(1874-08-06) A Trio of Guards
A Trio of Guards
Summary: Ludovic tells Imogen that he's decided that the best way to react to recent events is to give her a small guard and Susanna is brought along for Imogen's protection. Imogen refuses the guard and when Ludovic tries to leave it until the morning Imogen drags them into a talk. Wraps up the relationship logs before the divorce.
Date: 6th August 2018
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Imogen  Ludovic  Susanna  

Daemon's Hall, Hellsmouth
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1874 aout 6

Some sleep, a bath, a few hours of hard physical work and a solid meal can do wonders for a mans mood. The evening meal happened as usual and Ludovic's clearly gotten his temper well under control. He even pours a drink for Imogen at one point. Once the meal is over he stands up, taps Imogen on the shoulder and quietly says "Lets go get that chat over." he glances at one of the knights on one of the other tables, a stout blonde, and gives her a short nod before heading on out for one of the small semi-private spaces. There he sits down, legs stretched out comfortably and a mug of bulls blood in his hand. "I've decided the appropriate response to what you've been doing Imogen. I'm going to assign you a permanent bodyguard."

Imogen doesn't go all the way alone with him until she's located and motioned for Susanna to follow her to the meeting with dovi, after this morning's episode, she's not quite ready to be alone with him. "nope. I already have all the bodyguard I need," she says once they're all inside together, gesturing to susanna with a shrug. "Besides we both know it's not a bodyguard you want to put on me, it's a spy," she continues as she settles down in a seat near him but not next to him.

Ludovic looks over when Imogen delays, sees Susanna and then just shrugs it off and continues his way into the room. "I'll introduce you to them in the morning." Ludovic he tells Imogen. "But i've picked Lady Elodie d'Korbina, Sir Gertrude of Elkrun and Sir Sara." He sighs, sounding somewhat annoyed. "Why do you insist on fighting every reasonable thing I do? You have not been acting at all rationally and I am worried about my wife and my child. I think that having you protected at all times will work out far better than restricting you to the castle for the next five months. Dont you?"

Imogen just laughs that bitter, hollow laugh that's become sadly common with her lately. "Because, you don't care about my status as your wife except when you can use it to push your wants onto me. I have susanna, someone I know cares about me, to protect me. Also I don't want to be followed around by STRANGERS, hell it's like you've forgotten the tiny detail about me, as a rule, not being comfortable with people. You WERE the exception…..but these days, no matter what I do, it's not good enough for you, so quite frankly, you're not anymore either, that's why I have susanna in here with us,"

Ever since Susanna delivered Imogen's letter, she's stayed fairly close. A commanding woman named…something (Jasmina) told her to, after all, and she's offered to guard Imogen as well, if only as a witness. So she dutifully follows after both Ludovic and Imogen as they retreat from the dining hall. 'A spy,' huh? Susanna lets out a slow, silent breath. In fact, she remains silent, watching the couple cautiously.

Ludovic gives another of those long sighs and moves back to his feet. "We'll be in the courtyard in the morning if you change your mind. After that. Well. I suppose you'll have made your choice."

Imogen sighs softly and just looks down for a long moment, as if not entirely sure what to do. "Made my choice to what?" she asks simply as she rises up from her seat too.

Uncomfortable eyeshifts from Susanna.

"Look Imogen." Ludovic says. "I really dont want you to pull me into yet another argument. So you think on what i've said and offered here today and you work it out." He pushes his hand through his freshly trimmed hair. "I'm gonna go spend the evening with my men."

"That's exactly our problem dovi!" she snaps angrily, though a sympathetic glance is spared for susanna beforehand. "You walk away, you ambandon me, you make ultimatiums without any concern for how they make me feel. You ignore me most of the time until you want to use my status as your wife to force me to do anything, and yet you have the NERVE to be annoyed or hesitant when i ask for any small attention," she snaps

Susanna's eyes shift down to her lap with a grimace.

