(1874-08-01) Cold Room
Cold Room
Summary: After much discussion and planning, Dertan & Lianna do what they can to awaken Sonya.
Date: 2018/Aug/01 (OOC Date)
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Galenthia - Silverhill City - The Great Keep
A well appointed private room that is, at present, coated with layers and layers of ice.
Wednesday 01/Aout/1874 IE (IC Date)

The solar in Silverhill Castle is much as it was last time the two of you stood here. Today however Dertan is wearing heavy gloves, a smith apron and about three layers to many of clothing. He's even got a fur hat, complete with ear flaps, pulled low around his face. Considering how careful he is about his appearance in general this has to be a first. The lightsilver and leather collar and cuffs are held in his hands and he's standing a little inside the frozen room studying the iced form of his wife.

Wrapped in layers of clothing including a heavy coat she pilfered from Brenn's closet before joining Dertan for this effort, Lianna looks very much like a fluffy ball with legs, arms, mitten covered hands and cap covered head. She remains to the left of Dertan, studying the silent form inside the frozen room. Her breath puffs out in a small fog as she murmurs, "Ready when you are."

"I must admit a certain level of anxiety." Dertan tells Lianna in a hushed tone. "But I think that leaving this any longer would simply be wrong." He glances at the items in his hands and then back to Sonya before carefully crossing to the space and starting the difficult process of getting the collar into place whilst still being gentle.

"Hopefully, when she awakens, her mind will be clear," Lianna replies in the same hushed sort of tone and joins Dertan at the side of his wife's bed. She, too, leans forward, moving Sonya's hair out of the way as gently as possible while he works with the collar.

Frozen hair is brittle and fragile to the touch, crackling gently as its moved. The work Dertan's doing is obviously strenuous, his gloves are already brittle with frost. "I think seeing me will calm her." He tries to brush the ice off his gloves and garments before moving to the wrist. "Do you have any suggestions on how to calm her? I am sure you have had more than one soldier awaken sure that they are still in a deadly battle."

"Standard practice is to have a sedative on hand and someone with precision skills to knock the soldier out if they come to and are immediately in rampaging bull mode," Lianna replies in a rather calm tone of voice. "Which is to say, we used to train the squires how to deliver a knock-out punch when and as needed."

Dertan just looks very serious when that news is delivered. "I see." He says. "I assume that using sedatives in Sonya's case would be a bad decision?"

"I am hesitant to do anything that would introduce any sort of sedative that might make her emotionally or mentally unstable, as many such soothing compounds take a while to be effective. We would need to have started the introduction of something like that at least half a day ago. And, without knowing why she is the way she is or how deep the condition is? I'm unwilling to guess at how she might react," Lianna glances over Sonya to Dertan, her expression deeply worried. "Not that I'm suggesting that we slug her, Dertan. She's not a six foot soldier with twenty stone of muscle mass."

"No." Dertan says dryly. "She's a warrior with an extremely accurate dagger hand." and with that statement he pushes a hand into his clothing and withdraws the dagger tucked away in there. "Just in case." He offers Lianna the blade and starts to circle the bed so that he can approach the remaining wrist. "Would you go and check the fire is out in the other room and that the tea is still warm?"

"Conditionally," Lianna replies as she accepts the dagger. "I'll go check, as long as you wait until I return before putting the other cuff on her. I won't leave you alone with her until I know that she's reasonable when she awakens, or can be made reasonable. Last time Otto was seriously wounded, he slugged the first nurse who was leaning over him before he was completely coherent," she adds in a quite voice, a hint of annoyance and a trace of amusement in her voice.

"I will wait." Dertan says softly. "I just expect she will be thirsty." He pauses by Sonya's side, looking down at her again. "And she doesn't like it warm."

"I've actually been clocked a number of times, over the years," Lianna's voice drifts from the other room as she makes sure that the fire is completely out, the fireplace bare and cold, though the provisions to start a fire are stacked near at hand. She checks the tea as well, one hand resting on the curved side of the tea pot to ensure that it's cold or tepid at best, but cold enough to be bracing. She turns, tugging her mittens back on. "There's rather an art to recognizing when a soldier is about to roar awake and strike out at anyone near at hand."

Dertan gives Lianna a very tight little half-smile at her words and then he starts putting the lightsilver cuff into place. It snicks closed and he withdraws to try and tug the gloves from his hands and wait. The gloves fall apart as he removes them.

Sonya doesn't react at all for what feels like forever to Dertan's studying gaze but there is evidence that it is working as the ice, no longer reinforced by Sonya's magics, starts to slowly retreat.

