Lady Lianna Sokar
Jaimie Alexander
Jaimie Alexander as Lianna Rose Sokar
Full Name: Lianna Rose Sokar
Byname: Lianna
Age: 31 Birth date: 07-20-1843
Kingdom: Galenthia
House: Sokar
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: Daughter, Healer
Place of Birth: Galenthia
Sheet Information: Lianna-Sheet.
Father: Jonathon Sokar
Mother: Abigail Sokar
Siblings: Gideon, Brennart, Otto and Chessa Sokar
Spouse: none
Children: none


The not quite middle daughter of the Sokar family, oldest daughter that is but not the baby of the family, there's a measure of saving grace to be found in that. While her elder brothers (Gideon & Brennart) were away at war, Lianna spent her time learning all the things a well bred young noblewoman needed to know in order to comport herself properly in society while also learning how best to use her skills as a healer. Under the teaching of Healer Aelis she learned how to treat the ill and wounded, how to comfort the sick and when to realize that the dying can only be comforted, that no healer can win every time. Simple as that sounds, there is nothing simple about life, be it the life of a noblewoman or really just any young woman.

A lot happens in 9 years. Over the course of the intervening years Lianna spent more time with her studies and with other healers in the field, both learning and eventually helping teach other healers in the same art. As often as Sokar forces were in the field Lianna, along with other healers, were sent along as well. Where's there's a fight there are wounded, where there are wounded, healers are needed. In the past nine years Lianna has seen more battle fields, more carnage, more bloodshed than she ever imagined she would when she first set her feet upon the path to become a healer. Though, she would say she was born to be a healer, and all the training just refined that which she was meant to be. In her own time she's become quite a talented artist as well, paintings mostly, to balance the other facets of her life. She never married, not that the idea was never a topic for debate, but she never quite found the time. And as a middle child and not from the main line of the family, she found one reason after another to delicately skirt the topic and outright avoid it as necessary. Having seen so much death, and so many lives forever altered by the wounds that were somehow survived, Lianna has a healthy respect for life and death. The carnage, The Cost at Mathis, haunts her dreams into nightmares to this day. There were other battles, other fronts that were fought on and over, but some things linger, and a collection of horrors keeps her awake and makes her a bit of a night owl.

On the Grid

To say, in the end, that I have led an eminently useful life. There are few goals as worthy, or more fitting.


Brennart Brennart Sokar : Second oldest, meaning he's just barely older than Lianna is, but in age and temperament, they are the closest and or the least likely to indulge in shouting matches. It's not enough to be just siblings, just family, it's equally important to be friends. Friends enough that he doesn't mind that she's invited herself along when he and Jarret decided to go on the tournament circuit.
Chessa Chessa Sokar : Beloved younger sister, inheritor of all of the prank-pulling, mischief making skill of the Sokar line.
Jarret Jarret Sokar : One of her favorite cousins, close enough in age that they get along almost like they're siblings. With all the joys and pitfalls included. (Heir)
Dertan Dertan Kaedon : Possibly the most level headed cousin of the lot of us, which is saying something! Clever, which - in and of itself - is not as appreciated as it should be, but at least Lianna appreciates it. Put Dertan, Brenn and Jarret all on one side of the combat line and any other team on the other side, and my money's on them. Granted.. Dertan's social skills are sometimes(often) set at a negative integer, but he means well, which also says rather a lot about him. He's also endured quite a lot, a lot more than most will ever know.
Davor Davor Sokar : Another of her favorite cousins, younger than Jarret and therefore as likely to get her sense of humor as anyone else. Sober at times, level headed, keen sense of right and wrong. Like the rest of us, skull made of Granite!
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