Galenthia - Raised Banners

Crown Army, Kingdom of Galenthia

The Crown Army which was victorious over the forces of Cardinal Varyth Teleko at the the Battle of Mathis in the winter has disbanded and moved back to their requisite banners and garrisons. Likewise, the North Star Company (a mercenary dragoon of 5,000 hired from Four Corners) was payed off and left Galenthia.

What remains of forces in the Fallow Lands is a single Royal Line regiment, as well as elements of the Royal Galenthian Navy and Royal Galenthian Marines.

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The Royal Regiment of Galenthia (Royal line regiment)

Elements of Royal Navy & Royal Marines

Western Province, Romante Royal Demesne & Crownlands

Most house troops from the Crownlands have been demobilised and returned to their garrisons (in the case of professionals) or their homes (in the case of militia). The Queen's Own Crownland Guards are in garrison quarters within the kingdom capital at Firen.

Northern Province, Duchy of Wayston

Banners of House Arkanin are primarily focused on conducting operations to defend and contain the Qatunax in the east. The former Duke and Brigadier of the north, Sir Xavier Arkanin, is in command of the overall theatre of operation. Brigadier Arkanin also has operational control of the northern Tarris fief at the moment to better defend against the Qatunax.

The Royal Wayston Regiment (a Royal line regiment) has been assigned to assist forces of House Arkanin and their vassal in their campaigns against the Qatunax Malki (kingdom) of Kultepex.

Eastern Province, Duchy of Tarris

The vassals of House Tarris are split between three lines of effort. Firstly, the Royal Borderers (a Royal line regiment), Tarris troops (under Sir Bethany Tarris, steward of Fortress Duval), and elements of the Chandus and de Ufford banners have marched south to deal with Caltu raiders in the area and help defend against possible Parthian landings. On the eastern border of the Ergonian mountains, the newly founded Tarris Frontier Regiment and troops of those houses occupying the area defend against the Goblin Kingdom. In the north, Daltre banner and vassal forces aid those of House Arkanin against the Qatunx as well as watching the eastern border. The Royal Dragoons (a Royal Reconnaissance regiment of horsemen founded in Juin 1874) has been split to support both eastern and southern theatres. 1/3 of the force hired from Four Corners, the Brotherhood of Companies, has been detached in the East.

In and Near Fortress Duval

  • Royal Borderers (200 Galenthian Infantry Spears, 100 Crossbows, 100 Men at Arms, 100 Lancers)
  • Repton March Battle Group (75 Galenthian Spearmen, 75 Longbows, 50 Sun Shield Guards (Men at Arms), 75 Lancers, 25 Rangers, 100 Highland Peltasts)
  • The de Ufford Blackguards, 1st Aspendon Light Regiment (25 Cavalry Gunner Scouts, 25 Pikemen, 25 Musketeers, 25 Galenthian Spearmen, 25 Archers)
  • 'C' and 'D' Squadrons, Royal Dragoons (200 Lancer Scouts)
  • The Royal Knights and Regiment of the Burnished Spur (50 Knights (Cavalry gunners and scouts), 25 Squires (Cavalry gunners and scouts), 150 Musketeers, 200 Pikemen)
  • Fortress Duval Garrison (commanded by Sir Bethany Tarris)
  • Force detached from the Brotherhood of Companies (60 Halberdiers, 100 Men at Arms, 100 Pike, 50 Archers, 120 Crossbow, 50 Scouts, 150 consisting of quartermaster & staff, commissariat, blacksmiths, wheelwrights, fletchers, & supply train.)
  • Hytal Forces (75 horse archers supported by war dogs. Commanded by Cerys Hytal)

Southern Province, Duchy of Riverwatch

With the deployment of much of the Royal Navy on the west coast of Galenthia, the Duchy of Riverwatch retains defence of the Great Salt as its primary duty through its Red Sails fleet. In order to act as a reaction force for a potential invasion by the Empire of Partharia, the Royal Riverwatch Immortals (a Royal line regiment) have marched to the fortress of Alnburgh, on the border of Sokar and March lands, along with elements of House Kaedon's banner. Four Corners has sent the Honourable Company of Artillerists to assist the Galenthians against the Parthians. Elements of the Royal Dragoons (Reconnaissance Regiment) have been detached to assist the southern theatre. 2/3 of a hired mercenary force from Four Corners (the Brotherhood of Companies) is in the South.

In and near Alnburgh

* Red Sails - Alburgh Detachment (3 Sloops, 2 Demas Frigates, 1 Santis Ship of the Line) (Swept away by the initial invasion)

  • Alnburgh garrison (commanded by Duke Jarret Sokar)
  • Cervantes and Lillian's force (300 Sentinels (elite heavy spearmen), 150 Wolves of Murias (elite archers), 300 Men at arms, 50 halberdiers, 208 Serpents (elite mounted archers), 100 Raider Cavalry, 50 heavy cavalry, 400 Galenthian Spearmen, 200 archers, 100 scouts as the FULL force that they arrived with.)
  • Kaedon troops (300 serpents fangs (spear infantry), 50 light cavalry, 25 heavy cavalry, 200 militia pike, 50 shadow snakes (elite scouts) given into Jarret's command

** Combined Response Force: Somewhere between Alnburgh and Dalcen** (approx 2,000 fighting men)

  • Royal Riverwatch Immortals (200 Galenthian Infantry Spears, 100 Crossbows, 100 Men at Arms, 100 Lancers) - Supported by the Riverwatch Pioneers (100 pioneers&engineers), the Siegebreakers (100 heavy archers) & 3 kaedon field cannon & 25 Shadow Snakes.
  • The Honourable Free City Company of Ordnance & Artillerists
  • * The Brotherhood of Companies 140 Halberds, 200 Men-at-Arms, 200 Pike, 150 Archers, 230 Crossbowmen, 100 Scouts (Archers & Recce), 350 consisting of quartermaster & staff, commissariat, blacksmiths, wheelwrights, fletchers, & supply train.
  • 'A' & 'B' Squadron, Royal Dragoons (200 Lancer Scouts)
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