Master Guillaume Tyres
Joseph Fiennes
Joseph Fiennes as Guillaume Tyres
Full Name: Guillaume Tyres
Byname: None
Age: 32, born on Octobre 29th, 1834
Kingdom: Four Corners
House: None.
Title/Profession: Master
Position: Merchant/Chancellor's Son
Place of Birth: Murias
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Father: Chancellor Frederick Tyres
Mother: Natalie Tyres
Siblings: Olyvia Lorenzo, née Tyres
Spouse: Lady Milicent Tyres, née Avathor
Children: from 1st marriage: Geoffrey (6) and Amalric (3)


This is the son of the most important man in Four Corners, Chancellor Frederick Tyres; another fine example how power and wealth can corrupt a man; blessed with a high opinion of himself and a weakness for the pleasures in life. Recently married to a woman of noble blood and Galenthian origin.

On the Grid


"Thrice your fingers will not be enough to count my conquests." - Guillaume Tyres, towards Lady Milicent Avathor.


Frederick Chancellor of Four Corners : My father. I may not approve of all the decisions you made in life, but I would be a fool to hold them against you. Alas, I feel you are not letting me in on all that is going on; which you will do, perhaps, once you've acknowledged my achievements in helping to run our business.
Mattias Councillor Mattias Thynne : The Banker. Where would we be without his calculating mind? A man to be wary of, and to make sure to keep as an ally. He brought me a bottle of finest White Hall mead when he showed up for one of my parties. I still need to speak with him.
Adriono Councillor/Viscount Adriono d'Armaz : Minister of Trade. And as such, dragging us into a dispute between House Arkanin and House d'Armaz. Are we to be the next battlefield in a war between Galenthia and Aequor? Anyway, another man of power who I should be wary of.
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