The Tribes of the North once controlled the continent until a young Emperor drove them from the south, splitting them into separate tribes and forcing them to live beyond the “Civilized” West’s northernmost cities. Though they band together in times of war, such as when Aequor first began a crusade to “Civilize” them, and now as the Icenaila Queen (a first for the people of the north to call somebody a royal title) bands tribes together to take back their lands from the Southern “Talnors.” (Old Tongue for Conquerors) but for the most part, Tribes live and breath apart from other tribes except for trade or for marriage. They have no standing army, but every member of the tribe is expected to have a weapon and be ready for defense of the tribe, only children under the age of sixteen and elders are exempt from this. Some tribes even prohibit healers and blacksmiths from taking place in the defense of the tribe as they perform such important functions in the daily life.

Despite the very tribe like behavior the Icenaila are not nomads. They have villages, and there are quite a few cities in the north as well. Some of which might be on par with a City State in the South. However they have not mastered metalworking like the southern kingdoms. The Icenaila work bronze, and their weapons and armor are made from this metal. They also have steel taken from the battlefield, but most of this is old, pitted or rusted, but with the recent crusades and the turning back of Aequor the Iceniala have gained quite a bit of steel weapons and a fair number of steel armor as well. They have no navy, and trade is done almost completely amongst themselves, though they do have some merchants that are allowed passage to the south for what little goods are considered civilized enough which include silk and silk tapestries, something that has prompted many Aequor nobles to look into attempting yet another Crusade to put down the heathens of the Many.

Nobility of Icenaila

Nobility is not really a concept in Icenaila, but tribal chieftains/chieftesses serve as the leaders of Icenaila society and can pass their position down through hereditary lines.

Ruler: There is no ONE Ruler, but the common belief in the West is that Kyrena, who has claimed the title of Queen of the Icenaila rules all of the Icenaila tribes. In fact, the tribes each have a Chieftain or Chieftess which is hereditary, and passed down from parent to eldest.


While warriors are a sect of the Icenaila tribe, there is no real organized military in the north. Each Tribe fights differently, and each tribe fights with different weapons and styles of combat. One thing they all have in common is light cavalry and chariots which they use in abundance. Only the steel armor and weapons of the south protect them from these foes, and a Tribe who manages to arm chariot and cavalry with all steel arms and armor would surely be a threat to all.

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