Kingdom of Ironhold
Tread At Thy Risk
House Overview
Head of House: King Maric Damarian
Spouse: Queen Jocelyn Damarian
Vassals: Cassomir (County & Lordship), Hogan, Fendral, Volstak
Heir: Prince Peter Damarian
Liege: None
Succession: First born child
Military Strength: Strong, a mix of Huntresses, Heavy Cavalry and Iron Guard (Strong Duchy - Weak Kingdom strength)
Goods: Metals of all kinds, timber, furs
Wealth: Rich
Motto: Tread At Thy Risk


The Kingdom of Ironhold’s origins lies as former subjects of Galenthia. Originally the Barony and then County of Ironhold, the fief was a Romante vassal ruled by House Cassomir, and derived the majority of its territory, wealth, soldiery and familial kinship from this proud lineage.

King Maric of House Damarian, of the Kingdom of Ironhold now rules over a rich, well armed and compact nation of hills, rivers and lakes, which will likely be well disposed to whatever the new order around it is. Though called a Kingdom, it truly has the strength of a very strong Duchy. Their population swelled during the War of the West as many folk from the Fallow Lands in Galenthia fled the war that had swept their homeland and were welcomed with open arms by the new Kingdom.

Nations have established tentative diplomatic relations with them, and indeed, being surrounded mainly by Galenthia, they are reliant on them for river trade flowing in and out of their Kingdom. Though having as yet no designs outside of their country, the Kingdom is most decidedly ready for anybody who wishes to test her strength.


The inception of House Damarian evolved from the Mai Crisis of 1868, which was precipitated by the beginning of the War of the West. Maric Cassomir, uncle of Viscount Henric Cassomir and steward of the Barony of Rivergate, seized power in the Cassomir lands. He was incensed by the Galenthia's new alliance with Aequor, the weak leadership of Queen Melisande, the lack of direction from the Viscount and was unwilling to let his homeland bear the cost of yet another war.

A dizzying array of events followed. Firstly, Viscount Henric's troops, other than his Iron Guard, largely stepped aside and facilitated the coup. Maric then promised his nephew that he would be able to keep his title and his seat at Roseguard Castle and the city of Iron March . Once the Viscount agreed and stepped aside, Maric declared the County's independence from Galenthia and armed neutrality in this new war. Finally, he divorced his new royal house from the Cassomir line, though Viscount Henric and the new King Maric's brother, Metalmire, have elected to maintain that name, essentially severing the link between the two lines.


Dauntless Keep, the seat of House Damarian in Rivergate



House Relations

Romante Melisande : We were once the closest allies of the Griffon Throne. Melisande destroyed this herself when she threw is into a new war, a war we did not need, with our old enemies in Aequor. For years, Ironhold bled for her. Now we tread our own paths. Perhaps we may forge a new way forward with them.
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