Galenthia - Raised Banners

Plotpages relevant to Galenthia's Military situation are:

Partharian War Southern Galenthia vs Partharia (Partharia have withdrawn)
Qatunax Conflict The Kultepex Malkete vs Vir Sidus & Galenthia (Primarily Tarris/Arkanin)

Crown Army, Kingdom of Galenthia


General: -
Adjutant: -
Captains: -



Western Province, Romante Royal Demesne & Crownlands

Most house troops from the Crownlands have been demobilised and returned to their garrisons (in the case of professionals) or their homes (in the case of militia). The Queen's Own Crownland Guards are in garrison quarters within the remaining fortifications of the ruined capital, Firen.

Northern Province, Duchy of Wayston

Banners of House Arkanin are primarily focused on conducting operations to defend and contain the Qatunax in the east. The former Duke and Brigadier of the north, Sir Xavier Arkanin, is in command of the overall theatre of operation. Brigadier Arkanin also has operational control of the northern Tarris fief at the moment to better defend against the Qatunax.

The Royal Wayston Regiment (a Royal line regiment) has been assigned to assist forces of House Arkanin and their vassal in their campaigns against the Qatunax Malki (kingdom) of Kultepex. Currently stationed at FORT ANCA and surrounding lands.

100 Archers of the Company of Fletchers. (Hired mercenaries from Four Corners).

Forces thus coming after talks with Eva'e Brigadier Generals (Xavier and Cervantes)

Under Brigadier Gneral Cervantes's and Signora Lillian Bordeaux's command

300 Sentinels of Murias (Elite Heavy Spearmen)
100 Wolves of Murias (Elite Archers)
100 Wayston Archers (Elite Archers)
50 Men-at-arms
50 Halberdiers
10 Scouts
200 Spearmen
100 Serpents (Elite mounted Cavalry)
50 Cavalry

Taillon Banner
Pike Company (100 pikemen)
Crossbow Company (100 crossbowmen)
Scout Squadron (50 scout cavalry)

Haron Banner
Pike Company (100 pikemen)
Crossbow Company (100 crossbowmen)
Two platoons of Honourable Gentlemen at Arms (50 men at arms)

A reconnaissance force under Brigadier Viscount Thomas Chandus has made its way north and is currently deployed in the Imperial Colonies of the West.

Chandus Recce Company

No. Three Platoon, Sun Shield Guards (20 Heavy Infantry)
Two Sections of Leatherbacks (15 Longbowmen)
One Section of Hobelars (10 Lancers)
Ranger Detachment (5 Rangers)
Baggage Train (20 carriage drivers and supporters, all armed militiamen from Repton Yeomanry)

Eastern Province, Duchy of Tarris

Under Orders from the Lord Marshall Gauvain Tarris, Baron Sir Brennart Tarris has been tasked with taking troops north to assist the Brigadier General of the North, Lord Sir Xavier Arkanin against the Qatunax. He has assembled the following troops.
Tarris Expeditionary Force
Tarris 2nd Infantry
- 200 Spearmen
- 200 Archers
- 100 Tarris Infantry
Tarris 4th Cavalry
- 200 Heavy Lancers
Tarris Core Line
- 100 Tarris infantry
- 50 Musketeers
- 50 Archer Skirmishers (Scouts)
House Hytal Flanker Regiment
- 100 Horse Archers
House Hytal Flanker Regiment
- 100 Horse Archers
Dragon Claw Battalion (Led by Viscount Varian Reine)
- 400 Dragon Claw Heavy Infantry
House Reine Militia
- 300 Crossbowmen
- 200 Spearmen

In and Near Fortress Duval

Southern Province, Duchy of Riverwatch

The Riverwatch Immortals are presently re-enforcing in the barony of Coning.

In and near Alnburgh

* Red Sails - Alburgh Detachment (3 Sloops, 2 Demas Frigates, 1 Santis Ship of the Line) (Swept away by the initial invasion)

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