Countess (Sir) Imogen d'Korbina
Evangeline Lily
Evangeline Lily as Imogen d'Korbina nee Anders
Full Name: Imogen d'Korbina nee Anders
Byname: {$byname}
Age: 21 (b. 08/01/1853)
Kingdom: Aequor
House: Anders (birth) d'Korbina (marriage)
Title/Profession: Countess/Sir
Position: Knight of d'korbina, Countess d'Korbina
Place of Birth: Wayston
Sheet Information: Imogen Sheet
Father: Arquinas Anders
Mother: Ysabeau Anders
Siblings: Ingwe (b. 1862), Ingwend (b. 1850), and Ingwion (b. 1862)
Spouse: Ludovic d'Korbina (consort 5/1874-6/1874, married 6/1874)
Children: none


'Lady' of House Anders and full time horse enthusiest. Imogen is well known throughout her families lordship for her 'common' ways. Despite this she managed to secure the attention and affection of a foreign viscount and married him, causing the rather common girl to suddenly rocket through the ranks beyond her family. Nowadays she mostly spends her time keeping her husband out of trouble, running the lands when he's too busy, and indulging in her passion for horses.

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Georges Pseudo-son : My only regret is that I cannot keep you with me. But you are Dovi's child and not mine, but I think of you and I will always visit you when Dovi is not in residence, I promise
Mercy Pirate Countess : Dovi's cousin, a frequent visitor to the Hall. I think she means well, wants to be friends and all. But I can tell she makes Dovi nervous and uncomfortable, which means I don;t exactly yearn for her next visit.
Ludovic Dovi : I can only say sorry. I swear i fell asleep in your arms the night of the vampires attack, worried for you and how you would adapt to life without your eye. Then I wake up in four corners, alone, with memories of actions and words I would never take. But they were still said and i'm sure they must have hurt you. I can't face you yet, i need time to process things, to find my footing again, but one day, somehow, i'll make it up to you.
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