Having reversed her grip on the knife that Dertan handed her, Lianna has the rounded pommel end of the handle pointed outward, just in case something abrupt but non-lethal should be required. The sight of the retreating ice makes her a little less tense, but not enough to be any less ready to leap into action.

Sonya's eyelashes flicker as she starts to move towards consciousness. Dertan meanwhile just.. hovers.. clearly unsure if he should leave or move closer, stay put or gather her up.

"Give her some breathing room," Lianna advises in a soft and determinedly calm tone of voice. "Many a wounded person has awoken and flailed about, thinking themselves still in captivity or still in the throes of one fight or another."

Dertan steps back obediently, folding his hands loosely behind his back and suddenly gaining the air of aloof confidence. "You make a good point." He says softly. "If I look nervous then how can I expect her to relax? I cannot remember when I last felt this uncertain. Even when the cavalry was charging down the streets in Goldhollow and I had nowhere to go I felt much calmer than I do now but then I've been struggling ever since Goldeneyes turned his attention to me."

Sonya's eyes finally open and she takes the sudden quick gasp of a person regaining sense.

"Just remember that we killed that evil creature and that your children are safe, and were saved by your efforts," Lianna's words are meant to be reassuring and she falls silent again when she hers that quick gasp, seeing Sonya's eyes open.

Dertan looks at Lianna.

Lianna's eyes seek out Dertan's for a moment before she tucks the naked blade into the end of the layers of sleeves that cover her arms. Only when it's well concealed does she move forward, deliberately taking a path that'll put her in Sonya's line of sight as she approaches, doing her level best to not startle the woman. "Sonya?" she makes a question with this uttered name.

Sonya is barely conscious and clearly very weak. She opens her mouth and attempts to say something.

Dertan just shifts his weight from one foot to the other. About as useful as a husband in the birthing tent.

"Sonya, it's Lianna Sokar, we're cousins, through your marriage to my cousin Dertan," Lianna re-introduces herself in that same level, calm, soothing tone of voice. "You've been ill for some time, but you're at the keep in Silverhill City. Your husband, your children, everyone is safe, everyone is here." She stays just a half step out of reach, or at least out of easy grabbing, "Everyone is here. Everyone is safe."

Alas Sonya doesn't leap up from off the bed ninja fashion. Instead she continues to try and tell Lianna something that she clearly feels is important. Only two words are easy to make out from that distance. Cold and Hot.

Dertan finally moves, stepping away and returning shortly afterwards with the cup of tea. Cup in hand he approaches the bed, intending to sit and feed the drink to his sick wife.

Leaning subtly forward, Lianna strains to hear more than just those two words. A glance is sent around the room to discern how much of the ice has retreated. Apparently pleased by what she's seeing she tugs off one mitten and then the other, carefully maneuvering the blade into one pocket along with the mitten that was clutched around it. Only then does she move forward and reach for one of Sonya's hands. Her own, warm from the mittens, are a startling contrast to Sonya's skin. "Sonya, Dertan is here, he made you your favorite tea. Can you drink some?"

Sonya's hoarse whisper is "I need the cold. Too warm." As Dertan moves alongside her and offers the tea she takes several sips before lapsing back into unconsciousness.

"Provisionally, I would call this a success," Lianna murmurs as she rests Sonya's hand atop the blankets once more. She examines the cuff that encircles the woman's wrist, only then does she lift her eyes again to Dertan's. "No matter what, do not allow any of your staff to remove these. Can they be temporarily soldered so that the clasps can't be unfastened?"

"If I do that then we cant get them off." Dertan says uncertainly. He places one of his hands over Sonya's. "We need her to be able to defend herself."

"Who will attack her in her sick room? has anyone tried, in all this time? She is more danger to you and everyone in this household right now than we are to her," Lianna counters with a slow but decisive shake of her head. "That said. I'm only offering ideas, suggestions, questions. You are the only one who can make decisions for her, in the absence of her ability to do so for herself. Just don't let her take them off until you're sure she has herself under control again."

"I wont." Dertan promises. "What did she say?"

"She said that She needs the cold, that it's to warm," Lianna replies with a sigh. "It's barely above freezing in here."

Dertan looks down at Sonya, his expression thoughtful. "It will only get warmer." he points out. "its Aout." He falls quiet again, his expression drifting into that distant scowl-like expression that doesn't actually have anything to do with being angry. "I don't know of any way to keep the room at this temperature, nevermind lower."

"Short of removing her from this location to a room that is below ground? That isn't used as a dungeon, that is. But you must have store rooms that are below ground? Someplace you keep provisions that must remain cold?"

