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All of Tirth, especially that of the West has suffered under the machinations of one man, an individual of many names, the most known being "The Powerful Man." Nobody knows who he is, but it was believed he was killed during the d'Kemp uprising at the start of the West War. It turned out the world was wrong and he simply kept moving, moving people and nations as if they were pieces on some Universal Chessboard that only he could see.

Now he is making his move. The world hangs in the balance. Not just an end to a nation. Not just the destruction of a society. The entire world of Tirth is now in danger. Can the Powerful Man be stopped? Or will the world simply… End?

Primary GM: Snoopy
Other GMs: Anybody on Staff
Contact Method: Jobs



  • 1875-09-06: The queen requests the sword of the first king of Aequor be found and restored. Ivo, Kenthadus, Lillian and Myrana retrieve the weapon and plot to keep it from the hands of the royal family. The sword turns out to be a trap. It houses a demon Calenzarius who possesses Myrana.
  • 1875-09-09: The final phase of the metaplot officially begins with 1875-09-09:beginning-of-the-end
  • 1875-09-11: The Powerful man approaches Mattias and Shirlyn.
  • 1875-09-13: The Powerful man springs a trap on Gauvain and Brennart, Elian and Lillian intended to claim their sidhe swords for his masterplan. The group escape but Gauvain is left behind.
  • 1875-09-16: Mattias recalls every mercenary and soldier out on contract back to Four Corners.
  • 1875-10-09: Ivo and Ramius attempt to free Myrana from Calenzarius


The following Characters are involved in this plotline: Everybody. This event covers all of the world of Tirth and every player will somehow be involved.

- Involved so far:

  • Gauvain
  • Lillian
  • Mattias
  • Shirlyn
  • Elian
  • Ivo
  • Myrana
  • Ramius

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The connected plot arc about Myrana's possession by a demon called calenzarius are tagged with the calenzarius tag.

The following projects are being pursued at present:
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