Mistress Gracine
Kerstin Cook
Kerstin Cook as Gracine Almeida
Full Name: Gracine Almeida
Byname: Little Sure Shot
Age: 23
Kingdom: Four Corners
House: Almeida
Title/Profession: Mistress / Captain of the Annabel Lee
Position: Merchant Princess
Place of Birth: Barony of Goldthorn
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Father: Garret Almeida
Mother: Elisenda Almeida-Tyres nee Bondesan
Siblings: Manuel Almeida (b. 1841, d. 1849), Leonor Almeida (b. 1846, appable)
Spouse: None
Children: None


The daughter of the first Minister of Sail and the scion of his legacy, Gracine has much to prove and a bit of a chip on her shoulder.

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