Lady Helena Shepard
Leelee Sobieski
Leelee Sobieski as Lady Sir Helena Shephard
Full Name: Lady Sir Helena Shephard
Byname: Sword of The Many, Raging Thunder, The Demon's Bride.
Age: 35
Kingdom: Galenthia
House: Shepard, in service to House Kaedon.
Title/Profession: Lady, Sir, High Mother
Position: Head of House Shepard, Noble Knight, Leader of the Battleborn.
Place of Birth: Charing County
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Father: Bran
Mother: Jess
Siblings: Older sister (38) Younger brother (30)
Spouse: Lord Theodore Shepard
Children: Lord Sandor Shepard, born summer 1869, Danica Shepard, Born Spring 1873 (Adopted)

Helena Fate


A Knight in loyal service to House Kaedon, and a woman who has a truly strategic military mind. Helena is known as Raging Thunder due to her loud booming voice, and yet, also known as a beautiful woman both in and outside of battle.

On the Grid


Welcome to the age! May your Battleborn protect the Many, and keep the Flock safe from the wrath of the Inquisition.


Belladona Lady Belladona Shepard nee Ulsen - Former Wife : She was a guiding light and symbol of hope at Goldhollow, a true beauty that had caught my eye, and my gleeful surprise when her mother offered the marriage contract. Even more happy when the lady was completely agreeable to the contract as well. A wonderful wife and mother to both Danica and Sandor. Recently events have caused their marriage to be anulled, which has taken a sad toll on Helena.
Sonya Viscountess Sonya Kaedon : The person who has her total and complete Loyalty. Her mother had it before she retired, and now Sonya has it. She would follow Sonya to the Land of Eternal Cold without question. The past five years has seen her aid Sonya in making their county one of the best in the land, due in no small part to her own personal military skills.
Jarret Sir Lord Jarret Sokar : Heir to the Duchy, and for some reason, a man Helena has fallen for. Against her better judgement, she rather likes this Ducal Heir.
Thomas Barron Thomas Chandus : His willing to hold his ground and also willing to work with the tools he has at hand have garnered him a favorable opinion in Helena's mind. Let's just hope he doesn't mistreat the Caltu tribed under his rule.
Dertan Viscount Dertan Kaedon of Sokar : The man is now the Viscount, and even though the past five years have kept her busy, she has to give the man her respect for protecting and guarding Sonya in her absence.
Varian Blood Dragon : I've fought alongside him, and against him. I've held him at bay during battle, but lost a duel due to my pride, and have a scar for my efforts… I will return the favour one day, but no grudge.
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