(1874-07-30) Walk Before You Run
Walk Before You Run
Summary: Xavier attempts to convince Cervantes to temper his expectations
Date: 30/06/18
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Galenthia - Wayston (Northern Province)
The Northern Province is considerably more rocky than the other Provinces of Galenthia. Mountains, with a few rivers and lakes dot the landscape but gone is the relatively flat lands of Galenthia . Roads twist their way through the large hills, forests and mountains that lead to cities, towns and villages alike. Bridges span gulfs and rivers and way stations are scattered about the way.
30 Juillet, 1874 IE

The capital city of House Rogers used to be a splendid place in the midst of mountains and foothills, a beautiful city built partly in the Eastern style, lent to Galenthia when the Empire marched west to crush the Kingdom of Marinor a hundred years ago. Its battlements were high, having been tested many times during the 30 Years War between Aequor and Galenthia, and later during the d'Armaz-Arkanin border war of 1866. It's population was vibrant and rich, and its cathedrals soared. The Qatunax reduced it to smoking ruins, killing more of the population than they enslaved - a warning to the rest of the Civilised West of their power. The ruins eventually stopped smoking entirely.

Atop the main fortress in the Arkanin defensive line, just west of the ruins of Rogers, you can still see where the city was if you're using a Parthian looking glass. If not, it's a black scar on the horizon. Brigadier Sir Xavier Arkanin of Wayston stands next to the parapet of the highest tower of what was once a knightly keep and has now been built up to the bulwark of the Arkanin against the cursed Qatunax. He's frowning, but what else is new.

It was probably about five minutes after the Arkanin army made camp further dow nthe defensive line from Paras. Though…That didn't stop Cervantes and his army from still overlooking the scorch of the earth where Rogers used to be. still in his full armor, but with a cloak around his shoulders. Blood still stained his gear from the fresh battle, so when he arrives at the tower where Xavier happens to be sitting, Cevantes removes his helmet. "Hello Uncle. Apologies for hte wait…I was delayed."

Because winning a war takes hard effort!

"I imagine, I already know what this will be about." he has a notable wound on his side, just below the ribs. From the look of it, it was a slice of the sword. Nonlethal. But the bloodstain was there and the wound is already treated. but…of course Cervantes is stubborn. "You look well." he smiles. Clearly in good spirits, despite the conversation thats about to happen.

Xavier turns his sour gaze upon his nephew, but be begrudges him a nod of greeting. That's it as far as greetings go. "Oh, you suppose you know, do you? Let me ask you a question. Are you incompetent?"

Cervantes sets his sword aside, as if its weight was heavy. "Probably." Cervantes says with a small grin on his face. "I was distracted. I sent a letter to our lovely Duchess, but I heard no word. No authorisation and I'm in deep shit. Unless your word replaces the Duchess'." He states simply, removing a bit of upper armor to reveal his underarmor, applying pressure to the wound.

"I am the master of war in the north. I am the word that says live or die in Wayston." Xavier says, baring his teeth. "My daughter is as cunning a wolf as her mother, but war? Not her realm. MY realm, Cervantes. MINE. I told you to get mercenaries." He settles down a bit. "Conquered Paras, did you? The one that the Imperials control?"

Cervantes notes the intensity in Xaviers tone as he gives his spiel about being the master of war in the north. Thankfully though, and probably to Xavier's frustration, Cervantes has no fear in his eyes, only Simple respect. "Thank you for stating your confidence in your position, Uncle." Cervantes says with as much iron in his blood as any Arkanin. But he settles down once Xavier does. "The one I gave to them since I had no claim in it to begin with? That's between d'Korbina and the Imperials and the fucking senate to decide, not us. Instead, my focus is to Rykers to the south. I plan to conquer it, and from that victory, rebuild Rogers. Then, we can press the defensive line further and grow from there. Might make cousin Evae an Archduchess depending on our success." Cervantes says with a bit of a shrug, wincing severely as he treats his wound.

"and I'm going to get you the mercanaries." Cervantes says as he removes his upper armor to lessen the weight. "Besides, feed the Imperials a bone. They now owe us a favor.""Sorry for the informality, but…finished conquering Paras a few hours ago and we now have a foothold against the Qatunax. Also, working presently on getting you about a thousand mercenaries. Ideally."

"The only way my daughter will be Archduchess is if that old Sokar bone rebels or dies." Xavier replies, dryly. But the anger is largely out of his voice - at least the surplus anger. He's always a little angry. "Good. Tarris didn't defend Ryker. They don't deserve to take it back. The fucking cowards have blown up the passes to the north and blocked any route to Ryker from their lands. Easier pickings for us. They probably won't even care." He grimaces. "But remember. We need those sellswords to make the push, or we leave ourselves too exposed. You've already pushed a lot of your militia up there. What are you going to do if they get slaughtered?"

Cervantes chuckles a little bit to Xavier. "Well, here's hoping." He shrugs, and as he's praised for even making the effort to take back Rykers, Cervantes bows his head softly. "Agreed. And yes…I now. That's why we made the forward camp instead of just going straight for the conquest. I'll make the call to the banner to reinforce us…and once we have the mercenaries, however many we get, we'll make the push." he nods lightly. "If we get slaughtered, well…you might finally find someone better than me to be a Viscount." he winks playfully at Xavier.

Xavier's hand smacks down on the stone parapet and the look he gives Cervantes is anything but playful. "Think, nephew! If you lose too many in this campaign without a sound plan, your Duchy and own fief are WEAK! You have all of your professional banner and over half of your militia. Do you think that the Valley houses will look kindly if their troops become the ONLY ones in Murias?"

Cervantes looks to Xavier as he tells him the reality of the situation. and from that, Cervantes gives a knowing look. Clearly he was willing to risk it all, but he sighs. "Yeah, you're right." He lowers his head, then, before he cracks his back. "Guess it's time to get a shit-ton of Mercenaries." he smiles lightly then.

"Be careful. Our coffers are deep, but they aren't bottomless. Forget about rebuilding Rogers for now. Costs too much money you need for wages, arms and sellswords. We put a sword up their gut, but we need to keep the defence strong in case anything goes wrong. They won't get us behind our walls. They smashed those houses because they ran out into the fucking field without knowing their enemy." Xavier grumbles. "I hate slinking around, and I hate cowering behind stone. But we know it works. So go and smash their heads in, but remember that we need some reserves."

Cervantes nods. "I know, I know. Don't worry. Rogers comes later, I just want the defensive line to be pushed far enough where we could safely rebuild when we had the time and the resources for it." he says with a nod. "Don't worry, I won't let you all down." sometimes he wishes his father was still around to handle the sensitive parts.

Finally, Xavier smiles a bit, putting his hand on Cervantes's shoulder. "I'll push what we can spare. And I'll see about getting my daughter to release as many as she can to you. She's been stingy. I don't like it. It'll change." A pause. "You're lucky, nephew. You get to bathe in their heathen blood."

Cervantes smiles a little bit to Xavier, accepting the shoulder touch. "Much appreciated. She has been? Well, she's pregnant. Mood swings." he chuckles a bit. "and I like to think I am. I missed being on a battlefield. Take to it more naturally then beign a viscount." he laughs. "But, it is something I thank the One for everyday." he nods his head softly. "Don't worry, you'll likely get your chance soon."

"Not acceptable. Her husband is a weak cur. That stays between us. He should be leading troops in the field with you. He's hidden in Bellmoore Castle, doing what pleases him." Xavier spits over the edge. "And yet you're still in the field as a Viscount. See how that works? Maybe you convince the Duke to take the field and he brings some of his swords with."

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