Kingdom Of Aequor Military

Province of Evalle (Duchy of Alasce)

After the signature of the peace treaty which signalled the end of hostilities of the War of the West, elements of Argent and Arrani Legion oversaw the withdrawal of Kentairish forces along line of contact within the Province of Evalle in south west Aequor. In spring, they mostly dispersed to their garrisons elsewhere in Aequor, with some lements of the Argent Legion remaining to help hunt the massive plague of bandits that has sprung up in the area.

Commander: -
Sub Commanders: -Several Tribunes of Argent Legion Cohorts

1 - Frigate, HMS Redoubt (Captained by His Lordship, Captain Augustin al'Mordran)

Western Theatre - The current friendly numbers tracked by al'Morena.

500 - 6th Infantry Cohort, Argent Legion, under command of Sir Elian al'Callenta. (300 Spearmen in Chain Maile, 125 Archers, and 75 Crossbowmen.)

Forces moved from the Hellsmouth region:
500 - 9th Infantry Cohort, Argent Legion (300 Spearmen in Chain Maile, 125 Archers, and 75 Crossbowmen.)
100 - Zephyr Legion Sea Wolf Marines (100 marines under command of Percival d'Juliano)
100 - 3rd Century, 14th Engineering Cohort, Argent Legion (100 Engineers, complete with 10 Scorpions, 2 Carrobalista, and 3 Cannon)

Eastern Theatre (County of Hellsmouth & imperial-colony-of-paras)

As d'Korbina/d'Bartone and Paras have now all been combined under the banner of Darius and they remain on a defensive footing the full strength of the region is currently formed into two legions, the XIII Asterrea (10,000 men) and the Legio I of Paras. Both legions combined include a grand total of 15545 professional soldiers. Full details are at

The Legio XIII Asterrea and Rigolo's band are both stationed at Paras. Rigolo's band is a force of 200 hired and paid for by Chancellor Sir Mattias Thynne; (Mercenary Wing, 100 Crossbows, 50 Spearmen and 50 Men at Arms)

The Legio I is more scattered with a presence in Paras, Hellsmouth and Steven's Pass. There is a defensive line of forts/earthworks & fortified villages along the hellsmouth/kultepex borders with three main strongholds - Elm's Ridge, Hellhounds Rove and the Red Spring. The raging bull company of mercenaries (350 men at arms, 150 halberdiers, 50 Blackshaft longbowmen) is stationed along these Hellsmouth marches.

This brings the total forces within this region, under the banner of Princeps Darius, to 16245.

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