Sir Jacques D' Arx
David Beckham
David Beckham as Jacques d' Arx
Full Name: Jacques d' Arx
Byname: None
Age: 43
Kingdom: Four Corners
House: d' Arx (formerly) Current allegiance is owed to the Banking House of Thynne
Title/Profession: Messenger
Position: Killer
Place of Birth: Lyionnesse
Sheet Information: {$sheet}
Father: Roland d' Arx
Mother: Mathilde d' Arx nee d'Geroux
Siblings: Many
Spouse: Dead
Children: None


If one thought I was dead, the sentence I would reply with is:

Not Hardly

On the Grid

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Mattias The Banker : I owe much of my existence since my exile from Aequor to this man. When the mercenary companies were looking to run me out and the assassins tired of my antics, it was this fellow who saw my worth. With a patron such as he to my arts, I was now more legitmate in some of the lesser eyes. As such he kept me from selling my armor which was hard one. He pulled me from drink and has whetted the bladed path I choose to walk. I owe him much.
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