Sir Erika, Knight Reliant
Esme Bianco
Esme Bianco as Sir Erika
Full Name: Sir Erika
Byname: None
Age: 23
Kingdom: Aequor
House: The Order Reliant
Title/Profession: Hedge Knight
Position: Reliant
Place of Birth: Province of the River, Aequor
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Father: Kristof, commoner
Mother: Sera, commoner
Siblings: One older sister, two older brothers, younger brother Frederick (22), younger sister
Spouse: None
Children: None


Erika was a commoner, one of six children of a couple who own an inn in Aequor's river province. At the age of eight, she met Sir Lautrel, a Knight of the Order Reliant. After five years of petitioning the knight to be his squire, she was finally granted her request. She spent most of her time as a squire travelling with Sir Lautrel to provide aid to the sick and defenseless. She was eventually knighted by Viscount Rousseau d'Korbina, and joined the Order Reliant herself soon afterward.

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Rousseau Viscount Rousseau d'Korbina (d.) : Knighted By
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