Lord Gavin d'Augustino
Kenneth Branagh
Kenneth Branagh as Gavin d'Augustino
Full Name: Gavin d'Augustino
Byname: None
Age: 32
Kingdom: Aequor
House: d'Augustino
Title/Profession: Lord/Master Healer
Position: Lord
Place of Birth: Niverah
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Father: Viscount Oscar d'Augustino
Mother: Countess Andrea d'Augustino (nee d'Acuto)
Siblings: One older brother, Marco. Two younger sisters, Odessa and Adelaide
Spouse: Rene d'Augustino (Appable)
Children: Olivia (4) and Aiden (1)


The second of the d'Augustino siblings, Gavin is a renowned healer and devoted husband, father, and brother…usually in that order.

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MushName Meister Oscar d'Augustino : Well, Father, I hope that I do you proud. I didn't understand some of the choices you made, how the two seemingly disparate halves somehow made the whole. After starting my own family, I am beginning to understand some of the hard decisions you had to make. I don't fault you for them…for being distant. You were always there to guide. I hope I can return the favor for my own children.
Odessa Lady Odessa d'Augustino : Well, little sister, alway breaking the norm, aren't we? We, as d'Augustinos, are supposed to at least put on the appearance of healers, as that is what we are based on. At least you found an outlet for your aggressive tendencies. If it makes you happy…
Adelaide Lady Adelaide d'Augustino : Ah, sweet Addie. You do know that it is not a weakness to show compassion to others, yes? We are certainly two sides of the same coin. I know you must think me the fool, using my skills in the manner I do. We all have roles to play. Ask Father sometime what role he intended for me. I suspect he will answer that I am exactly where I was intended to be.
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