Captain Hraelfmir Halfborn
Fabian Rios
Fabian Rios as Hraelfmir Halfborn
Full Name: Hraelfmir Halfborn
Byname: Halfblood
Age: 36 (born 1/12/1839)
Kingdom: Four Corners & Eosphora (Duel Citizenship)
House: al'Mordran
Title/Profession: Captain
Position: Privateer Captain (Four Corners)
Place of Birth: Partharia
Sheet Information: Hraelfmir-Sheet
Father: a Partharian Prince?
Mother: From Aequor?
Siblings: Maybe
Spouse: Consort to the Archduchess of Aequor, Jasmina al'Mordran
Children: Unknown


Rumor has it that Hraelfmir may have been born in Partharia to a woman of Aequor (who had been taken as a slave by White Hall raiders) to a dusky skinned Partharian prince. If there is any truth to that, it makes our man both bastard born and a former slave himself. But somehow or another he turned up in Four Corners as a boy. Now a man grown, he's worked his way up in the streets of Four Corners and took to ship, starting of course at the bottom as cabin boy. In time he has managed to prove himself capable, moving up the ranks until eventually he came by his own sloop and armed her - the Bonnie Lass. Now, you can bet there's a story there, if you can get him to tell you. Whatever happened, his ship's papers seem to be in order. Now.

Then there were the attacks on Four Corners by White Hall. The Bonnie Lass was damaged, partly burned, and Hraelfmir had to fight for his very life! He was seriously injured but took shelter in the keep with some of his crew and many others. Those were dark days and not just for our gallant Captain. Not long after that Hraelf managed to kidnap Eydis, a White Hall warrior woman! Everyone knows the scoundrel is a lady's man, but kidnapping the enemy's women is a great way to get the White Hall warriors riled up. And it worked! Jarl Aethelwulf Rastbrook himself took after Hraelfmir in the Scythe and once caught up with at sea they boarded and fought most fiercely. A number of Hraelf's crew were slaughtered and the Captain himself was very badly injured, nearly killed. But not before he shot Ranulfr twice in the chest and took down others with his blades. In the end, the northmen captured the Bonnie Lass, got Eydis back safely, and brought Hraelfmir back with them to White Hall. Our good Captain became the property of Eydis but would he become her 'tame man'?

It seems a deal was struck between Hraelfmir and Jarl Aethelwulf Rastbrook. If Hraelf led the White Hall fleet south to Partharia, and used the Bonnie Lass and his remaining crew to deceive the Partharians in and attack, then Aethelwulf proposed to give Hraelf his freedom and his ship back. It must have worked out- for after the battle Hraelfmir and his remaining crew eventually returned with their ship to Four Corners. It is rumored that the Captain later went south, taking his armed Privateer sloop, to join forces with the Pirate Queen herself; Josephine. There he may have taken part in the battle of Red Seas and in the end he returned with a captured and damaged Kentaire Singulaire, a type of Frigate, and a good deal of profit for his pains.

These days Hraelfmir has become a very wealthy man and done well by the wars. He has repaired his ships and is on his way to building a small fleet. A combat veteran, he is also building some small renown for himself. Hraelf was coined with the byname of 'Halfblood', given to him by Jarl Aethelwulf Rastbrook ere the White Haller died in battle. This Privateer captain now provides armed escort for merchant vessels and occasionally transports important nobility. Some say the Hraelfmir of old was also a smuggler and may have had Syndicate connections before he became a wealthy man, but there's no proof of that, now is there?

Recent Events:

On the 3rd of Avril, 1874, in Hellsmouth of Aequor, Hraelfmir met with Countess Mercedes 'Mercy' d'Juliano at her request. There she presented the Four Corners Captain with an offer of a formal Captain's commission into the Aequor fleet under the Admiral's command. Hraelfmir would be able to have dual citizenship, made Captain of the four masted Descanda named the Typhoon, and letters of Marque to hunt pirates along Aequor's coasts, much as he already does for Four Corners.

Following this promotion, Hraelfmir decided to sell his armed sloop, the Bonnie Lass, and invest his wealth more widely. Not only in Four Corners and Lyioness investments, but also to expand into the new airships that have begun to ferry people all over with such speed. Thus establishing the means to build upon his wealth even more quickly.

In May Hraelfmir was promoted to Commodore when Mercy decided to offer herself in exchange for her Captain and be ransomed by Lord Tallin - over Hraelf's objections. Later once she had her freedom, Hralefmir won the ranged shooting event at Countess Mercy d'Juliano's tournament. She bested him in the Melee though they were the last two fighters! Exciting stuff up high in the ship's mast. She also bested him in the Ship Jousting but it was close!

At the end of May it was announced that the commoner, Commodore Hraelfmir Halfborn has been taken as the Archduchess of Aequor's official Consort. Who would have guessed that Jasmina would ever pair up with the scruffy Privateer from Four Corners! There were also adventures concerning haunted lakes and flaming egg, and an exciting battle in the northern sea against invading White Hallers that didn't go well for Aequor.


In the time since, Hraelfmir has been engaged in hunting down and killing White Hall ships along the coast. /Then/ he heard about Jasmina's secession from Aequor to form her own Kingdom. Some say he was as taken by surprise as anyone! He returned just in time to attend Senate with Jasmina and trying to catch up on events he had missed. Oh boy.

Well then. Rumor has it that the Descanda 'Typhoon' with it's Aequorian crew, captained by Hraelfmir, actually belongs to Admiral Mercy d'Juliano's family. And thus, Hraelfmir had no choice but to return the ship and it's crew out of both respect and personal friendship with Admiral d'Juliano. He resigned his Commodore's commission and the ship has sailed north out of Four Corners for New Kashmir.

On the Grid




The Kraken's Seduction, a Kentaire Singulaire (Frigate) now under Four Corner's Privateer flag.


The Mordrana (Aequorian Frigate) now under Four Corner's Privateer flag.

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