Kingdom Of Aequor Military

Plotpages operating for this area at present are:

Aequor Civil War The kingdom of Eosphora (formerly al'mordran) vs Aequor (Primarily al'Callenta).
Bitralund Conflict The kingdom of Bitralund vs Aequor (Primarily al'Morena)
Qatunax Conflict The Kultepex Malkete vs Vir Sidus & Galenthia (Primarily Tarris/Arkanin)

Province of Evalle (Duchy of Alasce) (Obsolete? Should be covered by the bitralund conflict plotpage)

After the signature of the peace treaty which signalled the end of hostilities of the War of the West, elements of Argent and Arrani Legion oversaw the withdrawal of Kentairish forces along line of contact within the Province of Evalle in south west Aequor. In spring, they mostly dispersed to their garrisons elsewhere in Aequor, with some lements of the Argent Legion remaining to help hunt the massive plague of bandits that has sprung up in the area.

Commander: -
Sub Commanders: -Several Tribunes of Argent Legion Cohorts

1 - Frigate, HMS Redoubt (Captained by His Lordship, Captain Augustin al'Mordran)

Western Theatre - The current friendly numbers tracked by al'Morena. (see individual sheets for force arrays)
Put under Sir Elian's command for the southern assault:
500 - 6th Infantry Cohort, Argent Legion, under command of Sir Elian al'Callenta. (300 Spearmen in Chain Maile, 125 Archers, and 75 Crossbowmen.)
500 - 9th Infantry Cohort, Argent Legion (300 Spearmen in Chain, 125 Archers and 75 Crossbowmen)
200 - Militia Spear
200 - Militia Archer
100 - Heavy Cavalry

Pushed North for the Blitz attack from the old Hellsmouth Units:
100 - Zephyr Legion Sea Wolf Marines (100 marines under command of Percival d'Juliano)
100 - 3rd Century, 14th Engineering Cohort, Argent Legion (100 Engineers, complete with 10 Scorpions, 2 Carrobalista, and 3 Cannon)

Royal Aequor navy

Royal Admiral: Mercedes d'Juliano
Deputy Royal Admiral

Zephyr legion ships
Squadron Admiral:

Two Gallents,
Four escanda
Five Frigate
Fourteen Sloops

Lion Legion
Squadron Admiral:

One Descanda
Two Frigates
Four Sloops
(Others avalible in September)

Corsair legion (Merchant ships, Ready to deploy in June.)
Squadron Admiral:

Five merchant class
Five whaling ships
Four Leans
Five Minnows
Three Caravels.

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