Ludovic just gives Imogen a long look before shaking his head "Already said I aint gonna argue with you tonight. Goodnight Imogen." That said he heads off to the main hall. It might just be possible to hear him asking "So who's got the dice then?" before the door falls shut behind him.

Imogen shakes her head and attempts to head out and catch him before he's busy with other people.

Imogen shakes her head and attempts to head out and catch him before he's busy with other people. She doesn't know what she's supposed to say or do, not right now, she just knows that if he walks away this time their marriage is as good as over, and she knows she can't handle that. So she just grabs his arm, not hard, hell, barely enough to even grab his attention, and keeps her gaze on the ground. "So that's it then? You don't care? What I want, what I need from you, does that matter nothing?" she asks weakly.

Ludovic stops and looks at her when she grabs his arm. "Imogen. You've basically tried to bludgeon me with that same complaint over and over since before Teleko attacked us. I'm tired of it. Nothing I'll ever do is going to make you happy so why should I even bother?"

Susanna follows after Imogen from a few feet behind, eyes wide as she tries to keep her expression blank while witnessing this awkward quarrel.

Imogen bites her lip and shakes her head. "Because it feels true, because nothing i do is GOOD enough for you. Because if i'm married to a man who doesn't care about me, i want to at least know. So i can stop caring about you and so this can all stop hurting so goddamn much," she whimpers weakly, the hand on his arm shaking nervously.

Ludovic hesitates, torn between just walking out and trying, yet again, to reassure her. In the end he settles for "And when did anything I do be good enough for you? Huh?"

Susanna can feel the tension hiking up another notch, so impulsively she reaches out and touches Imogen's shoulder. "Countess, please… If an' he dinna care abou' ya, he wouldna sent out tha' search party like he did, would he?"

Imogen looks up at him in confusion a moment before glancing away once more in her timid way. "We used to be happy, before the vampire attack, when we first got married, and when we were just consorts. We were happy then, and i'd like to be like that again, I miss you," she admits quietly, Susannas touch makes her stiffen briefly before she just speaks quietly. "i'm sorry to have bothered you susanna, you can go now," she murmurs softly.

Susanna can't help looking disappointed. "So y'ent afraid o' th' Viscount in tha' way, after all?"

"Already told her I cared about her every way I can think of." Ludovic is looking at Susanna when he says that. "Lost an eye protecting you." This to Imogen. "Yet everything I've ever done for you has been some evil act you just use to hurt me. I really am about done Imogen. I tried. Told you what I needed for things to work out. Then you went and broke them days later. You're selfish, self absorbed, needy and I've no idea why I thought you were something else. Told you that first night, when you said you wanted to be my lover, that a woman like you was wrong for me. What made you think I was lying then? You needled me over and over till I married you then you accused me of forcing you into it. Then you just got worse and worse. And all I've ever asked from you is what you insist you want. You know what I've learned over the last few weeks and months?" Susanna's words make him frown and he says directly to Susanna. "Stay." then he looks back to Imogen. "I've learned that nothing I can ever do will make you happy. Wish I'd learned that before we married but, well, guess thats a mistake we're just gonna have to live with. Much as you're thinking this is some kind of pain filled drama you hurt me more than you hurt yourself. You've almost everything you wanted. Me? I didnt get nothing I wanted."

Imogen doesn't bother responding to susanna when dovi overrules her request for the girl to leave and just stands there and….takes it while dovi rips into her. "But I was happy, and the last thing I ever wanted was to force you into this. I just wanted to be with you, that's all I wanted, but as much as you think I have everything I want, while you have nothing. I never wanted the title, or the politics. I wanted you, I cared about you. But apparently, i'm some horrible monster who's wrong for you!" she snaps as the tears rush to her eyes but she doesn't say much else, what CAN she say in the face of such words, she's heartbroken and crying as she holds onto his arm because she knows if she loses him now, she'll lose him forever.