"Are there rooms underground which are actually this cold?" Dertan asks Lianna seriously. "It might be a good short term solution but I have never seen a root cellar cold enough to cause frost to gather. We are going to have to move her." Again that distant frown. "It would have to be the far north at this time of year I suspect. Unless you have come across an area in your travels?"

"Not that I'm aware of that aren't constantly surrounded by fresh water, like a natural cavern or even a cistern. Short of building a large tub, then surrounding it with another layer like a trough and piping the water to constantly trickle through? I don't have any other ideas," Lianna admits with another slow shake of her head.

Dertan contemplates this before nodding. "I'll investigate how feasible making one is." He tilts his hand until he's technically holding Sonya's. "I'm grateful for your help so far Lianna. Are you planning to remain here or go to join the main garrison? I will be staying. At least until I am sure she is on the mend."

With a sigh and a brief stretch, Lianna works the stiffness brought on by lingering tension out of her neck. "I should join the main garrison and the rest of the forces that are preparing to take the field. My place is with the rest of the healers and my brother," she makes a wry sort of smile. "I won't be able to say that for much longer, once he's wed and is campaigning at Bethany's side."

"Duval is not so far and while I do agree that your first duty is with Sokar." Dertan says "There are many occasions when there is not such a demand. This is the first time I have had to genuinely chose between my duty to Kaedon and my duty as a Brigadeer. It is rare. You should not worry so."

Moving away from the resting form of Sonya and the worried presence that is Dertan, Lianna tours the room quietly, her hands sunk deep into her pockets. "Worry is part of what makes me who I am. I worry about my patients, those who are currently in my care or at any time, to be fair. I worry. And I realize that the day is soon coming where I will have to make a series of decisions that I have been resisting for many years. Once Brenn is settled and Chessa decides who it is that will have a fair shot at her hand," she lifts one shoulder in a shrug, a half smile forming. "I have many siblings, a middle child with no marriage prospects rather neatly allows me to side step certain eventualities that are ever narrowing."

Dertan looks up and across at Lianna. "You are wrong about having no prospects Lianna. I could find you a husband in a week. The question is finding someone that the Duchess considers worthy of you. Is that really something you want that much?"

"For their fifth anniversary," Lianna's answer is a bit round-about, "my father hired a dance instructor and spent months learning the steps to all of the dances that my mother favored. And at their anniversary party he led her out onto the dance floor and proceeded to dance the entire night with her, making her the happiest woman in the room. No matter where they are, no matter what they're doing, when he enters the room she knows. She glances up, she can always find him, and they smile at each other. Just that, a glimpse of a smile, even if they're deep in conversation, they just reach out to each other with a look, a nod, a glimpse. I've heard them fight like .. like warring generals. He's all volume and bluster and she's all fire and fury. And at the end of the day? We share a meal together. They still hold hands, especially when they think that we aren't paying attention. He brings her flowers, she?" and Lianna laughs softly, "she pretends that she hates his pipe tobacco but she always makes sure that he has a fresh supply on hand. He hates winter storms, and she loves them, and every winter they go into the courtyard and build a ridiculous display of snow soldiers. Every year." She turns back, shoulders straightening. "I want that. I almost had that, once. Almost. But war takes the best and worst of us without mercy."

Dertan nods slowly at that. "I can't produce a spouse you will love out of thin air Lianna. Although I do believe that much of that comes from simple time in each others company. But if you wish it I can try and arrange a match between you and a member of the Kaedon."

"I would simply like the chance to like and genuinely respect my spouse," Lianna admits in a wry tone of voice. "at the very least, to not hate - on sight - any potential match." She exhales a sigh and moves for the door, "Possibly. Maybe. Likely. If you could just keep an eye out for any that would be an amiable sort? I'd like an opportunity to at least meet someone from the house, yes. No absolutes. Just.. a meeting." She backtracks abruptly and hugs Dertan before he has a chance to escape. "I'll head out to the Garrison straight away. Send word if you need anything."

Dertan gives her a very sharp look when he's pinned into a hug but he doesn't actively fight it although he does look rather discontent when she lets go. The closest thing would be a bird that just had its feathers ruffled. "You understand it may not be that simple." he adds. "But I will send someone suitable to act as a guard for you during the coming months. That should suffice I believe?"

A sudden smile that is not wry or hesitant but just a simple smile forms as Lianna nods, "That's a start, and it's absolutely the best idea I've heard in .. forever." She resists hugging Dertan again and this time does make for the door and slips through.

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