The Kingdom of Galenthia


The Kingdom of Galenthia was founded shortly after the Empire pulled it’s Legions back to the East, to defend against the Garail Hordes. Defenseless against barbarians, coastal raiders, and other fledgeling kingdoms. The Vir Sidus colonia (colony) of Firen, defenseless without the Legions from the Empire, banded together local regional cities into one nation. They organized a defense, with the colonia as the center and organizational factor, and began to push back the savages that were pushing in and attempting to wipe out the last vestiges of the Empire. This age of Galenthian history is called the Forging Wars. A long series of wars against the local tribes of the Icenaila peoples and their gods, a mirror of which was fought in the north by the realms that would become Aequor.

The Forging Wars lasted for nearly forty years, but by the end, the colonia of Firen had become a city, had created a military structure and a noble family, along with a feudal system of rule that saw to the further organization of the rest of the lands. The kingdom of Galenthia had been forged, a system of hierarchy had been developed, and the land found itself at peace. Knights had been raised during the wars, and charged with the defending of the commons as well as the kingdom as a whole. There were still raids from the White Hall clansmen to defend from, and outside threats and raids.

The founding of the Holy City of Rikton, which took lands from both Aequor and Galenthia saw the spread of the One Faith into Galenthia. While Galenthia is declared a member state of the Kingdom of the Faith, there are noble families that still follow the Many, and while frowned on about the faithful, it is against Galenthian laws to persecute based on religion. This isn’t to say it doesn’t happen, and many Lords and Ladies would look the other direction if it should occur within their lands.

Ever since the formation of the Holy City of Rikton, the Northern realm of the West (Aequor) and the Southern Realm of the West (Galenthia), had been in a rivalry for the highest attentions of the High Priest. As such they have found a multitude of reasons to get into a war with each other. There have been many intermarriages over the years between the two kingdoms, and the two Noble Houses can trace lineage to one or the other’s own Royal families, or other noble families within their kingdoms. The last great war between the two kingdoms, which lasted for near thirty years (actually thirty-three), and has been called the Thirty-Year War. There was no clear victor in the war, and only ended when the High Priest, afraid the war would spill over into the Three Cities (Kentaire, Four Corners, and Rikton) and bringing ruin to the West, stepped in and using his influence to end the war brought a much needed peace. To this day, the North and the South do not trust each other, and there is a feeling that they are looking for another reason to go to war, and find a definite victor between the two for the supreme power of the West.

Recently, the Kingdom suffered a civil war that saw the kingdom nearly shattered and brought down. Called the Succession War, it occurred when the last King of Galenthia passed away with no clear successor. Two cousins contested for the throne, later one would be claimed (by the victor) to have only power in his heart (The Thorn), the other the good of the people (The Rose). The Succession War lasted for ten long years, and the downfall of the forces of the Thorn, came about when one of the Thorn’s general’s had at the last minute betrayed the Thorn and took up the banner of the Rose, destroying the Thorn’s primary Army. Even after this battle (Called the Battle of the Betrayer,) the war still took another three years to conclude.

Today the people of Galenthia are still rebuilding, the Succession War having only ended just two years prior, and it having occurred so soon after the Thirty-Years war. The people, while hateful of Aequor are tired of constant war. However the threats of White Hall, and wondering Icenaila warbands and raiders keep the people alert and not grown soft to the comforts of peace. There is a move to convert the worshipers of the Many to the Faith, but it is a quiet, underground war by the priests of the Faith of the Kingdom, supported by the High Priest of Rikton. The voice of which is the Cardinal of Firen. The Queen, the one called The Rose of Galenthia is the winner of the Succession War, and she rules justly on her throne. She is currently a young Queen, having ascended after her father’s death in the War on the field of battle, and is currently the West’s most sought after marriage.

Nobility of Galenthia

Ruler: Melisande Romante

Ruling House: Romante

Major Houses: Sokar, Tarris, Arkanin

House Romante, Crownlands House Sokar, Riverwatch House Tarris House Arkanin, Wayston

Gwynain (County)

Alicante (County, though ruled by the Crownlands Duke)

Direct Vassals:

Langer of Firen (Lordship)

Fallow Lands: The houses holding these lands were disestablished following the First Succession War.

Barony of Goldhollow (administered by the Galenthian Army)
Barony of Coastmire (administered by Royal Galenthian Navy)
Lordship of Kent (administered by the Galenthian Army)
Lordship of Duras (administered by Royal Galenthian Navy)
Lordship of Mathis (administered by the Galenthian Army)

March of Sudenmark (County)

Kaedon (County)

Direct Vassals:

Rendor (Barony)
Coning of Coningsburg (Barony)
Thalesia (Lordship)
Open Seat (Lordship)

Reine of Windholme (County)

  • Riven of River Wood (Barony)
  • Rosendal of Rosely (Barony, ruling line extinct - taken from County March)
  • Venantius of the Redoubt (Lordship)
  • Ashedown (Lordship, formerly lands of Talmir)

Daltre (County)

Chandus of Repton March (County)

Direct Vassals:

Ulsen (Barony)
Hytal (Lordship)
Solizar (Lordship)

Arkanin of Murias (County)

  • Brexos (Lordship)
  • Lee of Leeton (Lordship)
  • Anders (Lordship)
  • Rogers of Buckvale (Barony destroyed by Qatunax and occupied)

Charing of Southmarch (County)

  • Martelle of Haron (Barony)
  • Quinn of Ghost Hills (Barony)
  • Carlsen of Britton (Lordship)
  • Open seat (Lordship)

Direct Vassals:

Winder of Goldthorn (Barony)
Hawkness of Saltspan (Barony)
Robar (Lordship, defunct house)
Open seat (Lordship)


The Galenthian Army is small compared to other kingdoms, composed of only six Royal Regiments with a total strength of slightly over 3,000. Galenthia's houses have their own military forces composed of professional soldiers, strong militia forces and small groups of levies that are used to pad out Royal forces when necessary.

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