Sir Gaston Olsber
Luca Calvani
Luca Calvani as Gaston Olsber
Full Name: Gaston Olsber
Byname: {$byname}
Age: 24
Kingdom: Rikton
House: Bordeaux
Title/Profession: Sir
Position: Holy Knight of the Order Reliant
Place of Birth: Olsber
Sheet Information:
Father: Gaston Olsber, Sr.
Mother: Belle Olsber
Siblings: More than half a dozen
Spouse: Unwed
Children: None


A peasant born in the Rikton village of Olsber, Gaston was knighted for valor and heroism by the dying Alain Bordeaux near the end of the War of the West, in return for a now-storied defense of a hamlet from the depredations of the supernatural. Pledging himself to the Order Reliant and House Bordeaux, he now serves as the guard of Marit Bordeaux, accompanying her in her wanderings as a mendicant healer.

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