Kingdom Of Aequor Military

Province of Evalle (Duchy of Alasce)

After the signature of the peace treaty which signalled the end of hostilities of the War of the West, elements of Argent and Arrani Legion oversaw the withdrawal of Kentairish forces along line of contact within the Province of Evalle in south west Aequor. In spring, they mostly dispersed to their garrisons elsewhere in Aequor, with some lements of the Argent Legion remaining to help hunt the massive plague of bandits that has sprung up in the area.

General: Several Tribunes of Argent Legion Cohorts
Commander: -
Sub Commanders: -

1 - Frigate, HMS Redoubt (Captained by His Lordship, Captain Augustin al'Mordran)

Western Theatre

Forces departing from Hellsmouth:
500 - 9th Infantry Cohort, Argent Legion (300 Spearmen in Chain Maile, 125 Archers, and 75 Crossbowmen.)

Eastern Theatre (County of Hellsmouth)

Following the Qatunax invasion and shattering of two Aequorian houses, House d'Korbina has been on the defensive against the invaders. In late spring, a combined force of d'Korbina and Arkanin of Murias troops pushed into some of the occupied Qatunax territory to the west of Paras, recapturing a strip of it.


2355 on the aequorian side + 1443 on the county arkanin side. (For 5048 in total). These numbers do not include the 225 in the Steven's pass region or the 500 d'korbina militia.

1500 Positioned along the length of the d'korbina/imperial&qatunax border in various pre-existing fortifications and fortified camps.
350 - d'Korbina infantry (100 men at arms, 150 legionnaires, 100 archers)
100 - Zephyr Legion Sea Wolf Marines (100 marines under command of Percival d'Juliano)
500 - al'Mordran Banner (Militia - 200 legionnaires, 50 longbow, 50 crossbow; levies - 100 spear, 100 shortbow)
550 - Raging Bull Company (House Venantius (Galenthian) Mercenary Flight of 500, plus 50 hired d'Bartone Blackshaft Longbowmen)

855 Positioned further back in a secondary line so that it can move to reinforce the primary line as necessary.
300 - d'Korbina cavalry (150 lancers, 150 raider cavalry)
100 - 3rd Century, 14th Engineering Cohort, Argent Legion (100 Engineers, complete with 10 Scorpions, 2 Carrobalista, and 3 Cannon)
225 - Horned Knights (102 lancers, 45 squires and 42 knights)
30 - The Benevolent Order of the Repenters (30 'Holy' Knights, heavy infantry)
200 - Daniffen Mercenary Dragoons (mounted glaivemen)

1,443 - County Arkanin of Murias Banner, currently in county arkanin (Pro - 235 Sentinel Spearmen, 74 Men at Arms, 87 Archer Skirmishers, 47 Halberdiers; Militia - 100 Scouts, 150 Men at Arms, 100 Archers, 300 Galenthian Spearmen, 100 Light Spearmen, 200 Peltasts, 50 Raider Cavalry)

d'Korbina currently has its levies stood down. The militia is entirely posted along the trade roads and towns.

Bedlyn & Hawk's Hall, Stevan's Pass

225 total (not including militia)

d'Bartone banner (150 veteran archers, 10 foot knights, 40 men at arms + 150 militia composed of 75 longbowmen and 75 legionnaires)
Horned Knights assigned to support d'bartone infantry (5 knights, 5 squires and 15 lancers)

Imperial Colony of Paras (former lands of House d'Mollari)

Legio XIII Asterrea - Vir Sidus Empire double legion, divided into 20 cohorts - numbers below are when at full strength
9 Cohorts of Infantry (3,600 legionary infantry in lorrica, gladius & shield; 900 archers in scale, hand held repeating crossbow, gladius and small shield)
6 Cohorts of Heavy Infantry (2,400 legionary heavy infantry in heavy lorrica & glaives; 600 archers in scale, hand held repeating crossbow, gladius and small shield)
2 Cohorts of Shock Cavalry (1,000 legionary cavalry in lorrica or scale, shield, broadsword and lance)
2 Cohorts of Missile Cavalry (1,000 legionary cavalry in lorrica or scale, shield, broadsword and repeating crossbow)
1 Cohort of engineers, artillery and other combat support

200 - Rigolo's Band, hired and paid by Chancellor Sir Mattias Thynne; (Mercenary Wing, 100 Crossbows, 50 Spearmen and 50 Men at Arms)

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