Bishop Faustius Fogg
Peter Capaldi
Peter Capaldi as Faustius Fogg
Full Name: Faustius Fogg
Byname: Hound of the One
Age: 46
Kingdom: Galenthia
House: Commoner
Title/Profession: Bishop, Inquisitor
Position: Spiritual Advisor, Master Alchemist of House Cassomir
Place of Birth: Iron March, Ironhold
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Father: Master Geofram Fogg
Mother: Aina Fogg
Siblings: N/A
Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A


Faustius Fogg is a man of faith.

In the midst of a world torn asunder by chaos, he has found order, peace of mind, and purpose in service to the One. Originally hailing from Ironhold, a common-born child apprenticed to an alchemist, Faustius soon found himself swept up in events that led him out of his home and all the way to Rikton. In Rikton and the embrace of the One, he found his calling. Faustius now serves the One as an Inquisitor of the Church, as well as Spiritual Advisor and Master Alchemist to House Cassomir.

On the Grid

"Have they brought you water? Yea - nay? Is it not a blessing from the One? Reason is water: the water that seeps into the cracks of a heart that is hardened against its Maker - but I am more concerned with the moment when water turns to ice.
"Truth is ice: the ice that forms when water freezes in those little cracks… and breaks them asunder, and thus shall all secrets be revealed. So you understand what is happening here? We will reason. You will break. And the will of the One will be served. Now. Shall we begin?"
- Faustius with a suspected heretic.


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