"Maybe it would have been better for everyone involved if teleko had just gone through with it and drained me dry," she whispers

"That's a wicked thing ta say," Susanna mutters. "Maybe y'ent happy here, Countess. Bu' ya can be happy elsewhere. A first love ent th' only love ya'll ever find. I'm sure," she looks up at Ludovic, "the Viscount wouldna keep tha' from ya, neither."

Ludovic gives another deep sigh. The tears obviously making him uncomfortable. "Now you're being a drama-queen and saying I called you some horrible monster. Never did anything of the sort. Just said you have flaws. Everyone has flaws." Susanna's words about it being wicked gain a resigned shrug from him. "She's said things as bad and worse before already." He looks back at Imogen. "And you had me Imogen. I'd signed up for forever everything you've done since we married has been like driving a stake further and further between us and I'm just not sure its possible to pull it out no more. And I know you aren't ready to stop beating it with a hammer and driving it deeper."

Imogen she'd stop crying if she could, really, but she feels utterly abandoned. Dovi doesn't care, susanna just thinks she should 'move on' but once more, no one thought she might have an oppinion on her own fate and relationships. "you won't even try though, I apologised to you for things i didn't even do, and yet you've still been distant. I went to retrieve something because it had good memories attatched to it, of times i was happy, because i come home to a husband who wasn't /worried/ about me, no he was butthurt i DARED, to defy him. I try, and I try, but you won't put in the same effort, you just throw all my mistakes back in my face even as i'm apologising for them,"

"Countess!" Susanna pleads, "It is unfair to use lies against ya husband! Why don' ya jus' tell the Viscount wha's got ya stuck here in Hellsmouth? He can help ya, if an' th' Imperials are givin' ya trouble o' some sort. Please, jus' be honest."

Ludovic blinks at Imogen as if she's just grown an extra head. "You apologised for things you didnt even do? And then you wonder why I didnt believe you were sorry. You expect me to be warm and close? Yet you start with this whole thing anytime I get close to you. How'm I suppose to relax enough.." And then Susanna drops that bombshell. He stares at Susanna and then looks at Imogen. "What is she talking about?"

While Dovi is staring at her, she's staring at susanna. "What on earth are you talking about? Not that it's ANY of your buisiness but i DO care for my husband. That's why, despite your constant insistance i'm staying here, that's why i DIDN'T go to the archduchess, because i'm trying to work things out with my husband. I told you once before that duty and affection are what keeps me in hellsmouth, and there's not a person i care about more in the world than my husband!" she snaps and it's really quite amazing how easily she can speak of her feelings to servants and strangers, but not the man involved.

"As for you, husband, I'll take responsibility for my actions the second you're willing to acknowledge the fact there was more to it then just my decision to be a horrible person, or do you think i'm making it up when i said that vampire did something to me?" she snaps.

Susanna is left confused now. "I thought…I thought ya meant…" Susanna pulls her thoughts together again. "I said, Countess, ya do na gotta be alone! Yer…yer accusin' the Viscount o' na carin' about ya, when he stayed up all night turnin' o'er th' country lookin' fer ya. An' then ya say ya love the Viscount more 'n anythin', an' ya don' even tell him when ya run off an' disappear ta th' Imperials' fort. I jus'…I'm sorry, I don' understand." She swallows, looks at her feet, a bit nervous now.

Ludovic looks between the two, frowning, before being dragged in by Imogen's tone and question. "That attack put us both under a lot of stress. We both got damaged by it. I've not once claimed it never happened. What I don't see why its somehow supposed to mean everyone should forgive you. You hurt someone. You apologise. Its the way it is. Even if you think you were justified. You apologise for causing em pain." He frowns again. Her change of tone making him a bit suspicious. "What changed? Why are you suddenly interested in actually talking about this stuff instead of loudly declaring, over and over, how i've wronged you?" He grimaces a little. "Not that you didnt find room to add some of that"

He looks at Susanna and then reaches out with his free arm to gently touch her shoulder. "Its alright Susanna. I didnt do non of that to win an argument."

Susanna nods a little to Ludovic. "I know, Sir."

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