Duke Jarret Sokar
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jarret Sokar
Full Name: Jarret Sokar
Byname: The Bloodaxe
Age: 36
Kingdom: Galenthia
House: Sokar
Title/Profession: Sir
Position: Duke Sokar
Place of Birth: Dalcen
Sheet Information: Sheet
Father: Gregory Sokar, nee Romante
Mother: Duchess Isabel Sokar (deceased)
Siblings: Briony, Thaddeus (deceased), Davor, Rowena
Spouse: Lady Lysette Sokar, nee March
Children: Sandor Shepard, Richard Sokar


Second trueborn child of the main line of Sokars, Jarret is a knight known as 'Bloodaxe' from the battle he won his knighthood in.

On the Grid

Spirit Day Prophecy
With eyes of Gold your kin lay dead. Sokar turned and took the monster's head. Now you sit, on your Throne, your Axe bloodied, even when alone. The time will come when you must choose. Family, duty, or you.


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