Havelock "Penn" Synn
Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Hunnam as Penn
Full Name: Penn
Byname: None
Age: 37
Kingdom: Rikton
House: N/A
Title/Profession: Mendicant Knight
Position: Vigilant
Place of Birth: A small village
Sheet Information: +sheet
Father: Havelock Synn (d)
Mother: Ysolda Synn (d)
Siblings: N/A
Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A


On the Grid


Well fought! You found a secret, and battle for the win. You healed others, despite your .. Synn. The blade you wield calls for death, but you heal others, perhaps it is your calling? Will you fall to the siren song of war and lose your way, or will you find healing, and perhaps, save the day?


Nathaniel Ice Cold : The Lord Bishop, Inquisitor and commander. I was sent to join the man's retinue and he was cold. I don't think I had ever encountered such a cold man. Yet as an Inquisitor, one would expect no less. He was a true servant of the One and I for one give thanks that I was able to serve him no matter how briefly and though I failed to protect him, I hope that my prayers offered some solace in those final days as he perished from his grievous wounds.
Viola Full of Fire : I encountered her alongside the Lord Bishop and there could be no greater contrast to the man I am pledged to protect. She is warm, undeniably attractive and goodhearted, likewise a diligent and true servant of the One. She is undoubtedly strong, for all I have heard, where there is battle, there is often Priestess Magrenal somewhere amidst the bloodshed, tending to the wounded.
Dario The Bishop : Brother of Lady Myrana D'Armaz and another whom I came to know having snuck into Urias alongside them. A good man one would think, being a Bishop, I have little reason to think otherwise. Though one thinks his diplomacy skills are ever in practice given the little fracas that occurred during the Kentaire tournament of 1866 between his male 'friend' and his sister Myrana. Awkward!
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