The Kingdom of Eosphora
No Innocent Shall Perish
House Overview
Head of House: Queen Jasmina Mordran
Spouse: Hraelfmir Halfborn (consort)
Vassals: Eight vassal houses, might be more over time.
Heir: None, yet
Liege: None
Succession: First born, male or female
Military Strength: TBD
Goods: Elementi Warhounds, Various Foodstuffs (particularly grain), trade agreements to be established.
Wealth: High thanks to previous trading, etc.
Motto: No Innocent Shall Perish


Once the Aequorian duchy lands held by House al'Mordran, the kingdom of Eosphora was established due to religious differences.


Lightning Brigade

In order to even be considered for appointment to the Lightning Brigade, the prospective member must first earn a nomination from a member of the Royal Family, the head of a landed vassal house, or a current officer of the Brigade itself. For noble knights, this generally isn't too difficult. For hedge knights, the nomination often comes after a great showing at a tournament - particularly in the joust, but sometimes a truly inspired performance in the melee or archery contest - or in battle.

Commoners have a rather more difficult time joining the Lightning Brigade, as it's as dependent on luck as skill. Some lords of vassal houses nominate members of their own household guard to join the Brigade, but many are reluctant to part with their best fighters. During the Thirty Years War, many recruits came from the rank and file of the armies of the royal family and its vassals after showing their worth on the battlefield, and quite a few of the Brigade's senior members date from that time. Finally, some prospects come to the attention of the Brigade by happenstance - consider the tale of the caravan guard who impressed a Lieutenant during a bandit attack and found himself in the Brigade a fortnight later.

Regardless of the circumstances, recruits must pass a series of tests before earning the right to wear the blue cloak; the testing tends to be more stringent for commoners than for knights, but no one is off the hook entirely. Typically, a Lieutenant or senior Knight from the Brigade will visually assess the recruit's horsemanship and skill at arms during a series of mock combats. Should the recruit pass those tests, he or she will be sent on an assignment with a detachment from the Brigade. This stage invariably involves action - if there's no real fighting to be had, the recruit will simply be sent out on more and more dangerous assignments until there is. Recruits who survive the testing and demonstrate skill worthy of the Brigade are awarded their cloaks immediately.

Note that while it is quite common for noble knights and squires to serve in the Lightning Brigade, very few are landed, and none hold rank above that of Baron. While heirs to higher-ranking titles are eligible to serve - indeed, it's traditional for the future Duke of Rhone to earn his spurs with the Lightning Brigade - they are expected to retire and turn in their blue cloaks when they inherit.

House Relations

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