Viscount Henric Cassomir
Torrance Coombs
Torrance Coombs as Henric Forrest Cassomir
Full Name: Henric Forrest Cassomir
Byname: The Black Lancer (Don't call him this - he'll punch you)
Age: 32 (DOB: Feb 5, 1842)
Kingdom: Ironhold
House: Cassomir
Title/Profession: Viscount of Iron March
Position: Head of House Cassomir
Lord Commander for House Cassomir
Place of Birth: Ironhold Castle, Galenthia
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Father: Baron Aric Cassomir - deceased
Mother: Baroness Mathilda Cassomir nee Langer - deceased
Siblings: Sir Darren Cassomir, Older Brother - deceased
Sir Matias Cassomir, Older Brother - deceased
Sir Randall Cassomir, Older Brother - deceased
Sir Jaren Cassomir, Older Brother - deceased
Lady Raelyn Cassomir, Older Sister - deceased
Lady Emilia Cassomir, Younger Sister - deceased
Spouse: Countess Elaine Cassomir nee Volstak
Children: Aren Cassomir (Heir), Aiden Cassomir (Recognized Noble Bastard)

"I am Fire…"

Henric Cassomir is the fifth son and sixth child out of seven from Baron Aric Cassomir. Henric has been struggling to discover his worth in the world for a long time. Recently, after the summer romance with Alessandra in 1865, he has changed his outlook on life… no, in fact, the romance with Alessanda has changed his life.

Despite this, he has an ability to press people into action and make quick decisions during combat has started garnering some attention, leading cavalry and men successfully through various missions. Henry became the Tournament Champion at Nylan Fortress and the melee Championship at the Darnis Fortress Tournament, picking up the Senatorial Championship in 1865. He was named commander of a regimental unit of Tarris heavy cavalry in Oct 1865.

He's been removed from the Royal Lancers, a dream ending consequence. In response, Duke Gauvain Tarris sent him a missive, offering him a commission over a regiment of heavy cavalry. Wisely and without a better option to supersede it, Henry went to Griffon Point to exchange House Romante and House Cassomir colours for … House Tarris, and while he appreciates the opportunity, he knew it was just temporary.

Late March 1866, Henric's command over the Tarris regiment comes to an end. He's ordered by the Queen and his brother, to muster forces in Metalmire (a place held by a stewardship as no Lordship has been titled yet), take command of them, and to prepare for a proactive strike against Thorn forces. He is also betrothed to Lord Volstak's daughter, Lady Elaine.

May 30th to June 1, 1886 … Everything Changes…


Ere now I ride, to death’s side
A thousand fears before me
And in true glory I see
The weight of my calling is more than gold.

- Henric Cassomir

Character Journal

"It's time to forget about the past, to wash away what happened last…"


Note : All relationships are written as Henric's thoughts on the person. They do not always reflect how he actually reacts to and treats them, or even speaks about them ICly. As with most information on this here page, it is provided OOCly and should only be used ICly if gained through RP.

“If that is my challenge, then I will walk tall and proud through the blackest of days until I wear it as a cloak and become worthy of the name…"
- Henric Cassomir

"The North, She, taught me that the flame of love brings ruin to a man and to survive, he must shield himself in ice."
- Henric Cassomir

There are two things that I do well… Fucking and Fighting. And I'm not here to fuck around, so let's find these bastards…!
- Henric Cassomir

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