Lord (Sir) Joffrey Stephen d'Synclarre
Chris Evans
Chris Evans as Joffrey Stephen d'Synclarre
Full Name: Joffrey Stephen d'Synclarre
Byname: The Unbroken
Age: 44 (11/23/1831)
Kingdom: Aequor
House: d'Synclarre
Title/Profession: Lord (Sir)
Position: Lord of House d'Synclarre, Knight, Templar
Place of Birth: Edgebrooke (a moderate-sized town in the Duchy of Murnord)
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Father: Lord (Sir) Johnathan d'Synclarre (d. 1849 IE, Illness)
Mother: Lady Marion d'Synclarre nee d'Alessone (d. 1849 IE, Illness)
Siblings: Lord (Sir) Tomas d'Synclarre (Born 1833, d. 1862 IE, Battle of Benide), Lady Anais d'Vir nee d'Synclarre (29), Lord Aaron d'Synclarre (Born 1837 IE, d. 1837 IE, Stillborn)
Spouse: Lady Genoveffa d'Synclarre (nee al'Callenta) (married 1866 IE), Formerly Catherine d'Synclarre (nee al'Callenta) (d. 1862 IE, Battle of Benide)
Children: John d'Synclarre (Born 1849 IE, d. 1862 IE, Battle of Benide), some other new younger ones


A prominent veteran of the Battle of Benide, Lord Joffrey d'Synclarre came to be called "The Unbroken" not only due to the valor he and the fighters of his house showed there, but also because despite immense tragedy that was visited upon him during the battle, he has remained steadfast in his faith and duty since. A sworn Templar, he is one of the senior commanders of the Argent Legion, as well as the head of House d'Synclarre, a vassal of House d'Cadri and through them, House al'Callenta. He is married to Archduke Cesare's daughter, Genoveffa.

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Maris King (Sir) Maris al'Ramar : He is our King. We serve him through serving others. Troubling that he seems to have all-but-withdrawn in a time of crisis, but we will continue to serve nevertheless.
Cynthia Queen Cynthia al'Ramar : The Queen of Aequor. I'm told she is kind and regal, though I have only laid eyes upon her from afar and can only attest to the latter.
Jean-Paul Prince (Sir) Jean-Paul al'Ramar : By all accounts a skilled commander, but some of the tales of his other habits are troubling. He did wed an al'Callenta though, so perhaps the tales are exaggerated.
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