Imperial Colonies of the West
Ita ut omnes liberi eritis (So All May Be Free)
House Overview
Head of House: Princeps Darius Firebrand XXIV
Spouse: Princepsa Alia d'Meloni
Vassals: Paras, Candeo, Hellmouth, d'Bartone, d'Meloni
Heir: None Declared Yet
Liege: The Vir Sidus Empire
Succession: Elected Official
Military Strength: The Legio XIII of Asterrea, the Legio I of Paras, and d'Korbina and d'Bartone forces.
Goods: Cattle, Agriculture, Metal Working
Wealth: Mediocre. Most of the resources go to supporting the Legions battling the Qatunax.
Motto: Ita ut omnes liberi eritis (So All May Be Free)




House Relations

MushName Head of House : Relationship
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