isn't even aware of the divorce to begin
with," she muses with a shrug

Pompey chuckles. "Well, unlike your queen, the empire's consul shall not force anything upan you."
he says with a joke as he tilts his head, a playful smirk on his face. "So are we going to continue
to talk about far off people, or are you going to kiss me?"

Imogen blinks and chuckles. "well, aren't you a brave one, going for the kiss right away," she muses
bemusedly, but it's late, she's freshly divorced, and while they may not be super close he's got the
fact she's instinctively desiring a rebound working for him, so she leans in and plants her lips
against his.

Pompey didn;t expect her to actualy do it, but, it was the outcome he was hoping for anyway. he
tilts his head int othe kiss, deepinging it without moving his hands, keeping those to himself as he
starts to get lost in the feeling of his lips pressed against hers, being so close, she can smell
the fresh bath poils that were used, and the taste of more fruit joice on his lips, no wine, so at
least he isnt drunk.

Imogen would probably appreciate that he wasn't drunk when he did this another time, but for now she
simply lets herself enjoy the feeling of being desired once more as she kisses him, before
eventually parting with a small smirk. "I hope you weren't expecting to win /all/ of me over so
easily," she teases good naturedly.

Pompey smiles. "Oh no, if it was it wouldent be as valuable." he says with a smile as he kisses her
neck and whispers in her ear. "though even a part of you is something a man should be greatful for.'

Imogen smiles softly and leans her head to allow him to do so before rolling her eyes. "Clearly you
see me as far more valuable then I see myself, I think you and dovi had that in common," she muses

Pompey smiles and leands back to look upan her. "Well, our worst critic is ourself, I mean honestly,
i think in life a person worst enemy is the one who stares at you in the mirror."

Imogen chuckles softly and nods with a small smile. "Oh i know i'm too hard on myself, but that's
good, it means I never let things get to my head," she remarks before rising with a grin. "Now, I
should go, before you try any more tricks," she teases good naturedly.

Pompey chuckles. "Tricks, I'd offer you the right side of my bed, but even I think that's abit to
forward." he says with a smile. "But try and get some rest, and if you need anything, I'll be here
and for you, my door is always open."

Imogen smiles softly and nods, though a smirk ghosts across her face when he speaks about the right
side of his bed. "You gotta earn that to, the kiss was just to prove i'm not a prude," she teases
before sighing and shaking her head. "I'll see you, hopefully before I leave for galenthia again,
try and get some sleep too," she murmurs before turning and heading back into the night.

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