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The unthinkable has happened and the Qatunax have shattered the once indestructible Vir Sidus Empire to the East. Carried by the push of this invasion, a Qatunax warlord, Tavat, pushes into the lands of the West and cuts himself out a kingdom known as the Kultepex Malkete. The West, taken completely by surprise, is dealt a terrible blow before rallying and managing to hold the borders steady. Into this stew of war, a member of the Imperial kingdom, Princeps and Praetor of the Legio XIII Asterrea, Darius Firebrand XXIV, brings a single double strength legion to fight the invading Qatunax. The Praetor intends to gather strength before pushing back to retake the Vir Sidus capital over the mountains.

Firestorm and Qatunaxstories events focus on this area of conflict and the struggles and triumphs that occur within.

Region map as of 31st March 2019. This map is attached to this page if you wish to view it at a larger scale. The Qatunax area listed as Nojpeten was formerly Rykers.



  • Opening Memoirs (1868-09-a-wind-from-the-east)
  • Autumn 1872: An unheard of foe, the Qatunax, surge into the south-east of Aequor/Far north of Galenthia's Tarris duchy from the Imperial provinces to the east.
  • A peace talk hosted by Baron d'Mallori ends in treachery and several lords of d'Mallori, d'Meloni, Ryker, Rogers, & d'Korbina are sacrificed. Blood magic is performed using their blood, awakening a long dormant volcano, Mount Tharsis.
  • Under the shadow of the ash, the Qatunax fall upon the unprepared Western troops, destroying the armies of d'Mallori, d'Meloni, Ryker, and Rogers practically overnight.
  • 1873: Viscount Rousseau d'Korbina and Viscount Paul Arkanin (of Murias) forge an alliance and halt the Qatunax advance.
  • October 1873: Rousseau d'Korbina dies peacefully on spirit day leaving Ludovic, his third son, to take over.
  • January 1874: Darius Firebrand crosses the mountains and occupies Paras.
  • March 1874: Darius, at the head of an army, introduces himself to the West.
  • May 1874: Ludovic attempts to muster the forces of Aequor for a summer offensive with limited success. During this season the roadfort that becomes Candeo is taken and claimed/occupied by the Vir Sidus.
  • Ludovic and the Qatunax champion Tavat fight each other during one of the summer battles.
  • June 1874?: Viscount Paul Arkanin (of Murias) dies of sickness and his eldest son, Cervantes his title and responsibility.
  • June 1874: News of the mountain people, a Qatunax faction, first reaches Aequor.
  • July 1874: Teleko is sighted when he attacks Ludovic during his wedding celebrations.
  • Frustrated by a lack of support from Aequor and Galenthia, Ludovic sends many of the Aequorian troops who rallied to his call for aid west to help against the massive influx of White Hallers. Aequorian attention shifts to fortifying the Aequor/Kultepex border.
  • At some point during 1874 the imperial supply routes are cut by the mountain people. These Qatunax are hostile to both the western factions and also the Kultepex.
  • January/February 1875: Ludovic declares independence from Aequor. Not long afterwards he swears allegiance to the Vir Sidus Empire. d'Bartone remains loyal to d'Korbina and also joins the Vir Sidus.
  • March 1875: The imperials retake the d'Meloni fief of Cotswold.
  • Darius signet-betrothes Alia d'Meloni.
  • Archduchess Evae Arkanin starts mustering Galenthia in an attempt to retake the old Rogers estate.
  • Jasmina, having declared herself queen of the new kingdom of Eosphora, requests aid from the Vir Sidus. In exchange for the barony of d'Rhandhoul, Darius agrees to send Imperial, d'Bartone, and d'Korbina forces north.
  • July 1875: An allied force of Galenthian and Imperial forces retake Rogers. For the first time Teleko shows his hand, bringing vampires and undead to the field and attacking Baron Brennart Tarris in person. Tavat and Darius duel.
  • July 1875: The allied force consolidates its hold on the lands of Rogers and prepares to take Rykers.
  • September 1875: Darius is badly wounded in an attack on an imperial military fortification. He loses an eye.
  • October 1875: The Blackshaft scouting party returns from their mission over the mountains. The Imperial Remnant continues to crumble.
  • December 1875: The Qatunax grow bold and attempt an assault of Paras. Darius returns from the field to support the battle. A victory for the Empire.
  • December 1875-January 1876: In the wake of the attack on Paras, and with Darius returned to the field, Alia leads a series of three assaults to thin enemy numbers in preparation for the assault on the city of Rykers.
  • February 1876: At the gates of Rykers, the allied forces, aided by the Zmeyarch Ramius Arran, prepare to siege Rykers. They encounter an unknown Knight in black armor whose tactics seems, to some, uncannily familiar. The siege of Rykers begins.
  • 26 April 1876: The battle for Rykers. The Vir Sidus and the allied Galenthian forces breach the walls of the city and face heavy opposition, both living (Qatunax) and undead (Vampires). The Master Vampire Teleko takes the field, after reducing most of the city to rubble. In the final battle, Alia, Brennart, Cervantes, Darius, Ludovic and Ramius pit themselves against that ancient evil. The final blow is struck by Duke Brennart Tarris. The destruction of Teleko and the claiming of Rykers is the final battle in the war against the Qatunax in the West.


The following Characters are involved in this plotline:

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Formerly involved
Characters moved due to the Eosphora situation:

Invested Resources

The following military or economic resources are currently invested here:

Hellsmouth & Stevens Pass Defenses

  • Overall Region Command: Clinton d'Bartone (NPC)
  • d-korbina - 1st Hellsmouth Cohort. Spread throughout.
  • d-korbina - 3rd Hellsmouth Cohort. Focused on the defense of the hellsmouth/quatunax border
  • d-korbina - 4th Hellsmouth Cohort. Focused on the defense of the hellsmouth/stevens pass & aequorian borders.
  • d'bartone - Stevan's Pass Cohort. Primarily focused on the defense of the hellsmouth/stevens pass & aequorian borders.

Galenthian Group

  • Crown Army General: Brennart
  • Crown Army Second in Command: Cervantes
  • Defensive Area Commander: Xavier
  • Royal Waystone Regiment - 100 Crossbow, 200 Spearmen, 100 Men at Arms, 100 Lancers
  • Taillon banner - (100 pike, 100 crossbow, 50 scout cav)
  • Haron Banner - (100 pike, 100 crossbow, 50 men at arms)
  • Company of Fletchers from Four Corners; (100 archers)
  • Tarris Expeditionary Force Commander: Brennart
  • Tarris Expeditionary Force
  • Arkanin of Murias Troops under command of Cervantes
  • Arkanin of Murias Troops:
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City of Paras and Candeo

Cotswold Region

  • Overall Region Command: Alia
  • 3rd Cohort, Legion XIII (500 legionaires)
  • 200 auxillia

Re-Opening the Imperial Supply Routes

  • Overall Region Command: SomeonesName
  • Troop Details
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Rogers/Arkanin Defenses

  • Overall Region Command: SomeonesName
  • Troop Details
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Local Troops that are Outside the Plot Area

  • Second Hellsmouth Cohort (d-korbina)
  • xiii cohorts 8 and 20

Ongoing Projects

The following projects are being pursued at present:

  • Fireproofing - Alchemy project. Alia.
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