Lord (Captain) Killian D'Lacroix
Justin Theroux
Justin Theroux as Killian D'Lacroix
Full Name: Killian D'Lacroix
Byname: The Stormcrow
Age: 35
Kingdom: Aequor
House: D'Lacroix
Title/Profession: Lord, Captain
Position: Head of House
Place of Birth: The Northern Reaches of Alsace
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Father: Unknown
Mother: Myra Delacroix
Siblings: Unknown
Spouse: None
Children: None


Lord Sir, Killian D'Lacroix was a newly raised noble to the al'Morena, and Aequor Courts, as with the fall of House D' Myrin in 1863, came the rising up of one of hew new Lord and House. Not much is known beyond his past history as a Captain within the infamous Wolf Company. he is noted for his own 'colourful' scars and his missing of an eye- making him a rather noticeable figure in Court.

In Mars 1875, Lord d'Lacroix was leading a sally into the lands of King Reist of Bitralund when he was ambushed and killed. With no spouse and heir, the succession of the house has been thrown into dispute.

On the Grid


War is cruelty. There is no use trying to reform it. The crueler it is, the sooner it will be over.



Odette Princess Odette al'Ramar : This woman, I've encountered once. An insightful thing, way above my grade and station. But she is mart, and kind, and albeit a little naive. I'd gladly run into her again, with, or without her Cavaliers. I find her stimulating, which I imagine a Princess ought be.


Sebastian Squire Sebastian al'Callenta : This Lordling is looking to be the next big knight. Luck to him, though what he realizes a knight's no better than a mercenary. In the end of it, you're riding blokes down. Not like the tournaments. There's no glory in it. Just killing. I do hope he realizes this.

al' Mordran

al' Slyenthar

James Duke James a' Morena : Liege Lord
Alina Alina al'Morena : Young, Beautiful and highly intelligent. Those are three things that strike me off the bat on this one. I say she likely knows how to play the game, as Her father, whom I respect with all my life- would not tolerate a fool for an heiress. She knows her charms and I suspect knows how to apply them freely. If I were a betting or gaming man, I would think twice before playing against her.
Corvin Corvin Fremont : To come

D' Augustino

Odessa Sir Odessa D'Augustino : The Lady Knight oft: protests, drinks, and seethes too much. I find her company to be mildly entertaining-if only to watch her grind her teeth. I've not seen her fight yet, so I do hope she can back her words with actions.


Renlar Renlar D'Lario : An agreeable sort. I have nothing to say for him, or against him.
Sebryna Sir Sebryna d'Lario : She's an interesting one. I met her on the beach in Kentaire after the masquerade. She fancies herself a knight-which I imagine is what she is. As such she's got a bold look to her, though like some women she plays a women's games. I do hope she finds what she wants, and realizes respect comes from taking it. Not waiting for it.


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