Viscount Sir Francois d'Cadri
Bernard Hill
Bernard Hill as Francois d'Cadri
Full Name: Francois d'Cadri
Byname: none
Age: 35 (born 11-03-1831)
Kingdom: Aequor
House: d'Cadri
Title/Profession: Viscount Sir
Position: Viscount
Place of Birth: Northwatche Keep
Sheet Information:
Father: Viscount Ryan d'Cadri
Mother: Bonnifer d'Cadri nee/ d'Lario
Siblings: Kristiana, Anna, Roger
Spouse: Countess Sir Esme d'Cadri nee d'Cordova
Children: Lady Sir Nadine d'Cadri, Lord Sir Pepin d'Cadri (d. 1866), Lord Squire Alphonse d'Cadri


Viscount of house d'Cadri one of its winged knights of tale and fiercely loyal to the liege house they serve.

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Esme Esme d'Cadri : Of course we were arranged or matched together when both of us were hardly ready for such a thing, but over the years things change
Nadine Nadine d'Cadri : Daughter a knight and fierce as any of her brothers in battle, quite proud of what she's accomplished
Pepin Pepin d'Cadri (deceased) : Son and former heir. He died fighting for our lands and there could be no more that could be asked of him.
Alphonse Alphonse d'Cadri : Son and current heir to the house, he has a lot to learn and must be knighted. We shall see if he can rise to the task.
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